The TEAM 2018 – Rd16

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 5 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018! An assortment of the finest Supercoach minds in existence………….


Rd15 Score: 2181

Overall Ranking: 14 954

Trades Left: 7

Remaining Salary: $253 500



After Rd3 L.Ryan (WCE) & L.Davies-Uniacke (NTH) OUT for E.Richards (WBD) & J.Henry (GEE) IN

Rd4 Josh Kelly (GWS) OUT for Stephen Coniglio (GWS) IN

Rd5Jeff Garlett (CAR) & Michael Hibberd (MEL) OUT for Matt Guelfi (ESS) & Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) IN

Rd6 Riley Bonner (PTA) & Bailey Banfield (FRE) OUT for Taylin Duman (FRE) & Zach Merrett (ESS) IN

Rd7Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) & Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) OUT for Charlie Spargo (MEL) & James Sicily (HAW) IN

Rd8Aaron Naughton (WBD) & Tom Doedee (ADE) OUT for Lachlan Keefe (GWS) & Elliot Yeo (WCE) IN

Rd9Sam Murray (COL) & Jack Henry (GEE) OUT for Jason Ridley (ESS) & Kade Simpson (CAR) IN

Rd10 – Tim Kelly (GEE) & Jack Billings (STK) OUT for Tim Smith (MEL) & Michael Walters (FRE) IN

Rd11 – J.Ridley (ESS) & L.Keefe (GWS) OUT for Logan Austin (STK) & Brody Mihocek (COL) IN

Rd12 – Charlie Spargo (MEL), Darcy Fogarty (ADE) & Taylin Duman (FRE) OUT for Liam Ryan (WCE), Stefan Giro (FRE) & Robbie Gray (PTA) IN

Rd13 Nic Holman (GCS) & Dom Barry (PTA) OUT for Paul Ahern (NTH) & Clayton Oliver (MEL) IN

Rd14Matt Guelfi (ESS) OUT for Jacob Dawson (GCS) IN


2181 & four League wins……not the end of the world, Coaches…….unfortunately reality got in the way of our regular polls and I made some executive decisions.

I followed the advice (nearly all of it) of Nateo who is still sitting in the Top 50 overall.  I broke the ‘Josh Glenn rule’ to bring in Jacob Dawson but it enabled Michael Walters to be moved to the Forward line.  So far, so good………….

I took the advice from the poll in the Captains Table which had Gawn & Fyfe on top.  Since Ahern had been dropped, I figured it was meant to be.  It cost us 96pts in the end……….bugger!

The only positive to come out of Rd15 was that Ed Richards appreciated further in value and we have plenty of cash in hand at the minute.  The TEAM as it stands now………

Only a few weeks till Finals time and the TEAM is only in three Top8s…….

So the question now is……….What moves would you make if this was your own side?  Upgrade Fritsch & Richards?  Bring in another bench rookie?  Time for last FWD & DEF spots to be filled?  Whatever your suggestion, enter it into the comments below.  Our Coaching Staff will give its approval with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Fire away, Coaches!


** UPDATE at 11am on 5/7/18 **

With Fyfe OUT for 4-5 weeks, he’s the first to go.  Luckily we have plenty of cash in hand, so money is not a problem.  We can also make our final DEF upgrade, Richards has done his job beautifully.

Since we have enough cash in hand, just pick the players that will bring us the most pts over the next eight weeks.  Choose wisely, Coaches……this might be our last dig at some Finals Series’.


MID replacement for Nat Fyfe? (three choices)

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DEF upgrade for Richards? (three choices)

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And as always, who should we take as choice of Captain?  Keep in mind that Gawn & Mitchell are playing at the same time.  Please choose only one of them at the most.  Thank you, Coaches!!


VC / C options for the TEAM in Rd16? (three choices)

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16 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd16”

  1. T Smith > Wingard
    Fyfe > M Crouch

    This leaves the TEAM plenty of options (and cash) from next week onwards.

    Even if Fyfe is back in say three weeks, it’ll take him a couple more at least before he’s firing on all cylinders. It looks like Crouchy might have got himself there (form) finally and is dirt cheap when you consider how he finished off last year. Nice POD too which could make all the difference in league games!?


    1. PS Richards is looking better week-by-week and Austin may be back this week with Nathan Brown out (again). The above trades are bigger priorities IF Heeney is OUT this week.


      1. Totally understand your thinking, Duffer…..It is one of those dam Scott brothers coaching the lad!

        Truth be told, had the team high 14 contested possessions, 5 inside 50’s, 3 clearances & kicked a goal. On the SC side of things, if he didn’t have 4 clangers, he would of scored around 100 in a loss, surely he’ll line up again this week


    1. Looks like this is the way to go, TDA! Will put it to a vote on Thursday regarding MID replacement & DEF upgrade. Exciting times……..


  2. Bummer re Ahern, but as a Bombers supporter there is mixed joy. Got Duman and Olango to share c duties until the lottery of R23.

    Looks likey Heeney to miss so swapping with ahern looks logical. We should then recognise that going to the likes of kelly for fyfe, everyone will do so, so it will be harder to improve our position if we do the same. Kelly also has that slight injury risk

    I would look at JPK who is firing, Neale or Gaff who are both great late c options. Then Richard for Crisp..Richards had a good game, but as RD once said, averages always are returned to.

    Olango lock for c, and v on Titch.


  3. Richards to Crisp. As well as Richards has been going lately, Crisp has been going better. This one trade is a good 25 to 30 point per week gain.

    You could make a case for moving Fritsch on as well, but unlike in the backline, I’m not sure there’s a forward averaging enough to justify the trade.

    We should also look at moving Fyfe on – we have no premium cover, and we have a lot of ground to make up points-wise. With 7 trades in hand, we could probably even afford to bring him back in if he returned sooner than expected.


  4. Fyfe to JPK /Kelly/Gaff
    Richards to Lloyd/Crisp

    …I’m bringing in Joey Kennedy over Kelly/Gaff or anyone else actually as his form in post bye history is quite beast-mode past 5 seasons


  5. Total votes: 22
    Gawn:17 and Mitchell:14
    So AT LEAST 9/22 people that voted are either stupid and/or don’t read.
    Did you miss the part that they both play at the same time?



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