The Sixth SC Day of Christmas

Written by Thommo on December 19 2018

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Supercoach Gods brought to me, Six clearances a game…

Five Gold Coast Suns…

Four bargain blues…

Three bench men…

Two winged crows…

And Paddy switched to Mid-forward D-P-P


2018 Average: 111.9PPG

2018 Games: 22

Past Averages (2017 – 2012): 109, 113, 104, 87, 87

Lachie needs to work on his tan!


I won’t lie to you, I have always found Lachie Neale to be unsexy in Supercoach. He has barely graced my Supercoach team in the many years I have played the game because he just doesn’t excite me.

He is my Skeet Ulrich!

Remember the actor who looked a lot like Johnny Depp in the 1990s but just wasn’t as sexy? You know, Billy Loomis from Scream?


You don’t remember him?

My point exactly: We love the Cripps, Grundys, Mitchells, Dangerfields, Kellys because they have high ceilings and score you big, sexy captain scores, but on aggregate Neale is not far behind them. In fact, over the last three seasons, only Dangerfield and Mitchell would be ahead of him on aggregate from that illustrious group.

With Neale, we are talking about a guy who has averaged 113ppg, 109ppg and 112ppg in his last three seasons and only missed one single game in the last 66 matches. This season he recorded the 11th highest SC average and 8th highest total points score. Once you have removed Grundy, Gawn, Lloyd and Dangerfield (who now has forward-mid dpp status), he becomes the fifth highest scoring midfielder for the season.

Pretty sexy, right? Add to that a career average of 26 possessions and 6 clearances per game Lachie is seriously underrated by idiots like me.

What makes Lachie’s performance even more impressive still is his environment: That is, performing under the darting, slightly creepy, gaze of Ross Lyon. Fremantle’s slow ball movement and congestion around the contests certainly assisted Lachie’s possession count but not his efficiency level. It is hard to hit a target in a rolling maul!

Imagine how much easier life will be at the Lions with their more free-flowing game style and with the Tagger-bait, Dayne Zorko, at his side. For the first time ever, I will lock in Lachie (or is it Locky?) for 2019.


110-115ppg and I’ll be shocked if he play less than 21 matches in 2019!

Is Lachie a lock?

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12 thoughts on “The Sixth SC Day of Christmas”

  1. Short answer, no.
    Longer answer is that he will be on my Watchlist. He dropped $100k in the first 6 weeks last year, he’s at a new club and their first six games look relatively tough.
    I’d like him at M6/7 post Rd13 but there are bigger priorities for me when it comes to ‘set & forget’ in my MID-line for season’s start. Might regret it, but am willing to take the chance.
    You nearly convinced me though (another great piece) and his durability is a hugely valuable SuperCoach asset.
    Be interested to hear others’ thoughts on him too. He always attracts polarised views.


    1. Very interested and is vying with T Mitchell for a spot in my midfield which will likely consist of J Kelly, N Fyfe, Z Merrett, R Sloane and D Hannebery.

      Neale usually is a pre bye specialist as from 2015-2017 he averaged 113.08 from 37 pre byes in comparison to a 102.79 avg from 28. All 3 of those years he averaged 111+ pre bye and 2 of the 3 years there was more than a 10 point differential between his pre and post bye form. 2018 was the only season in his premium scoring history (100+ avg) that he averaged more post bye than pre bye (Post Bye=117.22 from 9, Pre Bye=108.15 from 13).

      He should be an integral component of Brisbane’s midfield helping the young brigade as I assume D Zorko will spent more time rotating between forward and mid allowing more mid time for the likes of Berry, McCluggage, Lyons,etc.

      Most of his numbers remained constant during the past 4 years eg. disposals 27 to 31, tackles 3.5 to 4.5, TOG 77 to 81, Contested possession rate 48.5 to 49.65. I can see potentially a slight increment in his disposals to around 31 to 32 (30.32 in 2018).

      But I think the biggest improvement might come from an increased time on ground percentage as when he has averaged higher than 80% TOG in a season he finishes with a 110+ average and averages 30+ disposals.
      2015: 76.96% TOG, Disposals: 27.42, SC Avg: 104.3 from 22
      2016:81.64% TOG, Disposals: 33.5, SC Avg: 112.6 from 22
      2017:77.62% TOG, Disposals; 27.24, Sc Avg: 109 from 21
      2018: 80.18% TOG, Disposals: 30.32, SC Avg: 111.9 from 22

      Only 7 players averaged 30+ disposals in 2018 and only 2 players managed it with a TOG lower than 85% which was L Neale at 80.18% and M Crouch at 75.8%.


    2. For the sake of keeping these articles brief so early in the SC preseason I left out mentioning Lachie’s interrupted prep last season. He struggled with groin and knee problems late in 2017 so he didn’t return to full training until Jan-Feb. His slow start was likely a result of that.

      The new club point you make is definitely relevant.


  2. Great write up Thommo, I’m looking for a set and forget premium Mid, So far Fyfe, Cripps, Oliver and Kelly are sitting there.Couldn’t find room for Mitchell he’ll pump out consistent 100’s but I think clubs will start to put a heavy tag on him and making those 100’s low one’s instead of his. 150+.
    The question is did Lochie rack up most of his points amomgst the rough and tumble and will the speed of Brissy suit his game?


    1. As I mentioned above, the new club thing is the main concern. Do we get a Tom Mitchell style debut or a Jaeger O’Meara debut? Lachie isn’t as good a ball user as Beams but I still seeing him racking up more loose ball.

      Re: Fyfe. He’s dead to me. I want 20-22 games per season and although he’s one of the best contested ball players I’ve seen I’m sick of injury effected scores from him.


  3. Durability, 110 ave, high ceiling unique pick been a set and forget of mine last four years. Love the guy because you know your almost the only one who rates him. There is no reason not to start him, except that other players are better, but not that many. Just check where he has placed in overall scoring recent years.


  4. Upgrade target again, Neale was great for me this year very durable and mostly consistent, not sure how the team change will go but i still think he’ll average around the 110 mark


  5. Great write-up, Thommo. Neale is the perfect example of how we get seduced by ceiling, and forget all about aggregate. Supercoach is won by the team that scores the most points!

    Neale has been in every one of my pre-season teams for the past three seasons, and none of my round 1 teams. I am DEFINITELY picking him this year 😉


    1. Hey Chillo, dunno if you saw my previous reply to your comment, but if you’d like I’d be keen to do half of the remaining team write-ups if so you don’t have to have the whole workload. If you’re itching to write then by all means go ahead, just thought I’d offer some help 🙂


      1. Hey Ben, sorry I must have missed that. If you’re keen, you’re more than welcome! Pick the teams you want to cover and let Schwarz know so he can update the roster. Cheers



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