The Fallen Premiums – R10

Written by MJ on May 31 2017


Zac Williams $481K (+$0.9K) AVE 95.4, BE 104 – Not really a Fallen Premium, but he did drop only his second game below 90 points in R9, which has resulted in a $25K reduction in his price over the last two weeks to be his lowest point since the start of the year. Enjoying a great season so far, Williams has only worked his way into 3.3% of sides.

Coming down:
Jake Lloyd $470K; BE 165


Scott Pendlebury $560K (-$85.6K) AVE 114.0, BE 58 – A 76 in R8 has sent Pendles back into underpriced territory. The only other time this year that the Collingwood skipper has gone below 90 was R5. 142 and 130 in his last two prove that Pendles is in some nice form and a bargain at this price point.

Dustin Martin $555K (-$33.2K) AVE 113.2, BE 58 – Dusty rose almost $30K after his Dreamtime showing that saw him claim the medal for BOG at the end of the game and 125 points. With a BE of just 58, you can’t really afford to wait for after his bye.

Joel Selwood $547K (-$59.2K) AVE 112.5, BE 64 – Three straight games under the 100 mark across R6-8 would not have come to the excitement of his current owners, but scores of 126 and 134 in his last two have put him right back under the microscope.

Coming down:
Gary Ablett $611k; BE 194
Lachie Neale $623K; BE 180
Marcus Bontempelli $553K; BE 158


Shane Mumford $538K (+$2.5K) AVE 107.2, BE 68 – Mummy had 50 hitouts this week against West Coast’s Nathan Vardy, which helped him on the way to another big score this week (115). He’s now dropped $59K since nearly hitting $600K in R6 and is the highest averaging ruckman in the comp.

Coming down:
Stefan Martin $521K; BE 137


Dermott Brereton proclaimed earlier this year that Tom Lynch is the best player in the AFL.

Tom J. Lynch $462K (-$45.2K) AVE 90.2, BE 156 – It’s not often I’ll write up a player with a BE this high, however while you could get him cheaper next week, Lynch comes with the added benefit of already having his bye. A 161 against the Blues has been his only MASSIVE score this season, while most of his scoring has fallen within the range of 85-105 points. Still a developing key forward, Lynch can only get better and will do so when Gold Coast eventually grow in stature. Saw none of it in Shanghai for only 29 points, which is why you can grab him for such a discount now (and even more so next week).

Coming down:
Josh Kennedy $480K; BE 157
Elliot Yeo $531K; BE 140


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16 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R10”

  1. Thanks MJ, great help for the byes.

    I was set to get Joelwood this week to give me a full premo midfield but I am now considering Scooter Selwood instead. Thoughts?


    1. Averages 15 tackles or so that’s 60 points that’s over half his average what happens when he slows down on the tackles? will be averaging crap i don’t see him averaging 10+ a game think 7-8 is feasible though


    2. Personally, I think it’s a wasted trade. At the start of the season he would have been worth a punt but I doubt he can keep the pressure up all season and then you’re wasting a trade for a little cash grab.


    3. For me it works to get Scooter. I have nearly completed my side (dodged most injuries except Rocky) so looking for decent bench cover options, I can trade Steele (currently M9) to Scooter for similar scoring output giving me the cash I need to get Doc next week completing team and provide better mid bench cover than Barrett and Pickett.
      IMO if you are bringing in Scooter it is for R11 & R13 scoring and bench cover post R13


  2. Thanks for the write up MJ. I’d ruled out Lynch but as you say, he’s super affordable. Having brought in JJK two weeks ago, it might be useful using the two as an F6/F7 combo.

    Now which Mid do I want.

    T/u Selwood


    T/d Dusty

    It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other isn’t it?
    I was going to bring in Sloane and then Rocky next week but will be pushing it for the Rnd 13 bye. Might have to pass on Sloane.


  3. Fallen premo Treloar at $525k is one I’m considering. A player I have enjoyed not owning at times but he is the kind of player I’m not sure I can afford not have.
    Last Mid Premo to be either Treloar, J Selwood or Sloane??? or Ablett
    Decisions decisions…..


  4. hard to rely on top dollar stars this year , perhaps don’t make full premo your absolute goal at this stage as they will rise & fall in form and price before finals , look at bargains averaging 85+ that don”t have inj history & trade focusing on form & injuries coming into finals , ranked 615 & with only danger priced over 600k , it’s worked well this year for me


  5. Lynch certainly has some appeal as a final forward premo but not worth pushing Steele out for, and certainly not worth getting this week with that BE


  6. Finally moving T.Boyd along. T.Lynch was in planning a while back,
    now wondering between him and Ryder with ruck DPP for Nank.
    Have Sandi/Nank at the moment.
    T/U Lynch
    T/D Ryder


  7. Sloane is the other cheap premo this week.

    With so many cheap mids to choose from I’m planning on doing 1 down 2 up this week.

    Who would you choose out of Pendles, Sloane and Martin?



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