The Fallen Premiums – R1

Written by MJ on March 29 2017

There were a few underwhelming performances thrown up in the opening round for players that we’ve paid top dollar to start in our teams. Of course, this should cause no reason for alarm to existing holders, as one bad game does not make a bad season. Keen eyed non-holders of the following players however, may have good reason to keep a close eye on these guys for a quick price plunge once prices change after R3.

Despite collecting 19 disposals, Cripps only managed 50 points in R1.

R1 Stinkers (due to injury/form):

Seb Ross MID $512K; 36
Cyril Rioli FWD $490K; 38
Robbie Gray MID $588K; 38
Josh Gibson DEF $490K; 42
Bachar Houli DEF $486K; 43
Patrick Cripps MID $585K; 50
Dan Hannebery MID $616K; 52
Ryan Griffen MID $511K; 52
Ed Curnow MID $552K; 54
Shaun Burgoyne DEF $515K; 59
Alex Rance DEF $535K; 59



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9 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R1”

    1. Hanners came back underdone due to offseason surgery. On the watch list for the first culling of the cows.


    1. I’d like to see a fact or myth write up on Rance as IMO he drops away in the second half of each year.

      EDIT: A quick look at the last few years show he yo-yo’s consistently which may be the problem.


  1. Port Adelaide has stated that Gray played his role on the weekend and that he will be spending more time forward for the time being.

    Stinks of him being underdone at the moment – potential upgrade target later in the year when fit enough to play in the midfield.


  2. This is my special skill, having fallen premiums in my team before they actually fall.

    Next year, I’m going to create a team, then make sure that I put that whole list on my ‘these players will play shit’ list.



  3. Cripps has never been that great against Richmond (although Thursday was much worse than usual). But he tends to perform brilliantly against Melbourne. If he posts a good score this week, we’ll know that everything is fine.

    If, on the other hand, he has another quiet game, then it might be a symptom of his injury-interrupted pre-season, in which case we should probably start worrying.



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