The Geelong List – Midfielders

Written by Big Sexy on February 3 2012

The Premiers – Midfielders

Joel Selwood (604k, 111, 17) The 2012 Premiership Captain has a big year ahead of him. There are only two midfield players I have seen develop this fast, Judd and Joelwood. I’m not gona say to much about Joelwood….. other than he will be one of my first picked.

Jimmy Bartel (548k, 101, 21) Super Durable, can play anywhere and do any job… he’s won a Brownlow and a Norm Smith. Unfortunately this can work against him at times, he is often sent to help out in defence, and was given the Lenny tag job in the ’09 GF when Lenny was going mental. As good as he is, this can work against SC scores. He will belt out some big ones, but may dish out the odd low one as well…. might be a point of difference if you want to roll the dice.

James Kelly (512, 94, 21) Kels rebuilt his game yet again last season and built it around making tackles stick. Sticking tackles can score you a lot of points, but unfortunately Kels often gets a defensive role, though I feel he’ll spend more time in the midfield this year.

Josh Cowan (173, 32, 3) Played a handful of games last season. I saw him up close and personal in a practice match last pre-season and he looks like he’s got a big future. I’m sure he will get opportunities this season, it’s just question of whether he will grab them with both hands. I look forward to seeing his form in the NAB cup.

Simon Hogan (162, 30, 1) Hogs is really a proven player who had to confront some demons last season. I understand he’s back on the rails, and back at a rookie price. The Cats have said he may pick up Lingy’s tagging role, but I personally think Joel Corey may end up with that gig. Either way, to get a relatively proven player at this price is a bargain, and I’d suggest if he’s named in round 1, he’ll be in my team.


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15 thoughts on “The Geelong List – Midfielders”

  1. Agree I like Selwood at this price also, the only thing I worry about is him smacking someone behind the play and missing games like last year, or killing himself going for the ball head first.

    Maybe A Swallow is a better bet????, similar price, similar ave, wont get rubbed out and now also has the captaincy


  2. 367157 – Anyone that is serious.

    And I’m only picking Orren at the start. I’m thinking there will be no stand-out performer and it will be a level team performance.



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