The Fallen Premiums – 2019 GF Edition

Written by Chillo on August 21 2019

Hello loyal readers, and welcome to the final issue of the Fallen Premiums for this season. I hope you’ve achieved some or all of your pre-season goals, whether that’s an overall ranking or success in your leagues. I’m very much looking forward to September, my favourite month of the year. But before that, here’s a last look at some value selections for those of you who have somehow saved a trade or two for a last-ditch assault. For the final time in 2019, here are the Fallen Premiums!


Kade SIMPSON (CAR), $473 300 (-$97.3K), avg 83, 3RA 99 – After a wonderful career, Simpson has looked to be on his last legs for much of 2019. But with the Blues under new management, Kade has somehow discovered a second (or is it seventh or eighth?) wind, tonning up in three of his past four matches and announcing plans to go around again in 2020. Carlton play Geelong in their final game of the year, and the Cats have been giving up plenty of points to defenders lately, including tons to the likes of Adams, Rich, Tarrant, Thompson, Macmillan and Hughes in the last three weeks. Only in 4% of teams, so he’s a great option if you’re looking for that crucial point of difference for your GF.

Just quickly: The other budget option I like this week in the backline is perennial favourite Jeremy Howe ($434 900, 3RA 102), who has also hit triple figures in 3 of his past 4 games and looks to be well and truly back in form.


Dustin MARTIN (RIC), $524 100 (-$39.7K), avg 100, 3RA 125 – After a week off to deal with that old charlatan General Soreness, Dusty returned and had his way with the Eagles in a blockbuster at the G. Elliot Yeo tried his best to keep Martin quiet but that’s easier said than done, as 35 possessions and 132 points would suggest. It’s not hard to see Dusty repeating the dose against likely September rivals Brisbane this weekend. An easy straight swap if you’re looking to offload a faltering Sloane, for example.

Ed CURNOW (CAR), $533 000 (-$19.2K), avg 89, 3RA 122 – There’s a theory in Supercoach circles that says you should focus on the second-best midfielders in each team, because they don’t get tagged. It doesn’t always work because you would have been mad not to have the mighty Cripps in your team this year, but despite that the theory still holds up pretty well in the case of the elder Curnow. Ed struggled a couple of years ago with a bruised larynx, but he’s been in full voice lately, going 100+ in six of his last eight. Has fantastic endurance, won’t shirk the contested stuff, and usually uses it pretty well. Another Blues POD, at only 1% ownership.

Just quickly: Third week in a row I’m going to throw Sebastian Ross ($538 000, 3RA 115) at you, because he keeps getting it done. Saints face the Swans and the tagging duo of Clarke and Hewett this week, but I think they’ll bypass Seb. If even poor Gus Brayshaw can manage to ton up against Sydney, then I reckon Ross is a certainty! Still a despised outsider at 1% ownership.


For those of you that find yourselves in league GFs this week, it’s well and truly time to think outside the box. Max Gawn is sore and sat out the last ten minutes against the Swans. He’ll probably play this week regardless, but there’s real merit in pulling a classic luxury trade here and replacing Max with Todd Goldstein ($639 400, 3RA 139). Big Goldy is the form player of the comp and ripped the insipid Power a new one on Saturday night, smashing out a round-high 176 points. The obvious downside is that Goldstein’s GF opponent is….you guessed it….Max Gawn! Todd could only manage 57 against Max last time they met, but I’m betting he does much better this time around. Food for thought.


Jack ZIEBELL (NTH), $455 600 (-$2.9K), avg 90, 3RA 103 – Jack is fresh off of a ton against Port, but who isn’t? He comes up against the disinterested Melbourne midfield this week on Saturday afternoon, so he’s a good loophole option. This is especially important here because the gap between ZBall’s best and worst this year has been sizeable (9 tons, 7 scores <70), but it might well be worth the risk for a “one game only” deal.

Head of granite, heart of gold 

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14 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – 2019 GF Edition”

  1. Brilliant all year. Thanks Chillo.

    One trade left. If Gawn gets up (and/or ZClarke plays) Simmo may get the nod. Or Howe. Or even Houston. Dunno yet.

    But if Crisp at D7(E) posts a respectable score on Friday night, my focus will switch to MIDs and Celine DION. He’s also in great voice!



    1. Thanks AS. After last week, I don’t think anyone should trust Port, but I like your other two options for a defender.

      Neon Dion is a huge POD in great form, but will face a stern test this week against the unheralded Lions midfield.

      Good luck in the Contributors League GF!


    2. I wrongly sideways traded Weller to Houston after Weller had been very poor the previous month and he promptly tonned up, Houston did too – at least I did’nt go DBJ though (could’nt afford) ….just sayin’ Houston not the worst choice as he is a superb kick and kicks often – one to watch if he claims DPP next season


  2. Great work all year Chillo, been an amazing year , many in the top 500,you included, for the best part of the season. Can’t wait for next season.


    1. Thanks Joestar, it’s been a fun year. Is it weird that I’m looking forward to the summer, but also can’t wait for next winter?


  3. Seb Ross seems to be an end of year tease. He did this last year too. Average about 120 over the last 6 in 2018

    Not sure what to make of that.


    1. Could be a great pod for GF. But I wouldn’t be starting him in 2020. DT yes, but SC … don’t think so. Will look to see if/how his stats have changed these last few weeks post-season to see if there is a case.


  4. Will Max play? Don’t care what Melbourne said, can’t trust them, what’s our thoughts? Cold in tassie, dead rubber, Preuss deserves a crack against his old side


    1. Some good points Jesse. Who knows?!
      Just pleased we’ll know before I need to make a decision, tho’ not ideal.


  5. Outstanding season, Chillo

    You & the weekly writers have been nothing short of spectacular in 2019, thank you for all your detailed & razor sharp posts 🙂

    Cheers Catta



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