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Written by Motts on February 4 2016

Late last year, when the season was over and only the true diehards were still dropping past the site (hi to everyone in Comments!), the guy who won SuperCoach last year, Ayden, took us through his year from start to finish. It was one of the most interesting articles we’ve ever published. For the benefit of those that missed this really insightful piece, I’m re-posting it today. After reading it again I’m super inspired!



Ever look at the number one team in the universe and wonder how they got there? Well today I’ve got something special for you. Ayden Potter, the coach of the team that won SuperCoach this year – The Night’s Watch, has taken the time to take us through his starting squad, every trade he made along the way, and what he thought were some of his best and worst trades.

This is fascinating reading. Pull up a pew and immerse yourself in the mind of a master.

Hello to all in the SuperCoach Talk community! Ayden here, from The Night’s Watch.

Motts has asked me to present an article detailing my starting team and progressive trades for the season, as well as why I made some of the decisions I did (both good and bad). It’s a pleasure to do so and thank you for allowing me!

Basically, I’m an 18 year old Richmond fanatic who is looking to get involved in the carpentry industry and I absolutely love sport. I’ve been playing Supercoach since I was about 12 or 13 years of age and I’ve never really had a decent finish until this year. You’re probably wondering what I’m going to do with the winnings – I’m buying myself a car and the rest is going into a deposit for a house. [Ed.: Sensible]


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Nick Malceski– With the relative uncertainty about quality defenders at the start of the year, I backed Malceski to Avg. 95 and continue as one of the Top Scoring Defenders (how wrong I turned out to be). Although a decrease in price and a decrease in Avg. from 2014 may occur, I believed he would be a Top 5 Defender and that it would be beneficial to start with him. Hindsight proves that I was extremely wrong in that regard.

Brett Goodes– Although it turned out to be a poor decision, Goodes was chosen because of his value at roughly $250,000 and the potential for him to replicate his first AFL season. Won’t be happening again, better off with another rookie.

Gary Ablett Jnr- Basically, I picked Gary because he is The Chosen One and can perform miracles on a football field. I decided that the risk of not starting with GAJ for him to then produce a massive start to the season was much greater than to pick him initially and have to use a trade if needed. Although an early mistake, a quick correction to Josh P. Kennedy was made and never regretted.

Dangerfield– After a below standard 2014 season for Dangerfield (Supercoach wise), I believed that he would be a Top 5 Midfielder by the end of the year, like many others. Dangerfield’s scoring potential is huge due to the contested nature of his game and priced at around $570,000 he was just too good to refuse because of that.

Parker– Simply, he is a ball magnet who kicks goals and tackles and I had a genuine belief that he could replicate his finish to 2014 in the 2015 season. Whilst not a total disappointment, Parker definitely wasn’t what I expected him to be this year.

The rest of my starting team was fairly similar to most other with the likes of Shaw, Newnes, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Goldstein, Naitanui, Swan, Gray, Martin and all the starting rookies. 


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Aaron Vandenberg > Mathew Priddis

Vandenberg had seemingly reached his peak in price with Priddis very under-priced at $543,000 for a previously top scorer. It was a value trade which I saw no problems with, as Priddis is known for his consistency and ability to win the ball. That just happened to be the week Priddis scored 196 against an undermanned Gold Coast team. From Round 7 onwards, Priddis averaged 117 after only averaging 101.7 before that. Definitely a successful trade.

Nathan Krakouer > Dayne Zorko

At the time, Zorko was averaging only 87.7 however I decided it was time to take a risk in order to climb the rankings and Krakouer had seemingly stagnated and was in and out of the Port Adelaide line-up, an upgrade was needed. From Round 14 onwards he averaged a massive 116.2 ! Very happy with that trade.

Gary Ablett Jnr > Joel Selwood

After having GAJ for two weeks with scores of 189 and 20, I took a real risk by trading in Selwood at Round 18, who had been traded out by many at that stage. In Round 18, he scored 171 and averaged 117 from there onwards, a huge increase on his previous average of 99.

Beams > Rockliff

With Beams injured and done for the season, his teammate in Rockliff was the obvious choice as Brisbane became dependent on his ball winning ability. After being traded in for Round 19, he averaged 136 in the last 5 games of the season.


Cripps > Rockliff

Waste of a trade really with Rockliff soon getting injured after only 2 games in my side, even though those games produced scores of 120 and 103.

Swan > Wingard

In hindsight I probably should have traded in Deledio for Round 23, however I wasn’t sure about his fitness due to the Dempsey tackle in Round 22, and wasn’t prepared to risk an early subbing in what potentially could have been in a blowout against Werribee, even though that did not eventuate. A poor score of 60 was disappointing and could have been costly, however it was enough and proved to be my eventual winning margin and also that having a trade or two was key I guess.




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All in all I made some serious mistakes to start of the year such as Goodes and Malceski, however those sorts of things were rectified fairly easily, especially seeing as I had a smooth run on the injury front. It proves that your starting team does not have to be perfect (although that would certainly help). A bit of luck along the way and a good strategy about not wasting unnecessary trades was the key for me.

That’s all from me, thanks to Motts and the SuperCoach Talk community for this chance to evaluate my season!


On behalf of the SCT Community, thank YOU, Ayden. You’ve done a top job mate and congratulations again on a magnificent win (even though it was over our very own sodes,  nickoless, and Andy B 🙂 ).

If anyone has any queries, Ayden has said he’ll drop past the page today to answer your questions. Otherwise, feel free to show the boy some love in Comments.







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22 thoughts on “The Night’s Watch”

  1. Brilliant stuff Ayden and congrats on your win. Fantastic info above and thanks for sharing. Your team was very consistent all year and then a great run home from RD15 to final round. Really shows you how important it is to save those trades for the last few rounds as well – made all the difference. Thanks again!


  2. Congrats Ayden. Great win. You enjoy your car & kick start for your house deposit. Never know, you may go back to back.
    Motts, I hope Ayden makes the SCT hall of fame board for sharing his journey & the fact that a late run & being careful with those trades means that anything is possible.


  3. Well done Ayden, can’t go wrong with carpentry. Looks like you have traded rookies out quickly and got premiums in as quick as possible which is what i done. All the best and hope to see you in a league next season.


  4. You’re a legend for taking the time and sharing Ayden. Congrats on the victory although I’m concerned with the responsible use of your winnings! Where’s the Mad Monday celebrations where you blow half of it?


  5. Congratz Ayden! It’s interesting looking at your starting team and trades. A lot of us would recognise much of our own teams there. It goes to show the timing and management to trades right through to the end makes a world of difference. And a little bit of luck. 🙂

    Enjoy your prize! Save some of it for all those cash league invites coming your way next year!


  6. Awesome work Ayden.
    Another example of great (trading) restraint early on and that you don’t need to kill it from the get go to do well overall.
    Thanks for being humble enough to share.


  7. Sensational work, Ayden!

    To be ranked well outside the top 100 even after the final bye round is a fantastic effort pulling that lead back. Your prudent trading will encourage me to be a lot more stringent on the big T button next season.

    You timed your run to perfection. A deserved winner of the $50k and I look forward to encountering you in LoEC1 next season!


  8. Awesome to have the opportunity to read this from start to finish, awesome get Motts & an exceptional effort Ayden for taking the time to share your SC season with our community round by round!

    I’m going to take this thread as motivation to get up there with sodes, nickoless, Andy B & Ayden in 2016…….although I’m very happy with 81st overall in 2015,
    I understand that we all make mistakes that cost us dearly overall & in some cases $50k.

    What I’m looking forward to in 2016 is seeing the SCT letters spread all over the SC site, when those who choose to incorporate the letttters SCT within their team name…….. Catta’sSCTclan


  9. Awesome stuff Ayden! Congratulations on the win and great to see you already planning to make good use of it.

    Thanks heaps also for taking the time to write the article… definitely inspires me for next season and to be really diligent in using your trades wisely, which means having trades left over for the Finals… but importantly for you, trades left over for the last round and going for the overall! Great Stuff!



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