The TEAM 2019 – Premium FWDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 17 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019!ย  Where every Coach at SCT can add their input to the TEAM…….

With the Coaching Staff voting overwhelmingly for a Set&Forget structure in the Ruck, we’re left with the Forward line to complete our TEAM.ย  Keep in mind that Dangerfield & Heeney have been given a Free Pass at F1 & F2, so we’re looking for an F3 today.

To give us a broader idea of the ‘ideal FWD set up’, give us your next best four choices in the FWD line.ย  That should give us an F3 with a decent majority.

Who will be starting at F3 for the TEAM in 2019? (four choices)

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Thanks for voting, Coaches! Last section of voting will be rookies followed by final TEAM set up & Leagues………..


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19 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Premium FWDs”

  1. Pending whatโ€™s ticking over in the head of Mr Magnets, Dunkley, if he keeps that mid role, could be a F3?


  2. Dunkley, Boak and even Wingard could be added to the poll.
    I’d probably say Worpel is more of a mid pricer than a premium at this stage (considering Williams was on the mid pricer poll at $408k)


  3. The second year blues fear me with Kelly like all second year players. I know that’s more a 19 year old thing than a mature age recruit thing but it’s still something to factor in.


  4. As a sidenote, i looked up Michael Barlow’s SC scores as a point of reference for second year blues. I’d forgotten that about the broken leg and that means it’s a pointless comparison with Kelly

    BUT WOW, it’s easy to brush over Barlow’s first fourteen games and with time we’ve collectively diminished how amazing his debut season was. He’s simply the GOAT of all rookies. He was scoring tons for fun … imagine if he hadn’t broken his leg!!


  5. I feel we might be going the wrong way about on the FWD line.
    In my own team, Iโ€™m picking Kelly (heโ€™s only gonna play more MID time) but Iโ€™m also picking a couple of โ€˜bargainsโ€™ at the opportunity cost of my DEF set-up.
    I asked myself how many legitimate rookies there are FWD and to me there only three that have decent enough JS to make a quid. That means I need Setterfield at F6.
    I might be being a tad harsh on the rookie status, but I wonโ€™t be starting anyone Iโ€™m not certain (barring injury) will play 6 games straight … and that goes for all lines, apart from Bines at R3.


  6. Looked up a few for M3. Kelly was really up and down with his scoring whereas the second half of last year was pretty impressive from Dunkley.

    Dunkley for me.


  7. Darling for me as F3 priced to average 86 and if you take out his two injury affected games of -1 and 34 his average increase to 96 excellent POD imo



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