The Fallen Premiums R2

Written by MJ on April 5 2017

We’ve now had the luxury of looking at two games of football from our stars before price changes shape the SuperCoach landscape. Some will be panicking over their prized top dollar recruits failing to live up to expectations in the first two rounds. For others, it presents an opportunity to pounce on quality players who have merely played an off game or two and started slow out of the blocks.

Ablett and Hannebery have both stumbled out of the starting blocks to begin the 2017 season.

In the poll below, I’ve listed 15 of the highest breakevens from those whom we consider premiums. All these guys will be on the receiving end of heavy price declines at the conclusion of R3 and will be up for Fallen Premium status very shortly. There are a few gems in here for which two average games certainly don’t make an average season and a return back to form is imminent. Who are you most interested in watching for possible inclusion to your team in the coming weeks at a price much less than your peers have paid?

(Max 5) Which premiums are you most interested in keeping an eye on after prices drop next week?

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21 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R2”

  1. Love the falling premiums photo MJ.
    Its going to be interesting to see where these guys bottom out, and end up too cheap to ignore.


  2. Since most of us stacked the midfield to start with, I’m looking at the Top DEFs that aren’t in my line-up. Simpson, Shaw & Docherty will be considered over the next few weeks…….


    1. Same. Unfortunately I ‘stacked’ my midfield with Hanners and J. Steven. I’m hoping Hanners comes good, but Steven has to go – I can’t see him coming back to the field quickly after a punctured lung.


  3. Not sure what to do with Hannebery. I was at the game on Friday night and just couldn’t get near the pill. I’m a firm believer in holding your premos but yet again you can’t win supercoach without an aggressive move here and there. I have basically got all required rookies besides WHE so maybe a double trade there.

    Thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers


    1. Well, if you had gotten near the pill they probably would have banned you for life, at the very least. Just as well you stayed in the stands.

      I ended up writing about Hamsterberry in Cow Talk this week.


    2. I think he’s missing twitch feeding him. As much as I hate doing it I rolled him over to Adams (via Hibberd erk)


  4. For the first time in many many years in BREAKING rule #1. Dont trade your premiums. I went with a stacked midfield and it’s failed so far. I’m thinking of being slightly more aggressive this year in terms of trading. I’m thinking Hanners and Smith with some maneuvering can become Nank and WHE or Butler and cash to spare. As always I’d love some of SCT wisdom.
    Tup do it
    TDown hold Hanners


    1. Well so far the thumbs have made me reverse my trades. If I don’t do the above trade. I’ll be doing Smith to Butler. Sound better?


    2. I’m a big believer in making ballsy trades – the best way to get the jump on the the rest of the competition is to make bold moves, and to make them before other people do.

      That being said, you have to make the *right* bold moves. I would hold Hannebery personally (although as a non-owner, that’s easy for me to say), but ultimately you should trust your gut. And the data. But mostly your gut.


    1. Projected to go down -32.5K with a score of 97

      Then probably another 15-20k next week before the 57 drops from his system.


  5. Projected score | Price change

    Hannebery: 86 | -65.6K
    Gibson: 75 | -53.6k
    Steven: 93 | -41.3K
    Boyd: 96 | -38.6K
    Cripps: 93 | -38.3K
    Ablett: 106 | -29K
    Simpson: 97 | -32.5K
    Parker: 102 | -29.2K
    Shaw: 107 | -24.4K
    Rance: 77 | -33.1K



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