The Hawthorn List – Midfield

Written by Motts on February 12 2012

After covering the Forwards and the Rucks we now move into the guts of the Hawks to check out what makes them tick. And let me tell you, there’s some pretty impressive talent on the ball in the Brown and Gold.

D Mac, break it down for us.

Sam Mitchell – $615,000, 113, 20

“Mitch” took it up another notch last year without the burden of the captaincy (also heard he sleeps in a hotel the night before every game now) 2011 average of 113 was impressive & can be expected to carry that into 2012, personally I think with better support around him this year that average will increase. If you can’t afford the Pendlebury’s, Abletts or Dal Santo’s, Mitch is your man.

Luke Hodge – $577,200, 106, 19

If this man was a DPP he’d be in as many teams as BJ. 2011 avg of 106 with a slow start to his season due to ongoing achillies complaints. At 577k he’s 1 of those awkward midpriced premiums but if you’re looking for someone in your mids at that price range you’d be hard pressed not to select The General.

Liam Shiels – $493,800, 91, 22

The boy from The Basin really took his game to another level in 2011, average of 91 playing in all 22 games up from 47 average & 6 games in 2010. He will continue the trend into 2012 & I wouldn’t be surprised if he bumps up to a 100 average. He has put in plenty of hard work over the pre-season & looks ready to go.

Jordan Lewis – $493,000, 90, 19  

Is a DPP M/F & could be very handy as a link up with your midfield. Runs all day. Has averaged around the 90 mark since 2007. And at 25 there is no reason why that won’t continue or better. Averaged 23 disposals last year while also shutting down the likes of Judd, Boyd, Selwood & co. Interestingly enough he was 2nd last year to Judd in score assists. Has had a strong pre-season to date & should be ready to fire.

Alex Woodward – $106,600

Hearing good things about this young bloke from training. Average of 26 disposals in the TAC cup last year. On the senior list. Definitely a smokey to watch out for.


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5 thoughts on “The Hawthorn List – Midfield”

  1. Sewell? Had a cracker year the year before last. Anyone reckon he could get back to his best? tackling machine when fit and healthy. Anyone know he is looking this pre season?


  2. Can anyone suggest any Hawthorn friendly leagues in either Supercoach or Dreamteam that may be looking for more players?


  3. yeah i think Catta was chasing a few numbers for his dream team league , it should be ok to give it out on his behalf ..183598



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