The TEAM 2018 – Rd10

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 1 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  The largest Swarm of SC-minds to ever assemble………..


Rd10 Score: 2448

Overall Ranking: 13 575

Trades Left: 17

Remaining Salary: $62 300



After Rd3 L.Ryan (WCE) & L.Davies-Uniacke (NTH) OUT for E.Richards (WBD) & J.Henry (GEE) IN

Rd4 Josh Kelly (GWS) OUT for Stephen Coniglio (GWS) IN

Rd5Jeff Garlett (CAR) & Michael Hibberd (MEL) OUT for Matt Guelfi (ESS) & Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) IN

Rd6 Riley Bonner (PTA) & Bailey Banfield (FRE) OUT for Taylin Duman (FRE) & Zach Merrett (ESS) IN

Rd7Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) & Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) OUT for Charlie Spargo (MEL) & James Sicily (HAW) IN

Rd8Aaron Naughton (WBD) & Tom Doedee (ADE) OUT for Lachlan Keefe (GWS) & Elliot Yeo (WCE) IN

Rd9Sam Murray (COL) & Jack Henry (GEE) OUT for Jason Ridley (ESS) & Kade Simpson (CAR) IN


New recruit Kade Simpson came good for us on debut with a big 140.  Total score of 2448 saw the TEAM win 7/10 League games and move up in the Rankings to 13.5K.  At the moment though, the TEAM is only in three ‘Top8s’ so there is still plenty of improvement needed.  The TEAM as it stands right now……….

Things will be a little different over the next few weeks, Coaches.  I’m on holidays for the next two weeks so I’ll be looking at the most popular options in the comments below (Thumbs UP/DOWN) and applying the most viable selections after teams are announced on Thursday night.

I’m guessing Smith (MEL) will be the downgrade option in the FWD line……I’m still keen to get rid of Billings if that’s the case.  There’s also the question of Rockliff in the MIDs……..should we swap Kelly over and complete the line with Rocky?

As always, you’ll have to convince our Coaching Staff in the comments below.  As for choice of Captain, I’ll be using the ‘Captains Table’ thread as a guide there (poll).  Will use the highest players that apply to the TEAM.  So what changes would you make to the TEAM this week?


** UPDATE on 1/6/18 at 12pm **

And it seems like the Coaching Staff just need to submit their rubber stamp on this one……


OUT - Kelly & Billings, IN Walters & Smith??

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Thanks, Coaches!


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16 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd10”

  1. Kelly and Billings for Tim Smith and a premo Mid? Or Walters who we can move into the forward line later?


    1. Walters with a view to swinging forward later has to be the best move.
      VC Gawn (no ruck oppo)
      C Fyfe (no tag)


  2. Tricky this week.
    Forward line obviously needs work, so it’s probably best to just leave Kelly there and skip Rockliff (he’s proven he can average 100 and should bounce back after his rest in Rd 14).
    Therefore we should aim to bring in Walters and Smith. Unfortunately we are just short of Guelfi/Spargo -Smith/Walters (which would have given the most fire power).
    So I’d recommend Billings/Spargo (or Guelfi) – Smith/Walters. Gives 70k + in the bank and can loophole Guelfi and Smith if Keeffe isn’t named.


  3. Trading Billings and Kelly for Walters and Smith might make round 13 interesting. Will be 17 players available (and that’s assuming Duman, Barry, Fogarty etc. are selected)


    1. Fritch to T Smith. Fritch still going well, but looks to have fattened fully. T Kelly to Walters. Bench Holman..great cover over byes. This gives us 289k. Walters goes fwd after r12 as we trade out a fwd rookie. I reckon Billings stays for the moment…worst is past price wise, and he could just be a great f7 for the run home. We can cash him in if the need arises.
      Next week we probably need to make a start on r13 imbalance.


  4. Billings < T Smith $$$$
    Kelly < R Gray ( via Fogarty ) great for the byes, which we need to consider now. We can still loop Keeffe with Melb / ESS rookies & Duman with WB or ESS rookies depending on Keeffe / Duman being selected for this round!

    Swap Fogarty fwd again next fwd rookie cull, which opens up the dpp again Fwd/Mid & still having Fwd/Def dpp in tact!

    Cheers Catta


    1. I rate this but would prefer Boak or Westhoff over Gray atm because of Gray playing more forward now. Plus both the other two have DPP which is pretty grouse.


      1. Totally, any of those 3 I’d see as a sensible choice.

        Still rate ( total points potential ) for the remainder of the season Gray, Westhoff & Boak…,but dpp status would be a huge benifit for The Team


    1. Round 12:
      21 players (1 defender down) – switching Keeffe and Sicily.
      Includes: 12 premos.
      Includes: Ridley, Duman, Fogarty, Keeffe (Barry sits on the pine regardless if he doesn’t play)

      Round 13:
      17 players (2 rucks and 3 forwards down)
      Includes: 12 premos.
      Includes: Richards, Duman, Fogarty, Barry

      Round 14:
      21 players (1 mid down)
      Includes: 12 premos
      Includes: Richards, Ridley, Barry, Keeffe

      Looking pretty good especially in round 14 with 12 premos.
      I included Ridley, Richards, Duman, Barry, Fogarty, Keeffe as ‘risky’ since they may not play.
      Round 13 we’ll obviously have to trade out Fritsch, Guelfi and maybe Ridley to get 20 players



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