The Ideal Team 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2017

It’s a question we ask every year at SuperCoachTalk…….what is your Ideal Team?  This week, we found out.  On Monday & Tuesday we held a series of polls to find the Ideal Team of our SCT Coaches.  The results are in……..this is the team that our Coaches are aiming for by years end (in order of popularity)………..


DEFENDERS: Laird (ADE), Adams (COL), Docherty (CAR), H.Shaw (GWS), Howe (COL), Montagna (STK)


MIDFIELDERS: Dangerfield (GEE), Sloane (ADE), Fyfe (FRE), Pendlebury (COL), Bontempelli (WBD), J.Selwood (GEE), Rockliff (BRL), Kennedy (SYD)


RUCK: S.Martin (BRL), Grundy (COL)


FORWARDS: Dahlhaus (WBD), Macrae (WBD), Nankervis (RIC), N.Riewoldt (STK), Franklin (SYD), Greene (GWS)


How does that compare with your choices?  Decent line-up?  Tell us all about it………..


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11 thoughts on “The Ideal Team 2017”

    1. Was toying to start with him this season but was turned off by the back half of his season last year. Same reason I ended up staying away from Shaw in the end.

      Seems to be very consistent and will pretty much go 85-95 with a couple of bigger games, like his 120 this week, to push his average to 95+.

      Really want Shaw but it comes down to him vs Williams for me I think and I see one entering my team come seasons end, I can’t carry both. Do I back the one who has 11 years with 90+ average or the up and coming youngster. Tough one.


        1. Same here. He’ll very likely be in the top 6 after this week. He was #8 before his 120 last night.

          He’s a case of where I went with my gut in my starting team because I would have had an embolism if he was doing this well and I had failed to pick him again.

          Thinking about it, most of my mistakes I thought my way in the few days before first bounce….mostly cow related…..


  1. I’ve got 12 so far, so I’m pretty chuffed!
    Surprised Joey is listed in there though. Had him in most of my preseason teams (took him out due to him not playing rd1), but no one else seemed keen on him.



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