The TEAM 2018 – Permanent Loophole

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 13 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  The Community TEAM where anyone can shape the future moves… just need to convince everyone  else 😉                                                                                                                                                                     As we further try and shape the parameters of the TEAM, we look at the permanent loophole option today.  In years gone past it has been a handy tool for the TEAM although question marks have arisen over its purpose this time round.   Do you think the TEAM would be better off with a permanent loophole in 2018?  Please vote below……….


Should the TEAM start with a permanent loophole option in 2018?

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If so, in which position would you lean to?

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9 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Permanent Loophole”

  1. Reckon we want a DPP Capt. Loophole player.
    Tarir Bayok with Fwd – Mid DPP status is a bit pricy @123k , but will be worth it in my opinion as West Coast play a lot of games last or late in the Round. Also allows The Team to loophole Emergency scores in the Fwds and Mids. Reckon start him at M11.


  2. I believe the team should only start with a permanent loophole if the team goes without danger. If you have danger the majority of the time you just set him as captain. The vice captain would need to something above 140 to apply the loophole i would say, considering Dangers average and potential.

    I have to say though, with him being injured it will make it harder in the first few rounds to have confidence he will pump out massive scores

    without Danger i say have a loophole, but with Danger im leaning towards no even with that injury


    1. Yep agree. It’s probably not worth going Cameron. If he gets a game he won’t score enough to be effective or make cash anyway.


  3. If you start with a cheap mid/fwd DPP like Spargo and another DPP on the bench it is easy to swap them between positions as required.
    Also Spargo is every chance of getting a game later in the season when you are likely to have injured or dropped rookies on your bench who can be used for the captaincy loophole.


  4. I feel like you should start a guy, let’s say Jack Higgins, who is an almost certainty to get a game later in the season. Now I know everyone is going to say “why get a $130k loophole” but listen up kids and I’ll fill you in. If we start with Higgins we will be able to use him as a loophole in the forward and midfield lines due to his duel position status AND we will be saving a trade later in the year when he gets named and everyone else is bringing him in. Win-win I say, but what would I know? I’m just Clueless


  5. This was sent on Twitter today by none other than Father Dougal;
    Rule of Cow-quisition number 5 “Money is gold, trades are oxygen, and downgrade targets are platinum. Never waste a downgrade target by starting with him on your bench.”



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