The TEAM 2017 – Rookies

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 21 2017

You’ve made it this far on the journey, you are definitely part of the TEAM!

The second-to-last set of polls to determine the starting line-up and arguably, the most important…….the Rookies.  Naturally a lot will be determined when final line-ups are announced over the next few days but our preferred choices will take priority.  Approach these polls as if every rookie below was getting a game this weekend.  Dual Position Players have been placed either in FWD or DEF.  Due to the likely high number of FWD rookies, an extra poll has been added in reference to the ‘Forward-Mids’ (Taranto, Parfitt, etc).  The final poll will be held on Wednesday or Thursday where our final line-up will be decided.

Now onto the voting…………


Which DEF rookies would you like to see in the TEAM? (six choices)

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If we have to change our team structure a bit (based on final team selections), would you consider the mid-pricers in defence?


If faced with a shortage of rookie selections, should we take popular mid-price selections (Marchbank, Z.Jones) in DEF?

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Which MID rookies would you like to see in the TEAM? (three choices)

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Which FWD rookies would you like to see in the TEAM? (eight choices)

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Should the players with dual position status receive a higher priority into the TEAM?

Would you like more preference given to the dual-position rookies (F/M) in the midfield?

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4 thoughts on “The TEAM 2017 – Rookies”

  1. To all Supercoaches.

    Sorry this may not be the right place to ask this question but here goes.

    How many player each year actually “Break Out”? e.g. increase their average by 15+ points

    I’m not including rookies in this, I’m thinking more like Docherty last year.

    Jumping from average to elite.

    I would also like to know how many of these players changed teams then” Broke Out”.

    Nankervis, Steele, Tohey, Mills , Heeney, Zac Willams, Josh Kelly. Are they really likely to turn into keepers for the year?

    Or are they Mid priced madness?

    I’m sure some of them will “Break Out” But not all.

    If any of these guys score big a few times before their first price rise plenty of coaches will be jumping on them, But how many can actually keep it up all year?

    The lack of quality Cash Cows has got many super coaches scrambling to field a side without Mid-Price Madness.

    Be interested to hear any feed back ?

    Happy Coaching.


    1. I may have missed some but I’ll get you off to a start, I don’t many are 15+ but they all broke out to finish in the top bracket of their positions


      Def – Docherty
      Mid – Neale
      Ruck – Gawn
      Fwd – Merret, JJK


      Def – Picken, Rance, McDonald, Higgins (yes Higgins)
      Mid – Hannebery, Mundy
      Fwd – Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Bont, Gawn


      Def – Swallow, Smith
      Mid – Fyfe, Sloane, Sidebottom
      Ruck – Jacobs, Martin
      Fwd – Gray, Parker



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