The Fallen Premiums, R3 2015

Written by MJ on April 22 2015

Just the sole round of price changes isn’t quite enough to get the Fallen Premiums into full swing. Our premiums have started to drop in price, but are not ripe for the picking until they bottom out with a low BE. One thing is certain though: there are going to be plenty of bargains coming your way very soon.

Here’s a list of all the premiums who have begun their descent into bargain territory, with declines of more than $10k. What’s more is that none of them have break-evens (BEs) below 100 yet, so are still likely to fall further. Joel Selwood and Michael Hibberd are the only blokes listed with a BE below 115 and are the closest to bottoming out.


Malceski $499k; -$67k; BE 192
Simpson $499k; -$13k; BE 126
Hibberd $463k; -$28k; BE 106


Pendlebury $646k; -$22k; BE 150
Selwood $626k; -$23k; BE 108
Beams $599k; -$21k; BE 144
J. Kennedy $592k; -$19k; BE 160
Ward $586k; -$19k; BE 132
Priddis $567k; -$38k; BE 142
Barlow $565k; -$34k; BE 133
Dangerfield $554k; -$13k; BE 145
Parker $542k; -$40k; BE 166
Gibbs $539k; -$31k; BE 135
Murphy $538k; -$31k; BE 117
Johnson $536k; -$36k; BE 192
Jones $535k; -$45k; BE 175
Boak $532k; -$35k; BE 142


Jacobs $581k; -$38k; BE 137
Mumford $571k; -$42k; BE 170
Martin $558k; -$42k; BE 138
Sandilands $545k; -$35k; BE 129
Maric $509k; -$26k; BE 126
Minson $481k; -$20k; BE 130


Gray $577k; -$19k; BE 155
Harvey $531k; -$47k; BE 134
Zorko $517k; -$14k; BE 130
Goddard $512k; -$36k; BE 128
Bennell $500k; -$13k; BE 119

See you all next week after a second round of price drops!


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32 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums, R3 2015”

  1. Malceski is practically in free-fall but he’s just struggling to get a touch at GC. Not so sure he’s a must-have premium just yet. Can’t help but remember his average seasons at the Swans as well (eg. 2011 – 65ppg, 2012 – 75 ppg). I’d wanna see a couple tons from him first……


  2. A few who deserve watching but are a few weeks off. Ziebell scored 7 so should have couple of big weeks of falling coming. Will be a straight swap for a cashcow by around round 5 or 6. With dpp he’s worth some thought as an F5/F6 type for a potential low 300’s price.

    Bartel’s a fair way away – 6 to 8 weeks- but with a last score of 5 could be just the thing for the team reshuffles over the bye periods.


  3. Pendles, Beams, JPK and Barlow. I sure picked a great midfield this year… at least the rookies are making up the $ that my premos are losing!


  4. Glad to see the return of ‘Fallen Premiums’. This is hands down my favourite post on the site. It always has some gems of wisdom for the wise investor. Love it MJ!


  5. I need some expert advice!
    Nothing to do with Rooks (sorry!!), but I don’t know where to write it and I have a Q regarding loophole captain this week. My options for Catpain (playing in chronological order) are;

    Swan – Saturday arvy (vs Essendon)
    Gray – Saturday night (vs Hawks)
    Fyfe – Saturday night (vs Swans)
    Beams – Sunday arvy (vs WCE)
    Selwood – Sunday Arvy (vs NMelb)
    Sloane – Sunday Arvy (vs Bulldogs)
    Goldstein – Sunday Arvy (vs Cats)
    Dangerfield – Sunday Arvy (vs Bulldogs)

    Assuming Cox and C.Smith (Carlton) aren’t playing this week, whos my best bet with VC and C. Im tempted to give Fyfe the VC Saturday, and either Selwood or Sloane the Captain on Sunday……
    To clarify, I need to put the VC on the Saturday player, and if he scores well, I can switch a non-playing (Sunday) Captain onto the field to get the Saturday score?
    Cheers in advance, Im new to this 🙂


  6. Thoughts on Jobe as a long-term investment? Looking the goods now since all the pressure regarding the drugs saga is off him.



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