The Fallen Premiums R16, 2015

Written by MJ on July 23 2015


Tom McDonald $451,200 (+$70,100; AVE 100.13, BE 41, PTA 90.2) You’ll struggle to find anyone else in the league for $450k who is averaging triple figures. 141 and 85 in his last two may be signalling the end of a slump in his scoring either side of the bye. Seven scores in the realm of 120+ this season is a massive plus.

Josh Gibson $448,100 (-$49,100; AVE 92.71, BE 40, PTA 89.6) 131 and 93 in recent weeks has Gibbo primed for another haul against Carlton on Friday night. Expect him to be a solid, reliable pick with only one round less than 70 points.

Nick Malceski $347,700 (-$218,900; AVE 64.78, BE 19, PTA 69.4) Is 91 and 94 enough for you to take a punt on old Mal? Remember how much people were shelling out for him before R1? That’s right, $566k! It’s a risk, but one that could pay off, especially if you’re super tight on funding.

Wait a week:
Bachar Houli $449k; BE 132
Rory Laird $498k; BE 126
Corey Enright $490k; BE 123


Tom Rockliff $522,300 (-$187,200; AVE 110.00, BE 82, PTA 104.4) He was pitted against Ablett last week as an cheaper alternative to the chrome dome. 101 was decent, but coaches will be cheering for more. A super selection so long as you think he won’t go down with a fourth injury this year.

Steele Sidebottom $513,100 (-$95,100; AVE 103.33, BE 64, PTA 102.6) Sidey has hit three centuries on the trot and is back in fantastic form with 122 and 117 in the last fortnight against the Port and West Coast respectively. Buy!

Wait a week:
Nat Fyfe $583k; BE 173
Scott Pendlebury $622k; BE 163
Luke Parker $549k; BE 145
David Armitage $575k; BE 141
Leigh Montagna $577k; BE 140
Dyson Heppell $548k; BE 140
Trent Cotchin $547k; BE 140


Sam Jacobs $525,800 (-$94,300; AVE 103.43, BE 82, PTA 105.0) I just don’t get this guy. He’ll go massive most weeks, dropping the odd 60-point game here or there just to keep us guessing. 162 points in the Showdown… wowee!

Ben McEvoy $379,100 (-$103,300; AVE 73.00, BE -8, PTA 75.8) This man has polled 117 and 116 since returning from an eight week layoff. What a sensation POD he could be for your side!

Wait a week:
Mark Blicavs $586k; BE 148
Aaron Sandilands $563k; BE 140


Jimmy Bartel $466,400 (-$82,600; AVE 78.00, BE 59, PTA 93.2) 116 and 102 – yep, Jimmy is back and picking up right from where he left off. He’s a luxurious acquisition for those who have saved their trades in anticipation for his return. A true SuperCoach stallion should be snaffled up at this price.

Brent Harvey $445,300 (-$133,600; AVE 89.87, BE 107, PTA 89) Starting as the sub in R15 has incurred a massive markdown on his price tag. Ahead of his 400th game this week, it’s fitting that he’s given a berth in the Fallen Premiums, as he still has what it takes to perform well for our teams if that 118 last week is anything to go by. Congratulations Boomer!

Brendon Goddard $441,500 (-$107,300; AVE 96.33, BE 50, PTA 88.2) BJ notched the most uncharacteristic of 30s v his former side in an embarrassing mauling of the Dons in R14. As a result, we can now pick him up for cheaper than he’s been all year.

Wait a week:
Dustin Martin $518k; BE 145
Lance Franklin $459k; BE 111

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41 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R16, 2015”

  1. Hey guys for my trades this week I’m thing of replacing Krakouer and getting in Goddard. So the trades so far will be:
    Dumont- knight/fields
    Krakouer- Goddard
    Will leave me with 10k in the bank.
    TU: good trades
    TD: bad trades


  2. Great write up, as always. I’d like to add a few also, as there are SO many good options to choose from in DEF:

    His 44 from R14 is now out of his cycle, and he scored 123 & 120 in his last 2 weeks. Only $455k, and generally pretty consistent. Not a HUGE amount of value, but still worth mentioning (he has a B/E of 27).

    His first 2 scores back from his time out were a struggle but has then posted 104 and 90. Only $400k, with a B/E of 44. Can’t remember seeing Birchall this cheap for a while, but could be a bit risky.

    James Kelly
    Another CHEAP option if you’re not keen on Malceski. His score of 9 has now rolled out of his cycle, and he has since scored 57 and 106. With a B/E of 41, he’s only $344k.

    I’m personally tossing up between McDonald and Gibson this week.


  3. Nice write-up MJ. I wonder how many coaches will punt on McEvoy with the constant threat of Ceglar hanging over his head?


  4. Love your work!! I’m tempted by Malcheski & Goddard, but with 6 trades I’m planning on Shaw & Hodge to finish my backline. If Mal was looking like this 2 weeks ago I would of grabbed him


  5. G’day community,

    MUST win my last 2 matches to be in the finals…
    3 trades remaining…
    $400,700 banked (thanks, Saad!)…
    Ruck is the only area in need of upgrading…

    T/U: SAFE – McKernan to Stef Martin (full premo with rookies as injury/suspension cover), sit on 2 trades and $195k.
    T/D: RISK/REWARD – McKernan to Big Boy Evoy, and Hamling to Hodge (full premo PLUS premo injury/suspension cover) with 1 trade and $21k.

    Is a solo “upgrade” to Big Boy also worth considering?

    Thanks, this site has been an absolute gold mine in 2015.


  6. Need to get Lever out this week community to finish my backline and my whole team, as I’ve persisted with the likes of Lever/Hamling/Maynard as D6 (as the last vulnerable spot in my team) the last few weeks.

    Having a great look at Murphy from Dogs this week to replace Lever at D6, always been consistent and Dogs with a favourable draw will be pushing hard to make the Finals.

    T/U – Go for it, grab Murphy for final Defender
    T/D – Consider other options (the ones above in FPs) ahead of Murphy


  7. A few commentators suggesting tom MacDonald might play more as a forward. Something to think about if you plan on bringing him in.


  8. Hamling to Kelly
    Lumumba to Ablett
    My trades for this week. Leaves me 6 trades and emergencies in all positions. Looking set for a tilt in my leagues.


  9. Hi community
    I only have 4 trades left and have brown as D6,however his scoring has been substandard for a D6 and feel he needs to be moved on.

    Option A is to look at some players who will play every game from here like hurn 366k, savage 364k, Kelly 344k or Malceski 348k and these look to be the best options. All are coming off tons last round (except Malceski who had 94). I only have 383k to spend as I have 110k cash in bank. I know that they are only likely to ave 70-75 from here on.

    Option B is to burn two trades now and downgrade him to a rookie and buy a super premo like rance Tmac picken or murphy

    Option C is to do nothing at all this week and wait for the finals with 4 trades left

    What do you think about these options, and Is there anyone else I could consider as a good semi premo defender if I went option A


  10. Conundrum- I have Hibberd and Taylor as Defenence 5 and 6 with no cover on the bench. I also have Barlow and Griffen in mids. 300k in the bank. 7 trades. Sitting 8th in a tough cash league.

    T/U – Trade in Hodge for boston via DPP and then have cover on the bench and loophole between Hibberd and Taylor

    T/D – Take the backline hit and play a few average defenders and upgrade Griffen and Barlow to Super Premos?

    Comment other suggestions.



  11. Think the best options here are Malceski and Sidebottom. Would love both, particularly Malceski to strengthen my defence but i’ll probably wait until SC finals to trade again.


  12. I have to trade out Macmillian (North) as out for 3-4 weeks with a hammy. Thankfully he got injured when his price is at the highest for the season. So I was thinking of the following:

    OUT: Macmillian, IN: Birchall
    OUT: D.Beams, IN: Ablett

    I’m seriously worried about Beams not lasting the season and Ablett is a must get before his price goes up too much. I would have six trades left after these two.

    T/U: Good trades
    T/D: Bad trades


  13. Big news Lumumba is gone from my side, trading him to Knight to make some cash

    The second trade will be Lever to Bartel (via Higgins)


  14. Considering trading in GAZ.
    Selwood and Mckenzie to go to make room for GAZ and a rookie, will leave my midfield with a rookie on the field.
    Alternately I could bring in Rocky and a rookie by trading out Krak and Mckenzie, and will leave me with a dubious, based on current form, but complete midfield (Selwood and Lewis).
    T/U if you think Selwood and Rocky will consistently out score GAZ.
    T/D if you think GAZ will outperform Selwood and Rocky.
    I have 4 trades left, 160K in the bank.
    I am leaning towards Rocky, but I have spent too much time thinking about it and can’t look at it objectively. ( posted something similar on Trade Talk today but probably a bit late for that thread).


  15. I’ve had very little sleep this month, so here it is; the stupidest, craziest, most brilliant idea I’ve ever had in my eighteen months in this game:

    Fyfe -> Ablett

    Nat has clearly hit a wall of sorts in the past three weeks and is in doubt this week. He’ll probably be in doubt for the SC finals too, because Ross Lyon. I need a perma-captain, and who better? Now, who’s got the coffee….



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