The Fallen Premiums – Season Review 2013

Written by MJ on August 27 2013

So the Grand Final week is finally here. Lets take a moment to commemorate the achievements of our favourite Fallen Premiums of 2013. If you’ve been following my posts for the duration of the season I thank you for providing such a great audience and hope you were fortunate enough to bring in some of these guys who’ve been listed throughout the season.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Fallen Premiums of 2013 in order of best value (Average since selection / Price Paid).

#1. R9: Matthew Kreuzer ($380,000; -$114,100; Ave 78.5, BE 56)
Average since selection: 114.11; Value: 0.30. He far surpassed my expectations of him at the time with a spectacular run of form before injury struck. Despite missing the SC Finals series so far, those who picked him up in R10 have got to pat themselves on the back. Was able to be cashed in at $566k on the eve of finals, making nearly $200k whilst scoring as good, if not better than any other ruckman in the game.

#2. R16: Tom Rockliff ($443,900; -$76,600, Ave 99.8, BE 25)
Average since selection: 131.5; Value: 0.29. If you picked him at this stage you would’ve got him at under $450k! 8 tons in a row has sent his price tag over $600k. I hope you jumped all over him at that price.

#3. R12: Joel Selwood ($492,800; -$136,700, Ave 107.2, BE 87)
Average since selection: 118.10; Value: 0.24. 8 scores of 130+ in 11 games is a remarkable return. Now priced at $651k, he makes a mockery of the price tag he was valued at in R12. The fact we were able to snap him up bye-free was timely.

#4. R10: Dane Swan ($523,300; -$152,000, Ave 111.9, BE 119)
Average since selection: 123.72; Value: 0.23. Never fails to deliver in the 2nd half of the season. This is the cheapest he reached all year, and for just over $500k, a 123 average is a lot of bang for your buck! He went 148+ four times, providing a very handy captaincy option too.

#5. R7: Matt Priddis ($451,500; -$136,800, Ave 91.4, BE 61)
Average since selection: 103.92; Value: 0.23. Hasn’t set the world on fire by any means, but I’d take a 100+ average from a guy priced at $451k if you offered it to me midseason. Expected more from him, but we can’t really complain with the 120 he served up in our Prelims.

#6. R14: Pearce Hanley ($415,200; -$70,000, Ave 96.8, BE 124)
Average since selection: 96.14; Value: 0.23. The young Irishman has disappointed owners in SC Finals, but played a run of four consecutive 100s to help you get there.

#7. R18: Nat Fyfe ($484,600; -$14,200, Ave 105.3, BE 81)
Average since selection: 110.75; Value: 0.22. Freo’s midfield was always going to be a gold mine at the end of the season with such a magnificent run of fixtures. You be content with your decision if you picked him up a month ago, especially after belting out 122 on the weekend.

#8. R5: Corey Enright ($450,200; -$52,200, Ave 83.4, BE 88)
Average since selection: 99.67; Value: 0.22. Enright started the season at $502k, but dropped more than 50 grand over the first 5 rounds of the season. This is the cheapest point he reached for the whole year, through incredible consistency. 83 was the lowest score you would have received from him had you picked him up in R6.

#9. R19: Jobe Watson ($502,200; -$145,000, Ave 111, BE 170)
Average since selection: 115.33; Value: 0.22. A classic injury affected Fallen Premium, Jobe’s collarbone break sent his price down to bargain basement levels just in time for SC Finals. Those who jumped on would have enjoyed 118, 116 and 112 throughout the finals series.

#10. R5: Heath Shaw ($484,900; Ave 90.2, BE 62, -$56,400)
Average since selection: 99.14; Value: 0.20. Has frustrated owners in recent times with a 64 and 37 thrown up in the first two weeks of finals, but delivered with a 122 in Prelim Final week. Has been one of the best defenders this year and was able to be snapped up as one of your first upgrades in R6 at $56k off his starting price.


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13 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Season Review 2013”

  1. Good list of players, another player that has done well is Dal Santo who I picked up round 9 for $398.500, averaging over 100. Big job this weekend on Crowley.


  2. Love your work, MJ.

    Don’t tell any of the other SCT writers cos they may get jealous, but it’s my favourite SC read of the week and if anybody deserves a top 50 finish for the work that they put in, it’s you.

    Congrats on another great Fallen Premiums season and I’m looking forward to more gold in 2014!


  3. Great work. Picked up 5 of theses guys when you suggested them. Wanted Kreuzer but had Maric and Cox so couldn’t fit him in


  4. Had Rockliff, Swan and Fyfe all season which probably sums up why i’m just inside the 4,000 mark rather than top 1,000 like i was hoping.

    Picked up Watson and Priddis from this list at their lower prices.

    If we’d pulled stumps on the season a few weeks back Luke Ball would’ve been a massive contender for this list. $310,800 up to $490,500 with 6 tons in 8 games. Dropped off a bit of late but think he deserves some recognition. 🙂


  5. Love the fact you mentioned the Kroozer, I grabbed him at 380,000 and even copped a bit from Motts over that selection.
    Grabbed Swanny at Round 11 523,000
    Held the Joel Wood all year and prospered in the second half.
    Traded in Heath Shaw Round 6 for 484,000.

    What they H#ll did I do wrong.

    Ohh thats right picked Watts, Waters, Pavlich at the start and traded out Rocky, also cannot help myself to include Rioli in my starting line up,


  6. One you may be missing MJ is Steele Sidebottom.

    Round 17 fell to 461,000

    Last five averaging 121 points. Running into the finals would have been an Ideal pick up and a major POD.


  7. Awesome read as usual MJ, extremely detailed post of useful information.

    Between you & Don Cottagers’s posts throughout the SC season, the detailed information you both share with the SCT community is just brilliant. Motts, Big Sexy, Duck, Nath & the SCT crew do an absolute awesome job throughout the year but their very lucky to have both you on board, thanks again guys 🙂


  8. Here’s a Trivia question for all:

    Who is the biggest Fallen Premium for 2013?

    Here’s a clue, he began the season worth $3.7M and is now worth diddly squat!


  9. great work mj. hey on a different topic, the bombers lose points and hird gets suspended etc but asada or wada are still investigating into drugs issue aren’t they? so more ramifications to come perhaps?



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