The TEAM 2017 – Team Structure

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 10 2017

One of the largest Community TEAMs in the Supercoach World.  You can help shape the TEAM!

Today we decide on TEAM structure.  More to the point, we decide on the number of starting Premiums in our TEAM and how they should be ‘distributed’.  Since we voted for a ‘Set & Forget’ Ruck Structure, we have two ‘keepers’ locked into that position from the start.

Judging by the teams in our RMT threads, most Coaches are are aiming for 11-12 keepers in their starting line-ups (per usual). The following options contain 11 keepers but could still change to 12 if team structure/prices still allow. This will be determined by the % of votes that the players receive next week.

The following structures are set out in the following format: DEF – MID – RUCK – FWD.  Keep in mind that certain players have been given a free pass into the starting line-up already (Dangerfield & Fyfe in MID + Dahlhaus & Roughead up FWD).

So what do you make of the TEAM structure? Do we need a 3rd premium in the FWD line? Roughy at F3 or F4? Or is a 3rd premium put to better use in DEF? Vote NOW!

** Individual players will be voted on next week.  We’re just setting up final parameters here. **


** UPDATE 10/3/17 – After a landslide victory for the ‘3-4-2-2’ structure, there has been much support shown for a ‘2-5-2-2’ set-up.  Just to be sure of our TEAM parameters, it will be put to a vote.  Get cracking! **


What structure should the TEAM start with in 2017?

  • 3 - 4 - 2 - 2 (plus Roughead) (50%, 55 Votes)
  • 2 - 5 - 2 - 2 (plus Roughead) (50%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 110

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13 thoughts on “The TEAM 2017 – Team Structure”

    1. But what about the rookies? Rookies are more important when deciding structure than premiums and the defence rookies look much better than the forward rookies at this stage.


      1. I agree with you, Uncle Drew. This is the busiest time of the year at SCT (lead up to Rd1) though. Rookies will be voted on seperately next week as was the case last season. While plenty depends on Rd1 selection (of course), these parameters are important to have in place when it comes to finalising the TEAM.


        1. Completely understand mate, obviously it would be great to know which rookies will get named rnd 1 before deciding a structure but it’s just not practical with a community team.
          Just saying at this stage I reckon Hampton, EVW, Stewart, Often, Melican and Guthrie all look promising if named, but in the fwd line there’s not much on offer, Eddy, Butler and Black are in most teams but I don’t think any will be great scorers. Which is worth considering when voting on a structure.


          1. Just beware that from your backline group of rookies above, nearly all have a Sunday game in round 1 so we will not be certain who plays until Friday night. Hampton, EVW, Stewart, Hibberd, Guthrie all impacted, not sure who Often is but Kangas, Crows, Cats all impacted (as well as the less relevant Giants, Eagles and Dockers)…


            1. That was supposed to be Otten who’s another Sunday rookie. Yeah it’s gonna be a mad scramble before Friday nights game. Especially because there’s a lot of relevant Coll and WB players playing. Macrae is one who keeps going in and out of my team every time I change my structure.


        1. Haha no you don’t Ben, having reliable premiums to pick from is also really important, it’s pretty much a balancing act between the two. I reckon there will be a lot of structures that can work this year including both of the above.


          1. The point is premos ARE premos because they are reliable.

            I am seriously considering ditching a defensive premium to buy a defensive rookie, and get a premo forward with the money instead.

            All the much hyped forward rookies are basically out or have massively underperformed.

            Tim Taranto is probably the only exception, and he’s still no certainty to fit in the 22 at GWS. Remember Hopper and Steele?

            At this stage I’d see far more upside in Lynch and a Def Rookie than say Adams and a Fwd rookie.


            1. On the other hand, most of this years premium forwards aren’t that premium. And there is every chance that they won’t be top-6 forwards by the end of the year – better players might (hopefully) emerge.


  1. Just given the lack of mid rookies and wealth in the def line, does anyone think 2-5-2-2 (plus roughy) should be considered?


    1. Of the current mid/forward premiums only Dahl is a proven jet, Delidio is struggling with injury and Macrae is unproven. That means that the other premiums are all key forwards with a high standard deviation to their scores and hence will at some time drop considerably in price when we can then pick them up at a much cheaper price.



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