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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2016

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in taking Fyfe as Captain last week.  What makes it even more frustrating is that a lot of us passed on Goldy as VC despite a respectable 125.  I’m sure we’ve learned our lesson (again), points already scored are more valuable than betting on an extra 20-30pts.  Moving on to Rd6, The Captains Table is filling fast.  I see some old faces sitting at the Table, but a few new faces are starting to bob up.  Players are in order of appearance, times are in AEST:

** WARNING!! **  If Josh Dunkley (WBD) is your only loophole option, then you don’t have a loophole option for Rd6……..the Doggies are playing on Friday night!  Alternatively, if you have one of the M.Kings from MELB then Friday night is your ONLY chance to use the Captains Loophole!

Todd Goldstein (NTH), Friday Night 7.50pm Still the most expensive player running around in Supercoach.  Has only gone under 120 on one occasion so far this year and looks the perfect Friday night VC option.  Last three against the Dogs: 102, 75 & 122.

Max Gawn (MEL), Saturday Early Afternoon 1.45pm Well done to anyone that read my gibberish last week and utilized Big Maxy Gawn as the Smokey Tip.  Now priced at over $600k+ and with Fyfe succumbing to injury, Gawn looks to have a regular seat at the Captains Table for 2016.  He has the highest 3-Round Average in the Comp at the moment with 145.7!  Last two games against the Saints: 110 & 118.

Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Saturday Night 7.25pm – 2nd highest SC-scorer overall at the minute having gone large on three occasions so far.  162, 166 & 137 already this year and now facing a depleted Suns side at Kardinia Park, anything could happen!  Last three against the Suns: 90, 141 & 99.

Dan Hannebery (SYD), Sunday Early Afternoon 1.10pm – Five games……five tons.  Just continues to rack up the disposals each week, averaging just a tick under 30 per game.  Can’t see anything getting in his way up at the Gabba on Sunday.  Last two against Brisbane: 123 & 148

Matt Priddis (WCE), Sunday Twilight 4.40pm – 159 & 117 playing in Perth this year & Collingwood make the trip across the Nullabor this week.  A contested-possessions-Beast who is sure to find plenty of the pill against the Pies.  Last three against Collingwood: 98, 144 & 155.


Honorable Mentions

Gary Ablett (GCS), Saturday Night 7.25pm – Was hampered quite heavily against the Kangas last week, but has still managed a ton in each game in 2016.  It’s Ablett……..if he’s playing then he’s always got a seat waiting for him at The Captains Table!  Last two against the Cats: 160 & 129.

Luke Parker (SYD), Sunday Early Afternoon 1.10pm – Another important piece of the Sydney midfield machine, he’s been dominating in 2016.  4th highest overall pts scorer at the moment, averaging a massive 125!  Looks set to continue on his merry way against the Lions on Sunday.  Definitely worthy of a spot at the Table!  Last three against Brisbane: 77, 102 & 92

Scott Pendlebury (COLL), Sunday Twilight 4.40pm – 2nd only to Ablett for so many years and now finds himself out of favour a little with Supercoaches.  Hasn’t been playing in the centre for much of the first five games but still has four tons to his name.  Managed a 131 on Anzac Day where he had more midfield time.  Last two against the Eagles: 110 & 114.


Smokey Tip

Patrick Cripps (CARL), Saturday Afternoon 3.20pm – The leading contested possession-getter in the League right now, It’s only a matter of time before he reaches SC-‘beastness’.  Played a huge part in the Blues win against Freo last week with 117 and promises to deliver more against the Bombers on Sunday.  Would be a very ballsy move but one perhaps worth waiting for.

Have you tried something a little different for Captain this week?  Or sticking with tried and true?  Let us know in the poll and comments!


Who are your VC / C choices for Rd6? (max. three)

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23 thoughts on “The Captains Table – Rd6”

      1. Unlucky with the schedule then Andy. For what it’s worth, I’d go Barlow (hoping he backs up last weeks form) into Shiel. Heater has a pretty bad record against the Hawks.


  1. Gawn into Danger for me.

    (Sorry is not the right thread but I’m flat out today and going to the game tonight so don’t have time to post later today)

    27 trades left – Gray on the pine for 3

    Selection question:

    T/U – Dea ~ Zorko (88k left/26 trades)

    T/D – Dea ~ Zakka & Weitering ~ Simpson (7k/25 trades)


  2. Gawn into Hanners (probably). Gawn vs Hickey should be another great opportunity for a massive score. If not, Hanners has become Mr Reliable in my team and will do well against the Lions.


  3. Do not have the balls to put the (C) on Buddy, would love to loophole him but I only have Pendles playing after. Think i will play it safe this week and roll with a combo involving Goldy/Gawn into Danger/Hanners.


  4. I’m going left field and putting the “vc” moniker on one J.Waite. Let’s hope he takes 10 contested marks, kicks 5+ goals & gathers 15+ possessions.
    I might put the “c” tag on Gawn.


  5. Can’t decide on my VC, gotta choose between Danger and Gawn – with Hanners having the big C for his reliability.

    T/U Gawn

    T/D Dangerfield


      1. I agree, 120 is my cut-off too. Unfortunately I had NicNat last week and decided against taking his 115 and copped Fyfe.


        1. I actually have always had a cutoff which is 120 like you guys have said.
          The amount of times it has proved to be a good decision a la last week (had Fyfe as C prior to taking Goldys score) has shown to be a great method.

          Not helping my crappy year this year though…


  6. So, no loophole option this week with entire squad starting in the 18 on field for all teams (ATM) … sooooo,

    who do I select as the outright Captain (no Gawn, Goldy and NicNat my combo)??

    Comments please!!


  7. Sadly limited for VC options as well… No Hannas, No Parker, No Goldy, No Gawn, No Priddis or Pendles… Have Danger and GAJ though!!! So thinking I’ll give the C to Danger, given his current form, and he is at home, so will take a punt tonight and give the VC to Dalhaus!

    T/U Good Luck! A bold move that may come up with goods!
    T/D Bad Luck! Commiserations, he’ll ton up… Just! (Next time have Parker and Goldy in your Team to start with!!!!)



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