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Written by Big Sexy on February 3 2012

Well it’s been a nice summer break with no stressing over injuries to players, last minute rests for players, debating with myself what trade I should make or spending the weekend spending every waking moment trying to check the latest quarter-by-quarter SC scores.  Anyway, in my first post for 2012 with Motts holding the fort until now, I thought I’d follow suit and cover off the reigning premiers.

Premiers Forwards:

Steve Johnson ($581k, 107, 20) Stevie J has an uncanny ability to do the unbelievable, and often make the easy look difficult.  He has an unbelievable ability to play through pain which I have heard his teammates talk about, and I guess we all saw first-hand in a near best on ground performance in the GF having had his knee ripped off the week before.  A durable player is a good supercoach player.  As a noted goalkicker his has the ability to score high, combined with his ability to move through the midfield makes him a real contender.  His only downside is he does have an occasional quiet week, and gives away a few frees.

Paul Chapman ($548k, 101, 20) He not always a happy Chappy, but he always give a 100%.  He runs through the midfield, he has license to carry the ball and kick long which is great for SC, and is also a noted goalkicker.  He has the Mid/Fwd DPP status which is a huge bonus.  He would be about my first picked if it wasn’t for the injury risk which is his only down side.  That said, he played 20 games last year which is about as good as it gets for any Cats player.  I expect most clubs to follow suit given the Cats success at the business end.

Matthew Stokes ($484k, 89, 19) Stokesy is the genuine small forward, however I think a number of other young Cats are fast catching Stokes, and with a $484k price tag can’t see him as a value proposition this year.

James Podsiadly ($430k, 79, 20) Who doesn’t love the J Pod.  Unlucky in the GF,  but had a stellar 2011 cementing himself as the number 1 power forward for the Cats.  He the king of the contested mark (next to Cloke) and kicks his fair share of goals, not to mention a fantastic work-rate up and down the ground.  Anyway, I love his story, but can’t see him getting a run in my team this year.

Tom Hawkins ($377k, 69, 15) If only we knew Tomahawk was going to play the whole season the same way he played the final series….  He has so much pot… pot… pot…. potent….. (can’t say it)….. but it’s been said since his first game.  Is this going to be his year?  I can’t answer that, but maybe you can… or maybe he will be your point of difference.

Allen Christensen ($356k, 65, 16) His DPP status is invaluable, but his awkward price has his him positioned just below a top-ender.  I had some spirited discussion on Christensen on a recent poll, but he wont be in my team (at that price).  However, as some have touted he may have a break-out season Fyfe-style, then maybe Bundy is the one for you.

Shannon Byrnes ($221, 40, 5) A proven player who spent the majority of 2011 sidelined with a calf injury has the potential to score much better with an average of 78 in 2010, and is a bargain being priced like rookie is looking like he’ll be in my starting line-up if he’s fit and firing come round 1..

Billie Smedts (113k) A Fwd/Def is expected to make his debut this year.  A hip injury kept him out in 2011, but I expect we’ll get a good look at him in the NAB Cup and some practice matches.  The Cats used one of Gaz-compensation picks to get him, so they think he’s got what it takes and they would know as he came straight out of the Geelong U19’s.


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15 thoughts on “The Geelong List – Forwards”

  1. Can you elaborate more on Christensen for me BS I think he may be a good improver choice.
    Do you think he is in the best 22?
    Can he avoid the vest?
    Do you think he can average 85-95?


  2. nice work BIG SEXY

    Yeah I think most people would agree johnson,s a class act and worthy to be in anyones team but geez he,s a bloody walking time bomb when discipline is concerned .
    One bloke who,s worthy of selection and is a awkward price is young christensen , if he wasnt green / red vested last year we would be paying alot more for this kid . I really rate this young bloke will be a keeper in my team .



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