The Popular Kids

Written by MJ on March 28 2015

Remember those guys who always got picked first by the captains at lunchtime? Well here they are – the top 20 selected players in SuperCoach at the current point in time. Of course, this is the most selected of the whole competition. Here at SCT we’d like to think (in fact, we know!) our segment of voters are amongst the most knowledgeable SC minds in the world.

Of the top 20 most popular picks, who do you have in your side? (vote for as many as apply)

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Who’s the biggest lemon of this list? Who should be in the top 20 that isn’t?


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31 thoughts on “The Popular Kids”

  1. I have 11 of the top 13 polled by SCT. Vandenberg will come in if he is elevated off the rookie list. Also have huge doubts about Swanny after not tonning up last year after Anzac day.
    Surprised Cam Ellis – Yeoman is not there but the general supercoaches are not as astute as SCT coaches.


  2. 13, although a few of them may change over the next few days (i.e.: rookie selections / named R1, Ablett conundrum, etc.).

    It’ll be interesting to see this again a bit closer to the closing date.



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