The Geelong List – Defenders

Written by Big Sexy on February 3 2012

The Premiers – Defenders

Corey Enright (522, 96, 20) Enright is no spring chicken, but he goes all day, he runs through the midfield and effects plenty of turnovers.  He’s not a must-have but he’s awfully close and is a likely starter for the Big Sexy.

Harry Taylor (411, 76, 21) Harry is nicely priced for a key defender that takes prolific marks off opposition kicks (which is a high point scorer).  He’s an effective long kick which is again a high point scorer, and even kicks the odd goal when he sneaks up from half-back.  He is worth definite consideration.

Tom Gillies (176, 32, 2) A young defender that I expect will get opportunities this year at a bargain basement price.  I understand he’s being groomed in the mould of Matty Scarlett, and if he turns out to be half the player, then he’s doing all right.  With the Milburn retirement, I’d expect him to be next in line for a defensive role.



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  1. The thing about Corey Enright is how amazingly consistent he is year to year – he’s never been an Ultra Premium, but he’s also never dropped below Premium level. You know he’ll average somewhere between low 90’s and low 100’s, which can’t be said of a lot of SC backs.



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