The Mighty Ducks ’11

Written by Duck on March 24 2011

Here’s my boys for this season.

BACKS – Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Enright, Gilbee, A Otten, Toy – Hibberd, Puopolo (E), M Otten

MIDS – J Selwood (VC), Murphy, Pendelbury(C), Swallow, Pavlich, Heppell – Harris (E), Savage, Curnow

RUCKS – Sandilands, Jolly – Smith, Derickx

FORWARDS – N Riewoldt, Didak, Rioli, Petrie, Krakouer, Prestia, Richardson – Smith, Darling (E), Schneider

$64,800 left in the bank.

Will need to confirm a few blokes (Enright … did i hear correct he was injured?) when teams are out tonight but that should be it, for better or for worse.

Go on then, let me have it ….


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19 thoughts on “The Mighty Ducks ’11”

  1. Interesting Duck. Strayed from many popular picks ie. Gibbs, Swan, Grimes, Goodes, Cox. Not the cookie cutter team, so you should have plenty of differentials. Gilbee hasn’t even come into my consideration yet, but I like the thought! Haven’t heard about anything about Enright, but I’ve heard Deledio is a doubt!?


  2. heres my final team!
    BACKS: goddard, gibbs, broughton, grimes, grundy, otten, heppell
    EM: toy, duigan, lower
    MIDS: Pendlebury, watson, thomas, goodes, foley, hibberd
    EM: d swallow, d harris, irons
    RUCKS: sandilands, cordy
    EM: petrie, fraser
    FORWARDS: Riewolt, rioli, johnson, hurley higgins, vespremi, krakour
    EM: smith, richardson, talia
    $7’500 change

    (realise my rucks are a bit light on but thats the risk im taking)


  3. Any truth to the claims about Deledio being injured?

    Anybody considering taking him out of their teams before tonight???

    It’s a lot of coin to be on the bench – unless it’s only for a match or two…


  4. That backline cold be enough to drag you off the bottom this year, Duck.

    Like the look of most of it actually, good stuff!



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