The TEAM 2018 – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 17 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  The largest Communty TEAM in existence……


Rd21 Score: 2312

Overall Ranking: 5965

Trades Left: 2

Remaining Salary: $95 600



After Rd3 L.Ryan (WCE) & L.Davies-Uniacke (NTH) OUT for E.Richards (WBD) & J.Henry (GEE) IN

Rd4 Josh Kelly (GWS) OUT for Stephen Coniglio (GWS) IN

Rd5Jeff Garlett (CAR) & Michael Hibberd (MEL) OUT for Matt Guelfi (ESS) & Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) IN

Rd6 Riley Bonner (PTA) & Bailey Banfield (FRE) OUT for Taylin Duman (FRE) & Zach Merrett (ESS) IN

Rd7Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) & Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) OUT for Charlie Spargo (MEL) & James Sicily (HAW) IN

Rd8Aaron Naughton (WBD) & Tom Doedee (ADE) OUT for Lachlan Keefe (GWS) & Elliot Yeo (WCE) IN

Rd9Sam Murray (COL) & Jack Henry (GEE) OUT for Jason Ridley (ESS) & Kade Simpson (CAR) IN

Rd10 – Tim Kelly (GEE) & Jack Billings (STK) OUT for Tim Smith (MEL) & Michael Walters (FRE) IN

Rd11 – J.Ridley (ESS) & L.Keefe (GWS) OUT for Logan Austin (STK) & Brody Mihocek (COL) IN

Rd12 – Charlie Spargo (MEL), Darcy Fogarty (ADE) & Taylin Duman (FRE) OUT for Liam Ryan (WCE), Stefan Giro (FRE) & Robbie Gray (PTA) IN

Rd13 Nic Holman (GCS) & Dom Barry (PTA) OUT for Paul Ahern (NTH) & Clayton Oliver (MEL) IN

Rd14Matt Guelfi (ESS) OUT for Jacob Dawson (GCS) IN

Rd15Nat Fyfe (FRE) & Ed Richards (WBD) OUT for Josh Kelly (GWS) & Jake Lloyd (SYD) IN

Rd17Fritsch (MEL) & Liam Ryan (WCE) OUT for Justin Westhoff (PTA) & Brent Daniels (GWS)

Rd19 James Sicily (HAW) OUT for Shannon Hurn (WCE) IN

I made a school boy error on the weekend with the Captains loophole.  I was supposed to put the C on Gawn after Mitchell’s effort of 102 but I slept in on Saturday morning (time difference) and still had the C on Olango.  As it turns out, that helped us by 18 pts 😉  Unfortunately we lost 3/4 Semi Finals on the weekend and are now playing in three Prelim Finals over Rd22.  The TEAM as it stands before Rd22……….

Michael Walters is done for 2018 and Josh Kelly is a chance to miss this week.  Luckily we held onto our two trades (and $95k in the bank) and can replace one or both of these players.

Should we replace Kelly for the one week?  Ideally we need him out there instead of Daniels or Ahern at M8.  If you have a trade suggestion then let us know in the comments below.  Our Coaching Staff will give it the ‘ol Thumbs UP/DOWN treatment before we vote on the best options on Friday morning.  Thanks, Coaches!


** UPDATE at 9am on 17/8/18 **

Kelly is OUT, he’s gotta go……..Walters is still there (for now), his future in the TEAM is still up in the air. Please vote on the following polls………


Replacement for Kelly…….

Josh Kelly OUT for..........?

View Results

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Does Walters come OUT?

Should we trade Michael Walters OUT of the TEAM?

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If YES, then replacement for Walters?

If YES, then who comes IN for Walters? (three choices)

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C/VC options for the TEAM in Rd22?

C / VC options for the TEAM in Rd22? (three choices)

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Thank you & good luck, Coaches!!


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9 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd22”

    1. Really like this idea! Menegola plays last two at home against Freo & Suns while MacRae is just smashing it. All depends on Kelly making an appearance…….


  1. As others have suggested, Macrae is an ideal replacement if Kelly misses this week. Last 3 vs upcoming opponents:

    Round 22, Carlton (141, 124, 95)
    Round 23, Richmond (117, 126, 86)

    As to Walters, I think Tom McDonald offers good value. In any case, this is one that should go to a poll.


  2. Yep, Kelly gots ta go. Logic tells me Macrae is the best option, but something is pulling me towards Gazza Jr. Playing freo, then suns both down at kardinia park – he could go huge. Thumbs up or down??


  3. I think we leave Kelly to Macrae, which is the obvious one, to the death, empowering our great leader to make that trade if necessary if Kelly is selected…imagine if he was a late out. Not selected, its an easy choice and I agree menegola.

    Safer move would be Wingard for Walters..Chad going very nicely. Dont have to worry about trading kelly early to get Menegola.


  4. Assuming J Kelly is traded for J Macrae an option for our last trade is S Giro (via P Ahern) for R Lobb. This will allow us to loop Walters and Lobb using T Smith for the remainder of the season whilst providing cover in the forward line. Also creating another fwd/mid dpp link (2 mid/fwds in the mids) allowing us to potentially switch the dpps if a mid is injured covering the midfield and Lobb would be brought on off the bench to avoid playing a rookie.



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