The Fifth SC Day of Christmas

Written by Thommo on December 18 2018

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Supercoach Gods brought to me, five Gold Coast Suns…

Four bargain blues…

Three bench men…

Two winged crows…

And Paddy switched to Mid-forward D-P-P

With Gold Coast suffering an exodus over recent seasons, they now boast a patchwork quilt of mature age players who could not break into the best 22 of their preivous clubs. We will need to watch the preseason closely to see which of these players are in favour with Stewie Dew, but the Suns could be a gold mine of bargain Supercoach options this season.

Mid-price madness anyone?


2018 Av: 90 points

2018 games: 1

Past averages (2017-2014): 71, 90, 97, 100

He’s in my team… for now!

Miles is the ultimate example of a player who is too good for VFL but not good enough to break into the best 22 of a strong club. Surely at any club other than Richmond, Miles would be a lock for a midfield role because he knows how to find the ball. Just look at his first season at the Tigers when he averaged 100ppg from 13 matches and started with 4 tonnes and 2 scores in the 90s from his first 6 matches.

If he’s in the guts, you have to consider Miles.


If Stewie Dew puts him in the midfield, he’ll score 90-95ppg.


2018 Av: 62ppg

2018 Games: 4

Past Averages (2017-2014): 76, 43, 54, 67

If you look up the term “List Depth” online, you should find a picture of George Horlin-Smith. Like many of the recent trade targets of the Suns, he is a solid citizen whose only crime was playing for a club with too many midfielders. Horlin-Smith can play when given the chance, recording numerous scores over 80 points across his career when given midfield time, but too often he was pushed into odd-job roles or into the VFL. This season he even pumped out a handy 120 points from 26 possessions and 8 tackles as a late replacement for Tom Hawkins.


If he’s in favour and playing a midfield-forward role, I reckon we’ll get 80-85ppg, worth a look at his price.


2018 Av: 61ppg

2018 games: 3

Past Averages (2017-13): 77, 86, 87, 104, 96

It’s been a bad couple of years for Hanley since switching to the Suns with injury and personal issues preventing him from playing consistent footy. In fact, it’s been so long since he played good footy consistently that I had almost forgotten about him and I was surprised to find him under $300k! The Suns seem to want him playing on a wing and Hanley can rack up some big disposal counts as seen in 2014 when he averaged 25 possessions and 5 marks per round in 20 matches, so he could be a steal.

A risky steal, but a steal none-the-less.


If fit, there’s no reason why Hanley can average 85-90ppg.

If he’s fit…

JACK LUKOSIUS (FWD) $202,800 and IZAK RANKINE (FWD) $198,300

One, or both, of these high draft picks will play plenty of footy in 2019. The Suns are clearly rebuilding from the ground up and there is no reason why they won’t play their draftees. Especially if they don’t want to piss off these two South Australians who are very likely to flee back home in two years when their contracts end.

Lukosius is a tall forward at 196cm and Rankine a freakishly talented small forward, both roles that probably won’t rack up big number, but you would expect Rankine to be the better option. He has played at SANFL level and despite his light frame, he should adapt quickly to AFL.

Wouldn’t these fellas look good in Crows or Power colours?


As mentioned, neither player seems likely to rack up huge numbers in the Gold Coast forward line, so I’m not sure they will justify their price tags.

Consider Rankine if we are short on rookie-priced forwards but I can’t see him averaging more than 70ppg.


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13 thoughts on “The Fifth SC Day of Christmas”

  1. Love ya work Thommo. Are you looking at The Suns on the 10th Day too?! Weller, Collins, Wigg, Corbett and Burgess could also all be genuinely considered.

    Miles gets a big tick from me IF he gets that inside role. Prefer DEF rookies to FWD rookies for obvious reasons. Collins and Wigg particularly.

    Weller also ticks a lot of boxes for me (likely playing predominantly MID/wing) and seems underpriced. Should be a stepping stone in DEF line (DPP) at the least. Will give him due consideration come March.

    Thanks again.


    1. Thanks mate. I did Collins on the third day and I’ll return tomorrow to single player reviews on most days. I suddenly realized I was getting into almost full team reviews and cutting the lunches of the SCT writers doing full team reviews over the nextvfew weeks!

      Most of my time in the new year will be reviewing break-out contenders so I will probably do Weller then. I’m sure Hutta will do the rooks, particularly the Suns’ mature agers, late in the preseason.


      1. | I’m sure Hutta will do the rooks, particularly the Suns’ mature agers, late in the preseason.

        Well, I guess I am now 😛


          1. Certainly has. 25% (10 of 40) of ‘whole’ season price-risers tend to be mid-pricers. That suggests to me, 12 rookies, 1 loophole, 4 mid-pricers, 13 über premos and a fair bit of cash in the bank is the way to go. The key is identifying the right ones.

            I’ve done a fair bit of analysis the last few months and there are some consistent key indicators to spot. More to follow in the new year.


        1. Had thought that myself. Normal policy is to steer clear of the mid pricers but something tells me there’s a bit of value in the mid pricers this year. Brodie Smith? Birchall? Definitely Miles. Do you consider Jack Viney? Reckon he’s unders. Bit of scope there in 2019 I reckon.


  2. Miles is one I *might* consider in Classic, but is very relevant in Draft.

    It’s obviously hard to pick at this stage of their careers, but long-term, I think Rankine will be the best player from this draft. He’ll play midfield eventually, and will probably be quite SC-relevant once he does, but is unlikely to be worth the price this time around.

    The Gold Coast player I am most keen on from a SuperCoach standpoint, with the possible exception of Collins, is Harrison Wigg. He’s potential rookie-of-the-year material if he can get a game and stay on the park.


  3. I remember seeing a photo of Gold Coast’s three top-6 draftees (Lukosius, Rankine, and King) together on draft night, and none of them looked happy. It’s almost tempting to have a poll on when the first one will request a trade:

    a) After the first JLT game.
    b) After Round 4.
    c) At the end of the 2019 season.
    d) At the end of the 2020 season.



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