The Fallen Premiums – Rd 12

Written by on June 13 2018

I’d rather not talk about Round 12 too much…so I won’t!

Upgrades are a little easier this week, as we now have six clubs who have already had their bye, and hence have players available for the entirety of remainder of the season. Here are the players from those clubs (as well as a couple with Round 14 byes – advise caution!) that are good value options in this heavily abbreviated trading week.


Kade SIMPSON (CAR), $495 500 (-$20.8K), average 104, BE 78 – In his sixteenth season in senior footy, the Benjamin Button of the Blues backline continues to astound, averaging near-career highs in possessions and Supercoach points. Fresh off the bye and on a streak of 70 consecutive games, if there’s such thing as a safe choice in defence this year, Kade is it.

Backing it up…
Jake Lloyd, $565K, BE 146
Elliot Yeo, $521K, BE 146
Jimmy Webster, $520K, BE 143


Gary ABLETT (GEE), $513 800 (-$117.3K), average 107, BE 43 – Being the slow learner that I am, I discounted Ablett as Supercoach material months ago. Never write off a champion! The 34 year old little master made a mockery of the North mids, racking up 34 possessions and smashing out a season-high 151 points. Always an injury risk, but if he stays on the field, the SC GOAT is unprecedented value for money right now.

The back of Ablett: a familiar sight for the opposition.

Oliver WINES (PTA), $472 000 (-$71.5K), average 98, BE 78 – No one doubts Quadzilla’s strength in the contest, but his disposal efficiency has previously prevented him from joining the Supercoach elite. However, Ollie has cleaned up his disposal this year, while maintaining his possession count and clearance numbers. He was outstanding in compiling 142 against the reigning premiers, and Port are of course done with their bye. A calculated risk?

Luke PARKER (SYD), $512 400 (-$33.6K), average 102, BE 72 – Parker has cashed in on the Swans’ soft draw over the past month, posting four tons in five weeks. Can he keep that form going against the likes of the Eagles, Tigers, Cats and Roos, who Sydney line up against over the next month? A proven performer who caught fire in the latter half of 2017, but will he repeat the dose this season? Lots of questions, and a very nice upside if Parks can answer in the affirmative…

Limbo land…
Jack Macrae, $703K, BE 219
Patrick Cripps, $569K, BE 194
Patrick Dangerfield, $590K, BE 154
Marcus Bontempelli, $542K, BE 154



The three top scoring rucks (Gawn, Grundy and SMartin) are all on the bye this week, and you’d be a brave coach to trade any of them out. Nic Naitanui and Matthew Kreuzer may be worth a look if you’re really desperate to get 18 on the field, but I can’t recommend that course…unless you robbed the Bank of Trades…

Aaron Sandilands, $537K, BE 168 


Josh J. KENNEDY (WCE), $397 000 (-$117.2K), average 75, BE 40 – The unwritten Supercoach rule of No Key Forwards becomes a bit more flexible in the case of JJK. Kennedy has had a few injury concerns this year, but amassed 122 in his last start and has now had that handy mid-year break. With Jack Darling out for up to six weeks, JJK becomes the focal point of the Eagles attack, a position he has occupied with aplomb for many years now. Very friendly price and a massive ceiling, tick and tick!

Beards and goals, that’s just how JJK rolls.

Lance FRANKLIN (SYD), $464 900 (-$75.6K), average 102, BE 50 – Buddy was at his brilliant best in the season opener against the Eagles and since then has been solid, with the exceptions being a (possibly) injury-affected outing against the Crows. Franklin usually finishes among the highest scoring forwards, but as a key position player you have to make sure you get him at a low point in his price cycle. That time is roughly around now, in case you were wondering!

Forward thinking….
Jack Darling, $550K, BE 239
Josh Caddy, $507K, BE 170
Travis Boak, $464K, BE 146
Toby McLean, $539K, BE 142


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15 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 12”

  1. Thinking Nankervis to Naitanui
    Because of break even of both , ceiling of Nat and bye of Nank next week.
    Ideally would like to go to Grundy next week but with cash saved I can get another premium in forward line


    1. The SCT Cup results will be up some time soon (they’re in cyber space between my outbox, Schwarz’s inbox and the sites back room monkeys) but without stealing my own thunder i’d advise that you might need to do some heavy trading P Buzz.


  2. Hmmmm….. Wanted to get Macrae to finish off my mids but i’ve actually got a surplus of bodies in there for a bye round so i might upgrade elsewhere. Simmo is well priced and i didn’t realise how cheap JJK is until reading this.

    Gotta love a fallen premium article when you don’t own any of the fallen but it is frustrating seeing a number of your stars in the “coming to cinemas near you” section with high BEs.


      1. I must admit my SC homework has lapsed over the last week or so as my real world workload has risen. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, “damn life getting in the way of SuperCoach”.


  3. Was tempted with both JJK and Buddy.

    Decided against either, so long as Liam Ryan is named.

    Buddy just makes my bad week next week worse, and JJK’s lows are in the 30’s if he’s well held. He will lose a game for you as often as win one. But at least he’s had his bye.


    1. Yeah, if it wasn’t for that filthy bye I’d be getting Buddy back in this week.
      Every year I say I’m not going to trade away premiums. Ah well, better luck next year!


  4. Thanks Chillo.

    I’m getting Simo and Sicily into my backline this week.

    Hoping to field 19 if laird gets up.Next week I will be looking at swinging Sicily forward and getting Hurley in to complete my defence.

    I will then have 10 trades $330K and 2 mid spots to fill for full premo.



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