The Fallen Premiums Wk 1 Finals, 2013

Written by MJ on August 12 2013

Chances are you’ve got no trades left. If not, I daresay you’ll be low on coin. Cast your eyes over this lot if you’re strapped for cash. I’ll do my best to pick out some in-form, under-priced players who could very well be a Point of Difference for your side.


Michael Hibberd ($443,800; +$48,700, Ave 96.2, BE 65) Fresh off the back of a 130 in a big loss to the Eagles, Hibberd is still affordably priced at less than $450k. He plays North, Carlton and Richmond to round out the season. The Tigers in the GF seems like it could be a favourable fixture, scoring 114 against them in R9.

Brandon Ellis ($414,900; +$114,800, Ave 79.4, BE 29) You may disagree with me, but I’m willing to class young Brandon as a premium defender now. Don’t let that average deceive you, as he’s played 5 rounds sub-affected for scores of 35, 35, 6, 31 and 38. Remove the sub games and, would you believe it, his average is 100.4. Will one of the first picked in my team next season. Plays Carlton, GWS and Essendon in the final 3 and comes in good form with 103 and 125. Still in only 4.77% of sides.


Jobe Watson ($478,500; -$168,700, Ave 111.4, BE 64) Most coaches would have traded him out after the collarbone injury. Now’s your time to capitalise on one of the best PODs going around at the moment. The Dons’ skipper picked up right from where he left off, with 115 and 118 despite the teams’ poor form. He’s the type of player who could win you a GF with a 166 against the Tigers in R9 being his most recent score against his R23 opponent. It’s practically stealing getting Jobe in at $478k!

Brett Deledio ($448,300; -$175,800, Ave 103.4, BE 51) Lids is hitting form just at the right time, with 109 and 118 to show for in his last two. Seems to have lost his consistency rating this season with 6 scores of 82 or less, however, all 8 of his 110+ scores this year have come against sides outside the top 8. With Carlton, GWS and Essendon all sitting below the Tiges on the ladder, you might be okay taking a punt on him, especially at this price.


Ivan Maric ($447,000; -$159,900, Ave 95.1, BE 68) Scores post-bye read: 124, 91, 86, 111, 59, 110, 99. Still reasonably priced at under $450k, Ivan is a straight swap for NicNat if you’re still holding onto him. Does his best work at the MCG with an average of 102 at the venue this season. Lucky for you, the Tigers play R21 & R23 at the very venue with GWS sandwiched in between. You’d be getting an impressive free-flowing mullet as a bonus.

Sam Jacobs ($410,100; -$136,200, Ave 85.1, BE 22) Dare I even mention ‘Sauce’ Jacobs? He’s burnt so many this season, but for those who’ve stuck fat he’s rewarded you at the perfect time. A huge 133 point return against Todd Goldstein is a mighty impressive performance. If you’re scraping around in your pockets for your last bit of loose change, could he be your man?


Jarryd Roughead ($455,600; -$99,200, Ave 99, BE 103) With trades now very scarce, his forward/ruck swing ability makes him more valuable that the other straight forwards for injury coverage purposes. 113 on the weekend off 5.0 shows a return to form, albeit against an undermanned Saints defence. Didn’t score too well against his next two opponents Collingwood and North (71 & 80), but smashed Sydney to the tune of 126 in R7, whom the Hawks meet in your GF.

Nick Riewoldt ($451,800; -$61,300, Ave 102.9, BE 97)
112 against Hawthorn on the weekend, combined with the fact his four highest scores this year have been against Sydney (152), Carlton (136) and Collingwood (135) and Port (134) demonstrates St.Nick’s ability to perform against tough opposition. The Saints play Sydney, Gold Coast and Freo in their last three.


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34 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums Wk 1 Finals, 2013”

  1. Roughy would be great but I think I have 1 trade and $451 to spend if I dump nicnat.

    Might be worth waiting another week for mine.

    Great writeup though and all good prices.


  2. Using last trade to bring in Watson for Mitchell a week earlier than I would of liked but if I wait for pre-final round he will be out of reach. Sam Jacobs did look good MJ, was the best he has rucked all year,was like last year.I’ve had him all year but I don’t trust him. Right about Ellis he will be picked first in a lot of sides next year.


  3. My only problem with Ellis is that while he has been in good form, there’s always the chance that he might get used as the sub for one of the last 3 games, as he was against North in round 15. For a similar price I prefer Dixon who also has an average not representing his true ability. He does come with the injury risk, but for 3 games I think it’s worth it.


  4. With two trades left i’m looking at Mitchell to Watson.
    Also thinking of Cloke to Bartel, then that’s me done for the season.

    Is there any danger of the drugs bust meaning he can’t play for any of the games remaining this season?


  5. Great write up MJ. This week I have three trades left and 80k I am looking at:

    1. Zorko to Nroo or Bartel
    2. Staker to Rough or Tippet
    3. Or downgrade for cash then get any fwd I want, probably Walker.

    Can you help me with some advice?


  6. Two options for me this week. Either:

    Priddis to Watson – Meaning that I will have one trade left and Mitchell as my midfield cover for the last two weeks; or

    Mitchell to Watson & Hrovat down to a non-playing DPP – Which will leave me trade-less, but with good bench cover and enough DPP’s to hopefully see me through two weeks.



  7. Narrowed my MID upgrade of T Mitchell down to Selwood and Griffen

    TU – Selwood (10 scores above 120, 2 against teams coming up Syd 163 and Bris 135) 3wk avg 138

    TD – Griffen (9 scores above 120, 2 against teams coming up Bris 138 and Melb 148) 3wk avg 114

    Leaning towards Selwood, show me your thumbs


  8. I’ve got 2 trades left and in a knock-out final this week. My weakest points are M8 and D6, so I want to upgrade Tom Mitchell and Clisby, and together with $248K in the bank I have a total of $946K to spend to get the best possible defender / midfielder combination. I’ve narrowed down to 5 options:

    1. R. Griffen (Mid) / C. Garland (Def) – 121.6 + 82.8 = 204.4
    2. T. Cotchin (Mid) / J. Watts (Def) – 110.9 + 76.1 = 187.0
    3. J. Watson (Mid) / H. Taylor (Def) – 111.4 + 96.4 = 207.8
    4. N. Fyfe (Mid) / H. Scotland (Def) – 107.2 + 82.0 = 189.2
    5. R. Sloane (Mid) / B. Ellis (Def) – 105.6 + 79.4 = 185.0

    Based on pure averages I am leaning towards option 3, however as mentioned above the average doesn’t always tell the true story (i.e. Ellis). Please let me know your thoughts on the best option (or any others that you think are better than the above).



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