The Fallen Premiums – R3

Written by MJ on April 12 2017


Heath Shaw $542K (-$34K), Ave 86.67, BE 176 – Would have to be the highest scoring defender in terms of total points over the last ten years (without verifying stats). Heater has gone cold over the last two weeks after his 118 initially in R1. Price will tumble again this week, but plan to snap him up for around $500K as soon as you can.

Kade Simpson $533K (-$44.9K), Ave 79.00, BE 183 – Two lackluster scores in succession has slashed the Carlton veteran’s price, with further declines to come. It’s possible that the wet weather game put a dampener on his output last week, with the contested possession specialists doing better in the wet.ย Keep him on your radar, as scores like his 107 in R1 will be seen frequently, as per his consistent history suggests.

Others to watch:
Boyd $519K; BE 161
Laird $527K; BE 147


Dan Hannebery $561K (-$55.7K), Ave 78.33, BE 144ย – Hannebery was well publicised over the preseason for his forgoing of alcohol since the end of the 2016 season. Unfortunately for him, a sluggish start to the year had the media in a frenzy. Dan hit back on the weekend with 112 points, which may have initiated a revival. A high breakeven of 144 still means he’ll likely be cheaper next week, but another tidy score would put him in well in contention for more than a few. Watch with interest in R4.

Patrick Cripps $548K (-$36.8K), Ave 86.33, BE 112 –ย His R1 score of 50 drops out of contention this week and has now posted back to back tons. One of the first picked in many sides after a stellar finish to 2016, which saw him score no less than 118 in his last six games. Could be anything, this kid.

Others to watch:
Parker $574K; BE 164
Ablett $592K; BE 160
JPK $603K; BE 158


The moment the collective hearts of the SC world sank. We’ll miss you Gawny!

None to mention this week, except our mate Maxy Gawn of course, who has dropped $49.1K in price to add insult to injury for owners forced to trade this week.

Goldstein $588K; BE 188


Tom J. Lynch $481K (-$25.8K), Ave 79.33, BE 145 –ย Quiet against the Giants in R2 with a 43 point, no goal stinker, which has dropped his price and will continue to do so for another week. Scored 101 and 94 in his other games with 3 and 2 goal performances respectively. Will do some damage this year if the Suns can play more games like they did against the Hawks. Watchlisted as a POD option.

JJK $537K; BE 167


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12 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R3”

    1. I’m very tempted by M Murphy.

      I’m just not sure if he can keep up this form all year.

      He is leading a very young side. History says young teams drop off later in the year.

      Ive decided to spend the extra cash and get Sloane. He is only in 3.6% of teams.

      I’m also very confident he can finish top 10 mid this year.

      The Crows will win plenty of games this year. Will the Blues?


        1. The crows should win 15+ games this year and finish top 4.

          I love what they’re doing at the Blues. Drafting top talent and getting games into them.

          Sorry Motts ,but I can’t see Carlton winning more than 10 games this year.

          I hope I’m wrong. Time will tell.


  1. What exactly has happened with Shaw? Has his age caught up with him? Is he getting tagged? Has he had a change of role? Is this kind of scoring the new normal for him, or has he just had two off games?


    1. Look at the back half of last year. He was less relied on and his scores dropped, seems to have picked up where he left off.

      Main thing it he’s barely taking any kick ins anymore.


      1. That’s not good. Should we consider moving him on? Or do you think he will still be a top-6 forward this year?


        1. Top 6 FWD will be a tough ask, almost impossible one would say.

          He’ll still be a top defender for the season so one that you would be happy with in your final team, just will lose some value along the way.

          Many jumped off him this year due to the downward trend and decided he was overpriced, but no doubts everyone will be looking to bring him in at some point.


          1. Could a swap for, say, Jake Lloyd be worthwhile? He looks like being a top defender this year (certainly no worse than Shaw), and would free up a fair bit of cash in the short-term.



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