The TEAM 2018 – Patrick Dangerfield (GEE)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 9 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  Where anyone can shape the future of the TEAM…..if you can convince the Coaching Staff, that is!

Max Gawn has already been given a guernsey for the TEAM yesterday in an overwhelming result (over 95%!).  We ask the question today of Patrick Dangerfield.

You all know what he can do, Danger has been the #1 Supercoach player over the last two years.  There have been reports of ‘back soreness’ over the pre-season but the question still needs to be asked………Is Dangerfield a ‘walk-up-start’ for the TEAM in 2018?

(If he’s not successful, then we’ll see Dangerfield again in the polling section for MIDs).


Is Patrick Dangerfield a 'Walk-Up-Start' for the TEAM in 2018?

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7 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Patrick Dangerfield (GEE)”

  1. I’m 50/50. Voted yes but depends on our structure really. Could be worth a punt on picking him up cheaper later.


    1. I’m thinking Dangerous ,Left Field thoughts.

      Trying to turn a Cog (M6) into Danger (M1)before the Byes.

      Can Coniglio get to $550k ?

      Can Danger some how drop 150k?

      I will still need to find $50k

      I pray to the SC Gods there’s enough cheap cows playing R1.

      So I can fit Danger into my starting 30!


      1. As we have seen in the last couple of years, with his super-high price, and therefore very high break-even, it only takes one bad game to send his price tumbling. Which is good, because we usually only get one bad game.

        The problem is that you’ll miss out on so many points while you’re waiting.


        1. Unless it happens in the first couple of rounds.
          That’s the gamble.
          I’d rather not sweat waiting but I’m not much of a punter.


          1. Therefore, if we don’t take him, we’re hoping for 1 bad game;
            If it comes mid-season, we’ve missed out on a whole lot of points;
            If it comes early, then we probably won’t have the funds to upgrade.

            He’s only $35k more than last year’s start price, so for me, I think he should be in.


      2. When the magic number starts getting harsher on the premiums, If Cogs gets to $550k, he’s averaging 105 and he’s a keeper you paid $450k for – you don’t waste a trade moving him on.

        You want your JOM/Armo you pay $300k for to get to $500k averaging 90ish and then you get the cash from one rookie downgrade.



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