The SCT Group 2017

Written by Motts on March 14 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to go up against every other coach on this site rather than just the coaches in your league that you beat year in, year out because of the invaluable insight you receive from us?

Well, that’s why the masterminds behind SC created Groups. And guess what? We’ve got one!

Click on this link while you’re logged into your team and voila! it should work like magic. If not, try joining Group 160625 manually.

Now maybe competing against some very smart cookies isn’t enough of an incentive for you. Maybe you need something more.

Well, that’s where Catta and Ratticus step in. These two boys have donated $500 and $100 respectively to the two coaches who finish first and second in the SCT Group. How bloody generous is that?!?

You’re probably scrambling for the mouse right now to click on that link but before you do, you need to know about THE CONDITION.

The one condition we put on handing the money over is that you have “@SCT” after your team name. We ask that because we just love seeing someone from the site at the top of the overall leaderboard and its great promotion for us.

Last year Raj with his team “GOODBETTERBEST@SCT” led the overall comp for many, many weeks before fading late to finish 9th overall with 52,723 points. But 9th was still good enough to win the SCT Group and he walked away with a monkey (half a gorilla, geddit?)

Coming EIGHTH in the SCT Group was 2Ezy with his team “2Ezy@SCT”. But he walked away with a greenback because places 2 through 7 hadn’t appended their team names. Bet they’re kickin’ themselves now!

There’s still time to change your team name but that window will be closing shortly so if you want to be in the running for the dough, get onto it today.

To change your team name, click on the little cog at the bottom of the screen.

Let me know in Comments if you’ve got any questions, otherwise I look forward to seeing you and your excellent team name in the SCT Group!

From everyone on the site, thanks once again to Catta and Ratticus for their incredible generosity. Very, very kind.


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8 thoughts on “The SCT Group 2017”

  1. … and don’t forget the SCTalk Cup also. Just by joining the SCTalk group you’re entered into the FA Cup style tournament I’m running on the site this year. Yet another reason to join the SCTalk group this year!!


  2. Gotta be in it to win it boys and girls! Add that @SCT to the end of your name and you might just come out with the chocolates like I did last year

    Thanks to Catta & Ratticus once again!




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