The Dreaded Byes – 2017 Edition

Written by Huttabito on May 18 2017

A common response on the trade threads the last couple of weeks have been – “Make sure you check your bye structure!”

Well, what does this mean? If you haven’t done so already, Macca has been an absolute legend over the years and provided us all with a Bye-Planner in Excel which helps you plan for who you will have playing and missing over the bye weeks and I suggest you check it out here SCT 2017 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd7

If you aren’t careful and are completely oblivious to the byes, you could very well field a team one week that scores… wait for it… ZERO!!

Say what!?! I didn’t know that! What am I suppose to do now??

You may think I’m joking but I’ve heard that comment on more than one occasion in the past.

In case you have missed it, the byes for 2017 are as follows:

As this week is R9, Port Adelaide and Gold Coast are having their post China bye so if you have Powell-Pepper (62.3%), Eddy (44%), Witts (22.5%), Swallow (16.2%), Houston (12.8%), Ablett (11.5%), Bowes (11.4%), Ainsworth (9.9%), Tom J.Lynch (8.9%), Matera (5.5%), Wines (5.5%), Wingard (4.8%), Miller (4.7%) or any other cheeky POD from these teams, then make sure you have enough bench cover (redundant statement this year?) as you are still required to field 22 players and if not, get ready for some Krispy Kremes!

The team below is completely full of players who have the Rd11 bye to give you an idea of how easy it can be to have a team of players missing in a single round and to be honest, it’s a pretty decent and feasible line up by this time of year if you decided for less popular picks than Danger/Fyfe/Laird and jumped on some early season bolters in Oliver/Murphy/Roberton.

DEF: Docherty, Simpson, Roberton, Lloyd, Marchbank, Newman (Berry, Williamson)

MID: Bontempelli, JPK, Hannebery, Rockliff, M.Murphy, Oliver, Beams Petrevski-Seton (Barrett, Fisher, Florent)

RUC: S.Martin, Sinclair (Cameron)

FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Steele, N.Riewoldt, Heeney, Franklin (Pickett, Hannan)

While the team above has as much chance to win the weekly prize in Rd11 as anyone ever does in winning the Perfect 9 competition, they will have a very decent crack at it over the other rounds.

So, to name just a few players that will be missing for various weeks, these are a list of the more SuperCoach relevant and popular players selected in 2017 with their respective ownership before trades this week:

Round 11

DEF: Roberton (StK 2.6%), Montagna (StK 1.4%), Newman (Syd 28%), Lloyd (Syd 12.1 %), Jones (Syd 9.6%), Marchbank (Carl 43.5%), Docherty (Carl 25.7%), Williamson (Carl 7.8%), Simpson (Carl 6.4%), Hibberd (Melb 8.7), Vince (Melb 5.4%), Berry (Bris 11%), JJ (WB 12.4%), R.Murphy(WB 11.4%)

MID: Steven (StK 2.3%), JPK (Syd 16.2%), Hannebery (Syd 8.4%), Parker (Syd 5.1%), M.Murphy (Carl 22.1%), Petrevski-Seton (Carl 12.3%), Cripps (Carl 4.1%), Oliver (Melb 22%), Barrett (Bris 37.8%), Beams (Bris 19.8%), Rockliff (Bris 12%), Zorko (Bris 3.7%), Bontempelli (WB 31.6%)

RUC: Martin (Bris 15.8%)

FWD: Steele (StK 34.9%), N.Riewoldt (StK 9.4%), Franklin (Syd 29.4%), Heeney (Syd 8.4%), Pickett (Carl 31%), Hannan (Melb 13%), Petracca (Melb 11.2%), Pederson (Melb 1.2%), Dahlhaus (WB 48.2%), Macrae (WB 24.4%), T.Boyd (WB 12.5%)

Round 12

DEF: Hibberd (NM 31.7%), Vickers-Willis (NM 16.9%), Rance (Rich 11.4%), Stewart (Geel 40.5%), Tuohy (Geel 17.1%)

MID: D.Martin (Rich 25.4%), S.Mitchell (WCE 4.5%), Mutimer (WCE 4.5%), Gaff (WCE 3.7%), Dangerfield (Geel 61.3%), J.Selwood (Geel 8.4%), Horlin-Smith (Geel 7.2%)

RUC: Preuss (NM 24.9%), Goldstein (NM 7.4%)

FWD: Higgins (NM 5.2%), Nankervis (Rich 48.2%), Butler (Rich 33.7%), Yeo (WVE 27.2%), JJK (WCE 20.6%), Parsons (Geel 18%), Black (Geel 17.3), Parfitt (Geel 13.9%)

Round 13

DEF: Otten (Adel 49.6%), Hampton (Adel 38.1 %), Laird (Adel 37.5%), Shaw (GWS 35.4%), Williams (GWS 3.1%), Adams (Coll 43.2%), Howe (Coll 3.5%), McGrath (Ess 30.7%), McNeice (Ess 4.9%), Hurley (Ess 3.4%), Burton (Haw 6.2%)

MID: Sloane (Adel 13.9%), Kelly (GWS 7.9%), Pendlebury (Coll 21.1%), Treloar (Coll 17.9%), Heppell (Ess 15.8%), Myers (Ess 15.7%), Watson (Ess 8.3%), Merrett (Ess 6.4%), Fyfe (Frem 61%), Neale (Frem 3.6%), T.Mitchell (Haw 14.2%), O’Meara (Haw 11.9%)

RUC: Jacobs (Adel 4.1%), Mumford (GWS 5.4%), Grundy (Coll 13.2%), Sandilands (Frem 53%)

FWD: Betts (Adel 7.7%), Taranto (GWS 28.1%), Greene (GWS 14.4%), Hoskin-Elliot (Coll 36.7%), Balic (Frem 27.1%), McCarthy (Frem 10 %), Roughead (Haw 23.4%), Hardwick (Haw 4.9%)

Let’s get stuck into the nitty gritty things…

Ok Huttabito, so what happens to scoring then if we have players missing? I can’t possibly field 22 players for all 3 weeks!!

Well, as stated above, the Rd9 mini-bye (or nuisance, whatever you would like to call it) is treated exactly like every other week. Maximum of two trades and all 22 on field scores count.

But… Over rounds 11-13 the rules are adjusted to ensure a slightly more friendly playing field over this time. The two rule changes are:

1. Best 18 on field scores count. While 18 is the minimum number of players required for a full team, it is suggested to go in with slightly more so the worst couple get dropped from the scores. Would be pretty nice if you don’t have to cop a Parsons Special 19 because you fielded a few extra players. The players must be on filed though – if you only have 18 playing players, but 8 of them are in your forward line, the 2 stranded on the bench will NOT count and you effectively will only get the scores for 16 players.

2. You get 3 trades per round. Yes, you heard me correctly, you get THREE trades per week! Be careful though, if you are any thing like me, you can go through 1/3 of your trades in 3 weeks so it’s especially important over this time that all trades are to maximise points, cash generation and number of players on field over this time.

Given the 3 trades per week, the ideal team set up heading into the first week of the byes is 21 playing players in Bye1, 18 players Bye2 and 15 players Bye3 as you can trade 3 players who are having their bye to players who are coming off their bye, ensuring you can field an even 21 players every week in which the lowest 3 scores are not included. Now that Port Adelaide and Gold Coast play throughout all 3 weeks and there’s only 4 teams who are missing in Bye2, these numbers are slightly skewed/hard to achieve this year but you get the general idea. Don’t trade in players over this time who will miss the very next week. Simples.

Now, everyone loves to loophole rookies (NEWMANNNN!!!!) and (VC) scores and the bye rounds open up a world of possibilities as a player who is having their bye isn’t locked until the final game of the round, meaning they can also be traded up until the point meaning you’ll have more loopholes and options available than you know what to do with.

The points made above are pretty key to finishing with a high overall rank, as the byes can cause massive swing rounds for players to make up some pretty big ground on the competition if navigated perfectly. If you are in a league which doesn’t play over these weeks and all you care about is bragging rights over your mates and co-workers, then you can afford to pick up the best value picks along the way and ignore structure completely. There is more than one way to play SuperCoach so take the path you need for success.

Best of luck coaches and remember, we are all in this together!

How is your team looking as we approach the byes?

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I’m sure other Coaches out there would love to hear your thoughts and strategies on the byes…


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27 thoughts on “The Dreaded Byes – 2017 Edition”

  1. Cheers for the great write up explained it amazingly. However I have just checked my team and I am only going to have 15 for the R11 Bye currently (17 If Preuss and Eddy somehow get a call up.) Really gonna hope there are some FWD downgrade options with round 12/13 byes as I have Dahl, Macrae, Buddy and Steele.


  2. Thanks Huttabito , you have done a colossal job here (as usual) that will save my ass during the byes. At least i’ll know why I am screwed..
    Thanks also Macca for the planner, it gives a better visualisation….
    My structure looks good. I will be able to field 16 players each rounds…just not all guns, but then you take what you can. I am carrying too many subs and the chickens are coming to roost. Shame that Round 9 is really not a bye and eating away trades that I need in rounds 11-13.


  3. In the words of Ted Bullpit, somebody oughta blow up bloody byes!!

    Bit light on for round 11 and all the better affordable options have round 11 byes which makes planning that much harder. Causing me grief and far too much time trying to fill the gaps.


  4. Round 11 looking ok, round 12 lots playing as most will have but round 13 way worse than I thought.

    R 11 has 21 playing but only 17 likely
    R 12 has 23 playing and 22 likely
    R 13 has 15 playing but only 12 likely.

    At least R 13 is 5 weeks away and there are extra trades available. Not sure I can afford to burn 3 per week. Myers is my trade in for this week and Essendon have the R 13 bye. Can’t win.


    1. As mentioned below, all the up and coming rookies, IF given games, all seem to be Rd13. Defiantly going to be struggle town. Looking back now I wish I didn’t start Howe/Treloar but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


  5. At the moment i have 17 Playing round 11 25 Playing round 12 and 19 Playing Round 13, all though team consists of a few doughnut rooks such as Pickett, Eddy, Straccida, Hibberd


  6. For those who are looking to downgrade to rookies over the next few weeks in order to generate cash for upgrades, a lot of potential rookie downgrade options all look to have their byes in Round 13:

    D Myers (ESS)
    J Stewart (ESS)
    D Lloyd (GWS)
    H Perryman (GWS)
    J Cousins (HAW)
    L Ryan (FRE)
    M Scharenberg (COL)

    As you can see this may pose problems for the people who are already struggling to field enough players during the Round 13 bye.


    1. Conversely, it’s the best week for rookies as it maximises mooing and let’s you trade into R9/11/12 Premiums.


    1. He’s been slowly building for Werribee after his early season concussion. Who know’s, he may just be the light at the end of the tunnel. Probably not though 🙁


  7. Didn’t SC Gold have a bye planner built in ?If so where is it located on the phone app. While I’m at it, can anyone tell me where to go to view my trades history? I need a good laugh!
    Great work hutta , with the work you guys put in hardly need gold anyway.


    1. SC Gold does have that feature, tried looking for it on the mobile version but can’t seem to find it. Also can’t seem to find the trades history on mobile but for the website version, on your “Team” view on the right there is a “My team tools” scroll through which has the fixture by default but you can scroll through to the trades history.


  8. Folks, if I can, I’ll try to put in yet another formula in the planner to give you the option of indicating those players in your squad that you don’t think will play, so it may give you a “more realistic count” and try to send it out after the current round 9 finalised.

    No promises!!


  9. As much as I’d love to field a full side each week, my “Ideal 22” simply isn’t compatible with the Bye Structure this season. The struggling rookies have only compounded this problem. I don’t want to use the word “tanking” but I’ll have at least 1-2 donuts in Rd11, no avoiding it now.

    Thanks for another great analysis, Hutta!


  10. After my trades the next two weeks I will head into the byes with this structure:

    Round 11 – 18
    Round 12 – 20 (1 DEF bench)
    Round 13 – 17

    I have assumed Eddy and Pickett will be MIA. Relatively happy with the structure, as long as I can field 18 Rd11 as I’ll have 15 premiums (hopefully) and then Rd12 is stacked and then I can trade my way into Rd13.


    1. Nice planning … the dreaded round 11 may hurt a few i think and then to have a decent number for rnd 13 is a good effort. What’s your splits of premos each round??


  11. Having just extracted myself from the foetal position in the corner of the room, sucking my thumb and calling for Mother, I have taken a deep breath, a swig of something strong and decided Round 11 will kill me but I’ll be ok for the other rounds.


  12. For somebody playing primarily for overall rank, rather than league wins, what matters is making the greatest possible number of points over the three-week period as possible; which particular round any individual point is scored in is irrelevant. This therefore makes me wonder whether there is much difference between tanking one round (and blitzing the other two), versus having a more even spread. Does one strategy offer a genuine advantage over the other?


    1. If you still had all 22 scores count, I think tanking wouldn’t be as bad.

      But the fact that only 18 players scores count on any given week is why you want to have a more even spread.


      1. Fair enough. Round 11 is going to be tough no matter what I do now, but I’ll try to even things up over the next couple of weeks if I can. On the bright side, I suspect that most people will be in the same boat to a greater or lesser extent.



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