The Fallen Premiums – Rd 21

Written by Chillo on August 14 2019

This week’s edition of the Fallen Premiums is brought to you by the number 2, as in “HOLY **** THERE’S ONLY TWO ROUNDS TO GO!!!!” Speaking of numbers, here’s a 30-second guide to trading this week, based on the number you have situated above the words “trades left” on your team’s screen:

0: Eat your vitamins, say your prayers, and grab all the horseshoes and four-leafed clovers you can handle.
1-2: Should I stay or should I go? Upgrading that underperforming premium this week could get you into a GF – and then possibly lose it for you next week when the infamous General Soreness rears his ugly, misshapen head.
3-4: Bombs away! Do whatever you want, you miserly misers!
5+: Dude, we need to talk.

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


If you’re belatedly trying to upgrade Duursma, or Hurn has given you a major dose of the irrits, then there are three viable options for a straight swap this week. James Sicily ($447 500, avg 95), Harris Andrews ($374 000, avg 82) and Jeremy Howe ($409 000, avg 79) have all had mixed results this year for various reasons. However, all have huge ceilings and are coming off good returns last weekend. If I had to split them (and it’s not easy), I’d probably go for Howe just ahead of Sicily, and then Andrews.


About 43,000 coaches will have eyes on Rory Sloane this week, after he once again went into a contest face-first and came off second best. Hopefully for his sake – not to mention the Crows’ finals chances – Sloane gets up this week, but if not then a good replacement is not far away….

Matt CROUCH (ADE), $512 400 (-$38.9K), avg 105, BE 30 – The elder Crouch has been a source of consternation for many a coach this year. While Matt has absolutely no trouble finding the footy, his insistence on handballing backwards and reliance on short kicking has really dented his Supercoach output. However, he has a well-deserved reputation as a fast finisher, averaging a whopping 120.6 ppg between rounds 20-23 in the past four seasons, topped off by last week’s 161-point outburst against the Eagles.

Mrouch doing what he does best

Scott PENDLEBURY (COL), $522 900 (-$39.1K), avg 105, BE 71 – Keen readers will probably have realised by now that Pendles is one of my favourite players ever. I just wish he played for a different club! Still ghosting through the midfield at a tender 31 years of age, the champion Pie is leading Collingwood to yet another September campaign and racking up the points while he’s at it. Faces the Bombers, who gave away huge scores to the Dogs mids last weekend, in the SCGF.

Just quickly: As mentioned last week, Seb Ross ($525 600)ย has recent form that mirrors that of his club, averaging 129 in his past three as a rejuvenated Saints outfit find their groove. Can go absolutely bananas on his day and comes up against Carlton and Sydney in the next two weeks. Still incredible POD value at only 1% ownership.


At this point of the season, I thought it might be interesting to run an early poll on who takes your fancy for starting rucks for 2020:

Who are your early picks for starting rucks in 2020? (up to two choices)

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Mad Mitch Robbo ($500 400, avg 94) was here last week, and responded by bashing up the Suns for 123 points. He’ll definitely find it tougher against the Cats and Tigers in the next two games, but there’s no denying his form line is excellent, averaging 110 ppg in his past five starts.


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5 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 21”

  1. Nic Nat will always be tempting with his PPM, but you’d need to see a flying pre-season & in a perfect world no second ruck in the team.


  2. Great stuff Chillo. I like Ross for the last two.

    I also think if Sloane gets up, I have to get him in to neutralise my opponents this week. All bar one currently have him. If he doesnโ€™t? Iโ€™m in the box seat. His draw could see him go huge the next couple.

    I like Byrne-Jones and Hunter Clark down back and Treloar in the guts. Forwards? Maybe Jezza or Greene for the GF v Suns, or Marshall v a ruckless Swans.

    Good luck all. Thanks again Chillo.



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