The TEAM 2018 – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 3 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  One of the largest Community Teams known to man……….


Rd19 Score: 2398

Overall Ranking: 6 224

Trades Left: 2

Remaining Salary: $95 600



After Rd3 L.Ryan (WCE) & L.Davies-Uniacke (NTH) OUT for E.Richards (WBD) & J.Henry (GEE) IN

Rd4 Josh Kelly (GWS) OUT for Stephen Coniglio (GWS) IN

Rd5Jeff Garlett (CAR) & Michael Hibberd (MEL) OUT for Matt Guelfi (ESS) & Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) IN

Rd6 Riley Bonner (PTA) & Bailey Banfield (FRE) OUT for Taylin Duman (FRE) & Zach Merrett (ESS) IN

Rd7Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) & Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) OUT for Charlie Spargo (MEL) & James Sicily (HAW) IN

Rd8Aaron Naughton (WBD) & Tom Doedee (ADE) OUT for Lachlan Keefe (GWS) & Elliot Yeo (WCE) IN

Rd9Sam Murray (COL) & Jack Henry (GEE) OUT for Jason Ridley (ESS) & Kade Simpson (CAR) IN

Rd10 – Tim Kelly (GEE) & Jack Billings (STK) OUT for Tim Smith (MEL) & Michael Walters (FRE) IN

Rd11 – J.Ridley (ESS) & L.Keefe (GWS) OUT for Logan Austin (STK) & Brody Mihocek (COL) IN

Rd12 – Charlie Spargo (MEL), Darcy Fogarty (ADE) & Taylin Duman (FRE) OUT for Liam Ryan (WCE), Stefan Giro (FRE) & Robbie Gray (PTA) IN

Rd13 Nic Holman (GCS) & Dom Barry (PTA) OUT for Paul Ahern (NTH) & Clayton Oliver (MEL) IN

Rd14Matt Guelfi (ESS) OUT for Jacob Dawson (GCS) IN

Rd15Nat Fyfe (FRE) & Ed Richards (WBD) OUT for Josh Kelly (GWS) & Jake Lloyd (SYD) IN

Rd17Fritsch (MEL) & Liam Ryan (WCE) OUT for Justin Westhoff (PTA) & Brent Daniels (GWS)

Rd19 James Sicily (HAW) OUT for Shannon Hurn (WCE) IN

After three record scores in succession, the TEAM came back to the pack on the weekend yet still managed 9/10 League wins and another short climb in the Rankings.  As you can see below, we made EIGHT Major League Finals Series and just missed the other two Leagues by one win (League #1) & only by percentage (League #10).

After Mihocek’s 49 against the Tigers, we finally followed through on the Sicily trade.  There was only one vote seperating Hurn from T.McDonald and a further single vote away was Brayshaw.  Hopefully it’s Hurn that brings us the most pts over the final five weeks.  The TEAM as it stands for the first week of Finals……….

We’ve made it this far, Coaches……and we still have two trades in hand!!  At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any injury worries.  Any trades we’d be making would be a luxury.  Right now I’d be happy to put my faith in the current line-up.  But there is bound to be the odd selection surprise.

I’m also not alone in the selection process.  If you want to propose a change in the TEAM‘s line-up, then tell us in the comments below.  The Coaching Staff will rate your suggestion using the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  What have you got for us, Coaches?


** UPDATE at 3/8/18 at 9am **

No surprises for us at the selection table so things are looking solid.  I’m only going to ask this question once………I don’t think it’ll be worth making the switch after this week.  Should we use a luxury trade of Stefan Martin to Brodie Grundy?


Do we upgrâde Stefan Martin to Brodie Grundy this week?

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And the usual Captains poll for Rd20…….


C / VC options for the TEAM in Rd20? (three options)

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Thank you and Good Luck, Coaches!!



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22 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd20”

  1. Looking very nice there!
    The luxury of two remaining trades is something I can only wish for at this stage 🙁
    One suggestion for either this round or next rounds is probably just boosting Coniglio to Macrae or Walters to TMac.
    Good Luck….


  2. I’d swap Daniels and Ahern, then
    Field T Smith FWD, with the E on Ahern. If he doesn’t go big again, put Walters on the park, AND
    Field Heron MID, put the E on Dusty and if he’s sh!t again maybe, just maybe sub Daniels on

    The FWD one might pay, MID loophole unlikely but worth a try just in case, to maximise pts. Obviously I’m presuming TSmith and Heron won’t play this week. If one does then just loophole Ahern v Walters if possible.

    Looks like Austin will be back this week for the Saints.


        1. Haha…no prob Sainter. I made a mistake once but did a corrective trade and divorced her !!! The free hit on Dusty makes sense but gawd help us if we need it !!


  3. Question – Can someone please explain to me how Oliver has 25 contested possessions and 14 clearances but gets only 101 points? If Dangerfield or Ablett had a stat line like that, they would have gotten 150+!


      1. Also, lots of players had big stats in that game, and there’s only so many points to go around. SuperCoach scores are a measure of how well someone played compared to everyone else in the same game, so it’s hard to compare scores across different games


        1. I think you seem to be on the money there Chillo. didn’t seem fair though. I guess if Oliver was playing for Carlton, he would have gotten a much higher score lol


  4. Yeah I am with Schwarzy back in the Team this week as there are still 4 weeks to go and if a Mitchell, Cripps or Danger go down you want to be able to Trade them or you are up S*/- Creek. The Team is in 3 Qualifying Finals so need to play the long game for those Leagues.


  5. As spoken above, loophole Ahern & Walters with T Smith … didn’t play last week as Casey had the bye but had a solid game 2 weeks collecting 21 touches.

    Martin < Grundy has merit but, 3 of the last 4 opponents Brisbane play Stef went 106 v Goldy, 114 v Grundy & 97 v Witts earlier in the season …. then he’s up against Lycett in the SC grand final @ the Gabba

    But Stef Ave v top 8 teams is 99.4 & his Ave v bottom 10 teams is 116.6

    I think retaining money in the bank will allow a Macrae pick up next week as Steele will wear him like a glove this round so hopefully he’s still affordable!

    After the mid season I thought “The Team” was in a bit of trouble, we’ll done to everyone especially Schwarzwalder for some executive decisions heading into the pointy end of the season!

    Cheers Catta


  6. The Ahern/Daniels/Walter loop is a no brainer. The previous week showed if we hit our straps, we can go large with this team. Hold trades, and either cogs to Macrae next week, the biggest pts gain likely, although walters to menegola looks ripe too…best we keep to players that have something to play for.


  7. I’m playing “The Team” in an elimination final this week.

    I suggest we pop Giro at M8 and make him Captain!


    1. Inb4 Giro goes beastmode and pumps out 200.

      As a Freo supporter you probably won’t know how to feel 😛


  8. Is the team playing for highest ranking possible or winning leagues.?
    If it is the latter & the team is top4 in most leagues with the double chance then NO TRADES.


    1. A bit of both really……..would be great to finish in the Top5k but we’re a realistic chance of taking out some premierships as well



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