The Comprehensive SuperCoach Strategy Post

Written by Motts on March 21 2011

All the SC nuts on this site have been mulling over the best strategy for 2011 for a couple of months now. But what if you’ve only just discovered us? First of all, welcome to the site! I think you’ll find us all pretty friendly and helpful if you have genuine questions you need answered.

So you’ve left it ’til the last week and now you need a crash course in how to lay out your team? Well, here’s what we’ve been discussing.

First up, check some advice for winning your league.

Maybe you want to win everything, then you’ll need to look here.

If this is your first year in the comp, run the peepers over this.

While the regulars on the site provided their own tips here.

I put together examples of a Dual Position Player Team, a Midpricer Team, a Guns & Rookies Team and a Blended Team.

And we’ve done a couple of polls:

  • How much cash you’ve got left in the bank after picking your initial team,
  • The strategy you’re following to start the year,
  • Whether you’ll take advantage of the captaincy loophole this week, and
  • Who you’ll make captain this week.

Big Sexy has analysed the preseason form of the rookies in the BackMidfield, Forward, and Ruck departments.

And there’s been a ton of polls done on which players people prefer when given a choice.

If you don’t want to read all that stuff and just want some examples of other people’s teams. Then here’s what you’re looking for. I warn you now though, there is a LOT to get through.

If after all of that you still have questions, whack them into Comments below and one of us will endeavour to help you out.

Don’t forget to come back during the year. Every week we’ll have new tips, inside information, and up to date reports on who’s hot, which rookies you need to be looking at, and who you need to be trading.

Good luck in 2011!

Motts, Duck & Big Sexy


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25 thoughts on “The Comprehensive SuperCoach Strategy Post”

  1. OUTSTANDING Post Motts, ever thought of releasing an almanac??

    Sure this will come in very handy for all the last minute coaches arriving at the site!


  2. Great use of links!
    Summed up the whole pre-season!
    Personally I’ll be going Guns ‘n Roses. I’ll throw in a few premiums from GEE, WB, NM and HAW as they don’t have their first byes until later in the year. When Round 14 comes (this is when Collingwood is free of byes) I’ll be getting the likes of Pendlebury and Swan as they are bye free for the rest of the season. I’ll be swapping Boyd and Selwood for Pendlebury and Swan after Round 14 most likely.

    Here is a comment from Mackerel (February 10, 2011) that I’ve kept in my favourites all pre-season, it’s really hepled me as I’m going for league win:
    For those who are just playing for league wins (meaning we can ignore rounds 4-6, 16 and 19) this is when each team will be free from all it’s byes:

    (ordered earliest to latest)
    Brisbane – Immediately
    Fremantle – Immediately
    Melbourne – Immediately
    Sydney – Immediately
    Adelaide – Round 3
    Gold Coast – Round 10
    Richmond – Round 12
    Collingwood – Round 14
    St Kilda – Round 15
    West Coast – Round 16
    Hawthorn – Round 18
    Port Adelaide – Round 19
    Western Bulldogs – Round 21
    North Melbourne – Round 22
    Geelong – Round 23
    Carlton – Round 24
    Essendon – Season

    But on the flip side, the following list will show how early on each team is first disrupted by a bye (again SC bye rounds aside):

    Gold Coast – Round 1
    Adelaide – Round 2
    North Melbourne – Round 3
    Collingwood – Round 7
    Carlton – Round 8
    Essendon – Round 10
    Richmond – Round 11
    Port Adelaide – Round 12
    St Kilda – Round 14
    West Coast – Round 15
    Hawthorn – Round 17
    Western Bulldogs – Round 20
    Geelong – Round 22
    Sydney – Clear
    Melbourne – Clear
    Fremantle – Clear
    Brisbane – Clear


  3. Judd, Pendles, Bartel, Burgoyne Thumbs down $400


    Montagna, Selwood, Pendlebury, Anthony Thumbs up $63,600 Remaining


  4. Was chatting to a guy from work today. I’ve talked to him about footy many times previouslybut chatted SC today. I confessed a i spend a little bit to much time on SC and he was agreeing that it can suck a lot of time. At this point i thought i had a SC comrade. Another true nut. He then went on to say he’d spend a few ours Wed nite making his team (he thought this was a lot of time). I didn’t want to say that i’ve spent approx 1hr a day for the last 7wks on SC related stuff. Didn’t think he’d understand!!


  5. Just had a first year coach who’s joined my Competing for Cash league this year call me with a couple of questions. Over the course of the conversation he revealed he had Byron Schammer sitting on his bench. “Its only 6 weeks, and he’s only worth $186 thousand”, he said.

    I quickly steered him towards Reece Conca who will play in each of those first 6 rounds and will probably appreciate $100 – $150k in the process. Meaning he’ll make my rookie friend a tidy sum when he downgrades him in a few weeks.

    Tip to first year players: don’t have too much cash sitting on your bench and make sure all your subs will get early games.


  6. Does anyone know or have considered how the substitutes will be named in the teams? Are there going to be 4 emergencies named and then the substitute selected from that group, or will the sub be named in the starting group? This could seriously stuff up our SC team selections if one (of more) of our players is named but then doesn’t get to play most of the match. I think most coaches would’ve learnt a big lesson after North’s mishap a few weeks ago when they substituted a fit player off the ground only to have 2 serious injuries later in the game and were unable to use the fit player on the bench.

    It might be wise to select a substitute as an emergency (provided we know who they are before lockout), because at least then there is a little hope he will get some game time and won’t score a 0.

    Your thoughts people?



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