The TEAM 2017 – League Numbers

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 9 2017

If you’re reading this then you are part of one of the biggest Community TEAMs on the net!

We’ve spent the last week shaping the TEAM in various ways.  Player polls will be taking place all next week (one position per day with rookies on Friday).  Now it’s time to organise our Leagues, so……who wants to take on the TEAM?

Keep in mind that various TEAM Leagues finished in the Top200 last season and the overall winner (Graeme – Giant Killers) was playing along also (I’m gonna mention that to death!)……..these are very competitive Leagues!

If you feel like you’re up for the challenge and you have a League spot still available then don’t hesitate to join.  So we can play the TEAM against as many SCT Coaches as possible, please join up to ONLY ONE of the following League Numbers:

215069 – FULL!

193720 – FULL!

955559 – FULL!

848414 – FULL!

982389 – FULL!

148451 – 3 spots left




UPDATE: Due to high demand, more Leagues have already been added.  Thank you to all Coaches for your support!


** Teams that appear twice will be removed from their 2nd League **

Try the first League.  If it’s full, then enter the next and so on.  If all six Leagues fill up, then I’ll open up additional Leagues over the next few days.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!  Good luck, Coaches!


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22 thoughts on “The TEAM 2017 – League Numbers”

  1. League 1 represent!

    Sorry I don’t have @SCT in my name, but I’m Roid Ragers V2 just for clarification.

    Thanks for setting these up!


  2. Hey guys, I know you’ve probably already got the tech league sorted but I had an idea. If not for the tech team then maybe a different team. What about about a team selecting only 1 player from each team in the starting 18. Everyone can start with different teams as long as they only have 1 player from each club. Not sure how we could work the bench. Perhaps you guys can pre select it.


    1. Interesting idea, no doubt. Tech team is already sorted and should be ready to go early next week. Keep an eye out for that, it’s a ripper!


  3. I see a lot of familiar names floating around the Leagues, they are going to be really competitive. Expecting big things, see you all there!!


  4. I am in no:4 .First time TEAM league player and committing
    to this league will encourage me to really focus on my game this year.
    Looking to continue improvement after finding this site last year.



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