The Perfect Team FEB2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 3 2018

It’s still early in the pre-season, but we now have a good idea of the ‘Perfect Team’ that our SCT Coaches are aiming for.  How we get there…….that’s another story altogether 😉  At this early stage, you can’t go wrong with the following players……….



Rory Laird (ADE), Michael Hibberd (MEL), Michael Hurley (ESS), Elliot Yeo (WCE), Kade Simpson (CAR), Jeremy Howe (COL)



Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Tom Mitchell (HAW), Dustin Martin (RIC), Nat Fyfe (FRE), Josh Kelly (GWS), Zach Merrett (ESS), Matt Crouch (ADE), Patrick Cripps (CAR)



Max Gawn (MEL), Patrick Ryder (PTA)



Isaac Heeney (SYD), Jack Billings (STK), Luke Dahlhaus (WBD), Robbie Gray (PTA), Toby Greene (GWS), Lance Franklin (SYD)


How does that compare with your selections?  Did you vote in a similar way?  Or something totally different?


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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Team FEB2018”

  1. How do you fit Ryder in the “Perfect” team though? Do you start with Lycett or Simpson and then upgrade after bye? Do you just take the 100+ point loss during the round 10 bye? Take a gamble on a rookie to replace him that week? Burn a trade on the set and forget rucks to bring him in after the bye? Just hope a ruck get suspended/injured as an excuse to bring him in?
    So many questions to get Ryder in the team :/


      1. …especially if English and/or Cameron get a game in Round 10.

        It’s a gamble, but so is every other selection at this time of year.



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