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Written by Motts on February 12 2012

Phew! Just when you were wondering how your team’s backline was going to cope with the Hawks’ forwards, D Mac now throws the spotlight onto their rucks.

For many years, this area has been one where the Hawks have been deficient either through injury or incompetence or both. The addition of Hale last year proved very fruitful and Roughie’s move into the ruck was a revelation.

From a SC perspective, here’s who D Mac recommends you give consideration to:

Max Bailey – $394,100, 72, 13

I love the man & his courage to stick at footy when it looked like it was almost over for him but not a great SC scorer. Avg may increase from last year with more games under his belt but nothing to warrant selection.

David Hale – $406,600, 75, 17 (Forward)

Used mainly as a fwd target & pinch hitting in the ruck, his numbers are almost identical to Max Bailey. Had an interrupted year with injury, should improve his numbers but not greatly.

Luke Lowden – $113,200

Moved up the Hawks ruck order after Brent Renouf moved to Port. On the senior list but hasn’t debuted yet. Could come in for “Bails” if he goes down with injury. Played 13 games with Box Hill last year, avg 13 disposals & 17 hit outs.

* NB: Roughead was covered in the Forwards post.


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9 thoughts on “The Hawthorn List – Rucks”

  1. IMO, the only line on the field that the Hawks may struggle with this year. Although Bail’s is an amazing talent, I just wonder if he worries ( about he’s knees ) everytime he leaps high to contest the ruck………….Hale, only a good 2nd ruck (maybe a forward 50 ruck only) to save fuel in the tank for Bail’s doing too many k’s over the whole game & young Lowden, I hope he’s put on some muscle over the off season, I saw him play a few games last year & on a few of those windy afternoons………..I thought he may snap in 1/2 from time to time! Thankfully the Hawks have plenty of ball winners to win the tap down, even if it comes on most occasions from the opposition Ruckman!

    PS; No I haven’t forgotten about Big Roughee, I just don’t want him going in the ruck as he means so much more to the team in other positions!


  2. yeah McCauley played 3 games last year, i had him my team hoping to use him as a cash cow but he only had the one price rise.
    he had big raps and i’m surprised as to why he was dropped to, i’m hoping the hawks give him a chance this year and could be a good bench option as well



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