The Fallen Premiums – R10, 2015

Written by MJ on June 11 2015

The first bye round is upon us, so there will only be 12 teams to scout for Fallen Premiums in this edition. See that nifty little box up in the top right hand corner below the banner? That’ll tell you Adelaide, Richmond, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane, Carlton and Hawthorn have a week off in R11, so you won’t be seeing any representatives from those sides in today’s article.


Corey Enright $451,000 (-$27,400; AVE 92.40, BE 65, PTA 90.2, BYE 3) This man just keeps on keeping on, defying his age to maintain solid SC performances. He had a down game in R8 against the Blues (13 disposals: 58 pts), which has sent his price down to attractive levels once again. In the ten games thus far, he’s only dipped below 94 on three occassions – consistency! The downside is, he’ll likely be rested at some stage if history is to repeat itself.

James Kelly $423,500 (-$54,100; AVE 81.50, BE 73, PTA 84.6, BYE 3) Now I know what you’re thinking: That would be a ballsy move, MJ! You might be right, as he has not yet hit 100 points in a match this season, but he found plenty of the pill last week with 28 touches for 95 SC.

High BEs:
Tom McDonald $490k; BE 134
Michael Hurley $481k; BE 130
Brodie Smith $339k; BE 118


Callan Ward $554,400 (-$51,600; AVE 111.9, BE 70, PTA 110.8, BYE 3) An explosive 175 points last weekend has seen C.Ward talked up by plenty as a trade in option. He hasn’t been super consistent this year, dropping three scores in the 80s, but when he’s on he goes very big! He burst into the elite category last season, with a blistering run of 9 120+ games in 12 matches between R7-19.

Ollie Wines $533,400 (-$5,800; AVE 109.67, BE 68, PTA 106.6, BYE 3) Drop his injury affected 76 out of his system and Ollie’s average jumps to 116.4. That’s massive for a bloke priced so handsomely at $533k. He’s 8th in the league for SC points per minute at 1.14 at the moment of those who have played more than 1 game (equal to Dangerfield and Armitage).

Dyson Heppell $522,100 (-$49,700; AVE 107, BE 100, PTA 104.4, BYE 2) The 82 sustained in R8 will now vanish from his price cycle. That has been his lowest score this season, which has subsequently left Dyson at his lowest price for the year. Averaging above his PTA, he should provide good value for money.

Adam Treloar $520,300 (-$57,500; AVE 105.2, BE 93, PTA 104, BYE 3) Apart from the 48 in R5, Treloar has been quite consistent this season, scoring around 100 in most games. A 120 in their win over the Lions has him poised to bottom out in value.

Joel Selwood $494,500 (-$155,400; AVE 98, BE 91, PTA 98.8, BYE 3) Is he back? That’s the big question you’ve got to ask yourself. A 122 stops the bleeding that has seen an average of 88 in his previous six games. You can afford to wait until after the bye, but some may wish to pre-empt the pounce on Joel.

High BEs:
JPK $519k; BE 171
Lachie Neale $555k; BE 169
Steele Sidebottom $583k; BE 166
Matt Priddis $634k; BE 164
Jobe Watson $486k; BE 149
Scott Pendlebury $570k; BE 141
Luke Parker $545k; BE 137
Jack Steven $593k; BE 133
Dylan Shiel $541k; BE 131


Todd Goldstein $512,700 (-$61,700; AVE 111.40, BE 41, PTA 102.4, BYE 3) Toddy Goldstein typifies what The Fallen Premiums are all about. One dud score (44) amongst a plethora of tons has allowed non-owners a look into the blue-chip North Melbourne stock. Buy, Buy, Buy!

Aaron Sandilands $494,400 (-$86,400; AVE 91, BE 73, PTA 98.8, BYE 2) Set the record for hitouts to advantage on the weekend, scoring 128 as a result. Five 90+ scores may have you convinced that Sandi is a still a decent SC option.

High BEs:
Ivan Maric $572k; BE 135
Shane Mumford $550k; BE 125
Sam Jacobs $539k; BE 124


Lance Franklin $486,200 (-$51,000; AVE 91.5, BE 17, PTA 97.2, BYE 2) As expected, he has beaten up on the weaker teams in Carlton (149) and GC (121). Tougher assignments to come see just one match against the bottom 6 sides (BL R15) in his next 10 fixtures. He’ll be well over $500k post bye though, and by then it’ll probably too late to be receiving value for money.

Brent Harvey $484,300 (-$94,600; AVE 91, BE 94, PTA 96.8, BYE 3) Boomer continues to throw up solid scores, yet has found himself at his lowest price point in 2015. He’s gone below 90 just twice in his last nine matches.

High BEs:
Eddie Betts $448k; BE 153
Jack Riewoldt $540k; BE 141
Robbie Gray $614k; BE 140
Marcus Bontempelli; $435k; BE 136
Devon Smith $456k; BE 128

Matteo made the suggestion that we put The Fallen Premiums to the polling booth. I love the idea!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


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37 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R10, 2015”

  1. AWESOME work (as always).

    I’d also throw in (just as enticing, although requiring greater balls than I):

    Andrew Mackie (DEF)
    After coming back from his injury as the sub in R8, he has since scored 112 and 104. With a B/E of only 41, and priced at only $434k

    Steven Motlop (FWD)
    His score of 28 from R8 is now out of his cycle (heavily tagged out), and excluding that game, he’s averaging 94. A B/E of only 26, and … priced at only $389

    Nick Riewoldt (FWD)
    After removing his injury-affected game of 28 in R8, which is now out of his cycle, his other 5 games played this year have scored him an average of 96. A B/E of 36, and priced at $417k


  2. Also, I’d add a “None Of The Above” to the above poll, as many people will likely either (a) not be trading this week, or (b) downgrading only to generate some cash for R12 & R13.


  3. Need a replacement for Michael Johnson, seems like the Cats boys are the best bet? Or do I wait for Brodie Smith to refind his mojo?


  4. Can’t go past Ollie Wines this week. Would love to make Ward apart of the team but not completely convinced and am going to do a trade down instead so that next week I can finish my defence by bring in two of Hodge, Gibson, Houli or Rance.


  5. Goodbye bellchambers. I put in some pre-season research and all the signs suggested at worst, he’d at least average 85, which would have been sufficient for a stepping stone or R3. I will have great joy in trading him out to Goldstein.


  6. This week:

    Rocky – Wines
    CEY – Boston
    McIntosh – Hamling/Pearce

    Next week:

    Saad – Houli (backline complete)
    Heeney – Sloane (Cripps as M8 for now)
    Clark – Bont (forwards complete)

    Need Saad and Houli to not drop a combined $20K this week for it to happen. Will keep Cripps as M8 for another 3-4 weeks and see how GAblett goes when he comes back.


  7. thoughts on trading out heeney to boston this week? I’ve been holding him as there’s more money to be made out of him eventually but i need some cash to do my trades next week and get 18 on the field……
    this week-
    heeney > boston
    next week
    brown > hamling
    lonie > sloane (via krak)


  8. MJ brilliant stuff as usual! I look forward to these articles every week as I’m a massive fallen premo guy! It’s bloody hard to go past Selwood this week, as much as I want wines, I’m gonna have to go with a proven premium over a speculative pick, as good as he is, he’s still speculative. I would grab both but i see to much value in Sloane next week. Thanks for the mention in your post:)


  9. After saying I wouldn’t trade this round, Wines is looking to good to ignore

    Is Vandenberg out for 3 weeks? I have the cash to straight swap Vanders to Wines

    Miller looks cooked, so I could turn him into Boston, and have some cash for r12/13 upgrades

    TU – Double trade, Vanders/Miller to Wines/Boston
    TD – Just the 1, Vanders to Wines


  10. Haveb age both Bonts and Cripps; not sure which one to upgrade and which one to keep as M8
    Should I:

    TU upgrade bonts
    TD upgrade Cripps
    Comment upgrade both or hold both


  11. I have an OK squad thats running mid-table overall AND in my leagues, looking to beef up over the byes and this is the 15,675th draft plan:

    R11: CEY to Boston
    Rich to Wines
    Belch to H.Shaw (via Higgins)

    R12: At least Saad to Hodge.

    Thumbs welcomed and appreciated! Ta!


  12. I need some help with this one boys i want to trade in Ollie Wines and maybe Joel Selwood but don’t think it would work.

    CEY- Ollie Wines
    Tarrant- Ziebell
    Krakouer- Boston
    I could also go with instead of trading Krakouer i could trade Lumumba and then get Prem Def.

    TU- Good Trades
    TD- Bad Trades



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