The Maulers ’11

Written by Motts on March 23 2011


  • B Goddard (MID) – A Must have – first bloke picked
  • B Gibbs (MID) – Expected to be the go-through man for the Blues, will marshall the defence and spend time in the middle – its unfortunate I’ll have to save a trade to bump him out when the Blues have their bye in SC finals but that’s why they gave you extra trades this year.
  • G Broughton – A ball magnet in the Freo backline, averaged 98.6 his first 2 years in the league.
  • J Grimes – Had a superb preseason averaging 124 and gets a ton of it in the Melbourne backline. Just hoping he stays on the park.
  • A Otten – A bargain at $185k
  • N Lower – Will hopefully get games early
  • N Duigan – Mature age rookie who should get a lot of games this year. Was very impressed by what I saw of him in the preseason.
  • D Stanley – The pick of the GC Defenders – averaged 84 in the preseason
  • J Toy – Should get games – averaged 70 in the preseason
  • S McKernan (FWD) – Should get games and with the D/F DPP status adds future flexibility


  • D Swan – It was a toss-up between him and Pendles, I’ll still be mulling it over right up to lockout on Friday. Just gets so much of the ball – you can’t ignore him.
  • J Selwood – His scores at the end of last season and in the 2011 preseason were very impressive. Has averaged 124 over his 4 year career. Another premium I’ll save a trade for.
  • S Burgoyne – Will star in the Hawks midfield after a year of acclimatisation and a full preseason.
  • A Goodes (FWD) – Must admit I had my doubts but after a preseason in which he averaged 142, I’m a believer!
  • D Heppell (BAC) – Will get games and is handily a DPP
  • R Bewick – Cheaper than Polec and should get games
  • D Swallow – Ready to go, will play all year
  • D Harris – Will play all year and is cheap as chips
  • J Irons – Did enough to get promoted off the rookie list so should get games and at $91k I couldn’t go past him


  • A Sandilands – The standout ruckman for the last 2 years. Gotta have him.
  • D Cox – The standout ruckman before Sandi took his title. Looks to be back to his best though after overcoming injury problems. Preaseason average: 99.
  • D Petrie (FWD) – Yes he’ll be missing 2 out of the first 3 rounds but its a marathon not a sprint and his average for the 4 years before an injury-plagued 2010 was around the 90 mark.
  • B Moran – Toughest spot on my field to pick. It’ll be a last minute decision for me. Will all come down to who gets named. Brad has shown glimpses in the past of what he’s capable of. If he misses out I’ll look at B McCauley.


  • N Riewoldt – Massive motor that keeps him running, tackling and leading all day. Second bloke picked in my team.
  • M Pavlich (MID) – Yes his scores have dropped off over the last 2 years (from 110-odd to 99) but I’ll still happily take a 99 average from a guy who’ll also moonlight in the guts for me.
  • C Rioli – Got traded out for Buddy and then back in again. I love watching him play, I love his tackling pressure, and I love that he’ll spend more time in the middle this year (although how much more is still questionable). Buddy gets suspended too often for me.
  • S Johnson – Apparently has a glint in his eye they haven’t seen down at Kardinia Park for a few years. Stellar preseason – 111 average. Could’ve also been T Varcoe who I think is going to have a breakout year.
  • S Higgins (MID) – Is over what ailed him in 2010 and is reportedly in ripping form. His DPP status and sub $400k price made him irresistible. P Dangerfield was also considered for this spot.
  • A Krakouer (MID) – Too good and too cheap to pass over. Will be the #1 picked player in 2011.
  • C Knights – Averaged 85 or so before a tough 2010. Kicked enough goals in the preseason and priced low enough to demand selection. Please stay healthy!
  • L Tapscott – Will hopefully get games
  • J Tippett (RUC) – Petrie DPP and should get some games
  • B Matera – The pick of the forward rookies


Blokes who have shuffled in and out of the team over the last month:

  • Backline – Duffield, Deledio, Puopolo,
  • Midfield – Pendlebury, Boyd, Jack, Boak, Anthony, Gaff, Atley, Djerrkura, Wallis, Smith
  • Rucks – Jamar, Jolly
  • Forwards – Chapman, Franklin, Didak, J Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Varcoe, Veszpremi, S Day



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61 thoughts on “The Maulers ’11”

  1. Looking good mate,

    am also wrestling with the cyril v buddy thing. Just have a feeling that buddy’s going to have a cracker, and am worried about cyril’s fitness. But on the other hand as u say Buddy’s more likely to go missing with suspension, and i really need regular games


  2. Like what you have done, like many of the teams I have seen its similar to what I have come up with.
    I guess that is now where the real skills come in with knowing who and when to trade.
    Looking forward to going head to head at some point during the season.


  3. Looks like you’ve been mulling over the exact same players I have (and prob most others too).

    If I had to quibble, I’d say maybe a bit short in the backline, and even the mids (although Swallow and Harris will be on the field after round 1). I’m planning on finding out who the better is of Swallow and Harris and just play the 1. Swallow didn’t impress overly and I have a suspicion that Harris will be the tagger.

    And you’re putting a fair bit of faith in Lower, Duigan and Stanley to hold up D6 + 7. But it would be a compromise somewhere else to upgrade. Maybe Knights to a rookie, Swan to Pendles and a rookie to a Myers or someone. Or there’s always the option of downgrading Big Sandilands!

    Overall, I think it’s pretty solid, with 10-11 100+ players.

    I’m sure you’ll be changing it a bit before bounce down though.


  4. Nice team mate – will be very hard to beat. Think you’ve got the balance pretty right although only the one unique in Burgoyne. I’m not convinced on Goodes despite his great PS after hearing that Braddy is back to being out indefinately. Can’t see him in the midfield anytime soon.


  5. Wasn’t sure where to put this, but haven’t seen it covered this year…
    The loop hole isn;t just good for Captains…
    Have Duigan and Lower on your DEF Bench?
    Leave Duigan on the bench and list him as an emergency, and start a GC player (Stanley) on the park.
    See Duigan’s score – do you think Lower will shred v Lions? Swap him in and Stanley out – negating Duigan’s Emergency score…


  6. Expect a sub 2000 score in R6, Motts, not sure if you’re going for overall but you’ll be missing the likes of Broughton, Lower, Selwood, Burgs, Sandi, Pav, Sizzle and Stevie Jay. Surprised you haven’t had Yarran in and out of your team over the last month.


  7. With the cash on offer in my primary league (the one all members pay $50 each to join) I’d be quite happy to come away with a league win.

    And you’re right, both Yaz and Richo were also considered. Yaz missed out because of Carlton’s bye, Richo may still make it in for Tappy – depends who gets named.


  8. Is this your real team Motts? You told me you had Judd, Gibbs, Murphy, Kreuz, Yarran, Betts, Duigan, Russell, Scotland & Warnock…..


  9. Hey Motts,

    How is McKernan going to add further flexibility when you have him stuck there in defense with nobody to swap him for in your forward line? Do you plan on bringing in another DPP (D/F) before offloading McKernan?


  10. Nice team you got there fella. Good luck. I’m interested in that you’ve run with the Z.Smith hype. Was also going to mention Richardson, but, I see that it has been covered.
    I’m at present tinkering between Boak and Burgoyne for my M4 spot….Boak is the incumbent, but, …


  11. I’m having a last min panic attack. Here are some of the issues I can’t resolve:
    * Rioli v Buddy
    * Should I waste a spot for a RUC/FWD player who probably won’t play (J Tippet)
    * Selwood v Bartel
    * Trying not to pick too many tempting mid pricers
    * And who should I replace Hibberd with?





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