The Rivalry Returns

Written by Motts on January 29 2016

The Far Canal took the opportunity to put fingers to keyboard this morning to tell us why he loves SuperCoach so much. I think you’ll find yourself nodding along as you read about his league – the people are different but the characters they play are very much the same. Thanks for taking the time mate!

There are a host of different reasons that we had 200 and something thousand teams in Super Coach last year but the basis for those reasons don’t differ too much really – at least for the vast majority of us. It’s mostly for the fun right? Some of us love a good competition, me too, but I do it because I get good laugh out of it as well. It also has the wonderful ability of bringing friends together. Not in a sloppy kind of way, because in my case, some of those friends are quite brutal. Let’s say it’s friendly brutality.

I’m in a private league that is mostly made up of teams from guys in Margaret River, and we all know each other – almost. This is the key foundation for our comp. We love taking the mickey out of each other, and it can be quite ruthless at times. I think we’re not on our own here and lots of other leagues have the same sort of core. 

Our league has a really different bunch of guys and the top few rank really highly in the overall ratings but we also have a few that are only half clever and can be flat out remembering their names let alone to check their teams on Friday. But they do serve their purpose and provide good percentage boosters to those that they play each week. And of course when they manage to pull off a win against a supposed top eight side, well, the sledging changes up a gear.

One of the percentage boosters is Davo. He’s usually out of trades after the first 15 weeks, or 14 weeks depending on where the byes fall. Yet, somehow he’s still convinced he’s got the best football brain on the planet because his Grandad once played for the Tigers. And you can’t convince him otherwise. Somehow we ended up with 3 Tiger’s supporters in a league of guys from the West. Not sure how this happened, but they are all generally sitting in the “half smart” section of our league ladder – at the bottom.

There are a couple of exceptions to the “locals” theme and one guy lives in Camballin, which is about as far away from anything as a town can get. Look it up on Google Earth and you’ll see what I mean. He only knows one of the Margaret River boys but did enough to wrangle his way in to the comp. Camballin is so remote that there is little doubt he has 2 heads and 3 teeth, but gee he’s good at SC – ultra competitive and always close to the top. Probably not much else to do up where he lives I guess, apart from drink beer, sweat and Super Coach (they got internet a few years back). So it’s no surprise he’s fairly tough to beat.

The guy we like to beat the most isn’t just half smart – he’s a full blown throbber, and a ranga to boot. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind ranga’s at all, but why is it, when you line up two squeeza’s, and one’s a ranga and the other is not, the ranga’s going to irritate more every time? One of life’s many mysteries I guess. We’re lucky in a sense, because every comp needs one – someone to loathe, to go after. And we have a ripper. As is with the best throbbers, when you tell him so, it’s like water off a ducks back. You just can’t hurt his feelings and that only makes him more aggravating. Skin like an iguana and a personality to match. As much as I hate to admit it – the sad truth is, lately he’s had the last laugh too. He’s gone back to back in winning our little cup. 

I don’t know how serious you others are but we do actually have a little cup too – bout 3 inches tall shaped like a goblet. It gets engraved and presented to the winner each year at the annual BBQ wind up on a day of AFL finals. It’s the winners responsibility to look after it for a year and get the next engraving but it’s a bit miracle the thing has survived really. It gets used for shots fairly frequently through the night and has been through some pretty tough terrain but it’s still hanging in there. The bad news about the little bugger is – my names not on it and the ranga’s is. 2016 is hopefully going to change that.

It seems the word is out, about our little comp. We’ve had contact from guys we haven’t seen for ages asking if they can get a spot in the league. Where once we had to ask around to fill the last couple of spots, we now having to turn people away. Maybe a ballot is the way to go? The highest bidder gets the next spot to come up. The funds could be used for meat packs and the shots at the wind up. Which would be good too – it would be nice to move up from shots of VO Invalid Port to something exotic like Sambucca?

As you might expect, the morning after the wind up is usually a little miserable. But I really think the misery is not just from the Port, but has a lot to do with the fact, we now have to wait through another cricket season before we can get back to the wonderful sport of AFL and the Super Coach that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, I like cricket, but it’s really just a time filler until the real game starts. At least it is to me.

Enjoy your season punters – what ever the reason you’re in it for.


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