The TEAM 2018 – DEFs

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 17 2018

Welcome to the TEAM for 2018!   The largest collection of Supercoach minds this side of the Cosmos……….

We’re getting down to the business end of proceedings.  With time running short, we need to start sorting this line-up out. Today we begin with the Defenders.  How best to approach the poll?  I’m giving you five choices which will give us a better idea of the popular options.  Which DEFs do you see scoring the  most pts for the season?


Which premium DEFs should the TEAM start with in 2018? (five choices)

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15 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – DEFs”

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. In addition to his consistently solid average, he also hasn’t missed a game since 2013.

      He’s in my team.


    2. I’m also a little surprised how little attention McGovern has gotten. He’s fairly durable, having only missed one game in the last two years (and it was through illness, not injury), and his average has been steadily improving year by year (88 in 2016, 91 in 2017). He’ll see plenty of the ball in the Eagles’ back half this year, so there’s no reason to think those numbers will go backwards.


    3. As a Tiger fan I noticed Ellis had low scoring during the finals which makes me wary. With Lambert emerging as another who can run all day we may see Ellis’ scoring drop this season. He is a risky option atm imo.


      1. Interesting. I’ve taken a look at Ellis and Lambert’s cumulative scores across last season:

        Combined average (including finals): 176
        Rounds 2-9 (Lambert missed round 1): 156
        Rounds 10-23: 192
        Finals: 165

        It’s worth noting that Ellis and Lambert’s averages rose simultaneously last year:

        Ellis average rounds 1-9: 79
        Rounds 10-23: 100
        Finals: 57

        Lambert average rounds 2-9: 76
        Rounds 10-23: 92
        Finals: 107

        Clearly, Ellis scored badly in the finals series. But is this something to worry about? Let’s look at all his finals appearances:

        2013 Elimination Final: 55
        2014 Elimination Final: 69
        2015 Elimination Final: 30
        2017 Qualifying Final: 56
        2017 Preliminary Final: 48
        2017 Grand Final: 68

        Career finals average: 54 from 6 (high 69, low 30).

        Brandon Ellis has always scored poorly in finals. And each time, he’s gone on and posted a very respectable average the following season.


  1. Jack Crisp ($455,300) is an interesting proposition.

    (Year, Games, Average):
    2015, 22, 89
    2016. 22. 86
    2017. 22, 83

    His average has gone in the wrong direction over the last few years, but he is durable. There is potential upside, but I probably wouldn’t recommend starting with him. What I would suggest, however, is to consider bringing him in after his bye, because for the last couple of seasons, he has been significantly better in the second half of the year:

    2015: 89 (pre and post-bye)
    2016: 81 pre-bye, 92 post-bye
    2017: 76 pre-bye, 91 post-bye


  2. Is Savage an unnecessary risk? He we was dropped last year and at one point struggled to break into the best 22. It is a long season and a lot of $$$ to spend a guy who was not best 22 for a chunk of 2017.


    1. Since he got dropped he has averaged over 100 on more than a dozen games. It’s a reasonable sample size.


  3. Not sure we can pick Lloyd with so many comments around the negative affect McVeigh-in-the-team has on his scoring.


  4. I’m tossing and turning trying to find a solid defender between 400 and 480k. I’m bullish about Lloyd (who currently holds my spot) and Shane Savage.
    Also Crisp, and Sicily peak my interest.s


      1. Greene was a top 6 forward last year, if you ignore his smacking Daniel in the face and putting his boot in Dollhouses.

        Sicily ” may” start well ,but he will miss weeks this year.

        With a lack of forward rookies who will you have to replace him?

        If you do want to punt on him, put him back. it will be easier to cover him.

        It is a no for me.



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