The Fallen Premiums – R8

Written by MJ on May 17 2017


Alex Rance $483K (-$52.6K) AVE 89.9, BE 84 – Rance is in some good form at the moment with 106, 92 and 106 in his last three. Sporting a nice season price drop of over $50K, he’s a cheaper alternative to Docherty, Laird and Adams.

Coming down:
Montagna $478K, BE 130


Patrick Dangerfield $560,300 (-$156.6K) AVE 114.1, BE 105 – If you don’t have this man, surely this is your time to pounce. Taking a punt without him may have worked in your favour to this point if you are able to snap him up for over $150K off his starting price. A ridiculously uncharacteristic 65 will now fall away from his price cycle. Freo and North before the bye.

This dynamic duo have been throwing up some subdued scores, which has made for some cheap buying over at the Cattery.

Zach Merrett $560,600 (-$45.6K) AVE 112.3, BE 57 – Gave him the headline photograph in last week’s edition and he did not disappoint. 137 in the win over Geelong means he’s now scored a season-best in two consecutive weeks. What you’re getting here, is a guy in some serious form, but also reasonably cheap due to the 89 from R6 still lagging his price gains. Last chance before he skyrockets in price.

Dustin Martin $510,000 (-$78.3K) AVE 107.9, BE 108 – Burst from the blocks in 2017, becoming the most sought-after SuperCoach midfielder in the opening rounds with 159, 118 and 155 in Rounds 1, 2 and 3. Has since been quiet with four in a row below 100+, before breaking that streak with 105 v Freo. If you’ve been waiting for his price fall to take place before snapping him up, now is the time.

Other discounted premium mids to consider: JPK $519K AVE 104.5, Fyfe $515K, AVE 103.9.

Coming down:
Sloane $615K, BE 210!
Ablett $611K, BE 194 (BYE)
Gray $487K, BE 179 (BYE)
Treloar $525K, BE 165
Pendlebury $556K, BE 160
Selwood $547K, BE 148


Todd Goldstein $490,200 (-$98.2K)  AVE 90.7, BE 70 – Goldy has finally chalked up two consecutive tons on the board this year (111 and 107). Is now the time to get him into your side? If he fits your budget, I’d be getting all over Goldstein. His hitout figures are well up compared to previous weeks (ave 40 hitouts R7-8, ave 24.4 R1-6).

Coming down:
Mumford $538K, BE 161


No Fallen Premiums forwards of interest this week. A couple of big key forwards are on their way down soon though, see below!

Coming down:
T.J.Lynch $491K, BE 153 (BYE)
N.Riewoldt $496K, BE 151


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8 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R8”

    1. I’m surprised by this haha, if so, is there any other rd13 bye forwards I should get or wait for? Need it for bye structure


  1. Two guys on $560,600, which do you think will have a better run for the rest of the year?

    TU Hanners
    TD Merrett


  2. Peoples thoughts on P Cripps? $543.900

    Seems to be over his back troubles. last 3 rounds ave 120.

    only 4% ownership.

    I am heavy on R13 bye premos. so can fit another R11 in. I would prefer a R12 bye player.
    I should really consider Yeo. Maybe I’m just stubborn but I can’t forget his past years.
    I’ve also considered Dusty ,but I feel all his off-field stuff is messing with his head.Richmond might also drop off in the second half of the year. Can they finish 9th again?

    I will consider any suggestions for R11 or R12 bye players.

    After Hampton to Myers via Dpp I will have $580k

    My current Mids are; Neale/ Sloane/ Danger/ Jellwood/ JPK/ Fyfe / Myers/ SPP.
    ( Fisher, Barrett, Pickett.)

    If I go SPP to Cripps. I will still have $349K to upgrade Otten and WHE.

    This will leave me 17 trades and only 3 on-field rookies left to upgrade.

    My last luxury up grades will be Roughie. Witts. Steele and Sandi. although unless we find some fast growing cows, some of them may be keepers for the year.


    T/U Cripps. and $ to upgrade Otten

    T/D Bont. Wait to upgrade Otten R13.


    1. I tried bringing in Cripps last week, but due to outs, had to reshuffle and had less cash than I’d hoped.

      Really good option to bring him in now.


  3. Thinking of bringing in Goldy by moving Nank into the forward.

    T/U – Goldy will keep his form with Pruess out

    T/D – look for fallen mid




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