The Fallen Premiums – R17

Written by MJ on July 19 2017

Firstly, a huge thank you to Chillo for taking on responsibility for the Fallen Premiums while I was taking a breather in Bali after tying the knot with Mrs MJ. Exemplary work mate. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into an important edition, with so many injuries bubbling to the surface.


Rory Laird $489K (-$37.3K) AVE 104, BE 54 – 119 and 121 in the last two weeks, puts Laird right back in form, that had been interrupted by a few poor scores over the last month of footy. This may have been a result of the head knock he suffered in R11. Coming in as the #2 defender in 2017, you should be snapping him up if he’s not in your side.

Taylor Adams $460K (-$67.4K)  AVE 103, BE 74 – Adams stamped his authority on the game on Saturday, collecting 125 points in a season-high performance that broke the back of four games that failed to reach triple figures. With a price like his, Adams is really priced like that of a 92 averaging player, screaming value.

Coming down
J. Howe $486K; BE 166
J. Harbrow $438K; BE 165
A. Rance $470K; BE 154


Two of footy’s biggest names are vying for your attention this week. Kelly watches on. 

Nat Fyfe $510K (-$63.1K) AVE 103, BE 44 – With contract negotiations well and truly behind him (for the next six years), is it time for Fyfe to re-emerge as the SC beast we know he is? 139 and 126 in the last fortnight might suggest just that!

Joel Selwood $451K (-$155K) AVE 104, BE 59 – We can see it clear as day. This most certainly is highway robbery. KO’d three weeks ago for just 3 points has reduced Joel’s price to unprecedented levels. With a few injured premiums lying around, the Geelong skipper is sure to be included in more than a few teams this week. With three of his SC Finals games played at Skilled Stadium, boasting an impeccable record there (38 of his last 58 games at the venue have returned in excess of 120 points) it’s a no-brainer really.

Coming down
B. Gibbs $618K; BE 177
D. Martin $574K; BE 163


Shane Mumford $455K (-$80.7K) AVE 100, BE 95 – The #2 SC ruckman in the game has had a quiet spell the last month, but came back with 120 on the weekend. Not many would be in the market for a ruckman at the moment, but if you are – look over here! Can Mummy play his first full season without missing a game?

Coming down
M. Gawn $473K; BE 149
S. Martin $466K; BE 139


Lance Franklin $490K (-$23.9K) AVE 95, BE 78 – Three tons on the trot sees Big Bud in the best form of the season so far. Not at his cheapest, but is the most affordable of all the 95+ averaging forwards, with the exception of JJK who is just finding his feet from injury. Sydney are roaring into finals, and Buddy is the spokesman up forward.

Coming down
M. Walters $558K; BE 142
J. Kennedy $445K; BE 132


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