The Cooler – LoEC3

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 11 2017

Me: Are you sure? But I barely qualify for a Standard League, let alone LoEC3.

Motts: I need someone to be Admin in the LoEC3 League. I need you to keep an eye on things in that League.

Me: Ok…..but put me in one of the Standard Leagues as well…….this doesn’t feel too right.  What about Huttabito? Didn’t he qualify for LoEC?

Motts: He’s already in there.

Me: Well, alright then……

There it was……my initiation into LoEC3 at the start of the season.  Chock-full of confidence and ready for anything 😉  Actually it was more like: ‘Dear Lord, please don’t let me embarrass myself……this is a really strong League’.

After losing three of the first four League games, I was ready to accept my fate as ‘whipping boy’ of LoEC3……..but then it started to happen.  If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Cooler’, you’ll know that many Casinos hire the employment of a ‘Cooler’……someone with such rotten luck on the tables that their very presence infects the luck of anyone else in their presence (played in the film by William H Macy, perfect role for him).  Or if you’ve seen ‘A Bronx Tale’ with Robert De Niro, think of ‘The Moosh’.  Your horse is up by ten lengths entering the straight but if The Moosh has backed it, start tearing up your ticket 😉  I was about to become the Cooler of LoEC3………

You see that Coach in your League every year……..he’s not scoring too well…….his team isn’t great…….You’re way above him on the ‘Total Pts Ladder’…….yet there he is, sitting in the Top8 while you’re struggling to make Finals…….That was me in LoEC3 this season 😉

Despite scoring just the 14th highest amount of pts during the Supercoach Leagues season, my ‘defence’ was the 2nd best.  Do I have the ‘cooling’ powers on my fellow Coaches?  Better believe it!  In five of my nine wins (outside of the Bye Rounds), my opponent scored either the lowest or 2nd-lowest score in the entire League.  Somehow I snuck into 8th place on the back of a win against benty691 in Rd19, a Coach that is 12 000 spots higher in the Rankings than myself.  Literally the only League of mine that I made the ‘Major’ Finals.

Playing against Huggy’s Heroes in Week One of the Finals, I stumbled badly and scored just a 2283.  There were only two teams in the entire League that scored lower than myself…….and Huggy’s Heroes happened to be one of them.

Next opponent in the Semi Finals is Huttabito.  While he has some major injury troubles, at least he has a few trades in hand (or so I understand).  I’m down to zero and still have Selwood, JPK & Lynch sitting on the bench.  Things are so desperate that I’m loopholing Parsons/J.Pickett at F6/F7…….I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  But I’m the Cooler……can I bring Huttabito down to my level and give him a run for his money?  Time will tell, good luck Hutta!


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