The TEAM 2019 – Premium MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 15 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019!ย  Where every Coach at SCT can share their input and shape the TEAM……….

Moving on to the MIDs today, we’re moving closer to completion of the TEAM.ย  I’ve listed the most expensive options down to $560k plus a few popular options further down to $520k.ย  You have eight choices…….choose wisely……….


Which Premium MIDs should start in the TEAM in 2019? (eight choices)

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8 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Premium MIDs”

  1. Seriously? Soft as Marshmallow Merrett has twice as many votes as Hard as a Cats-head Selwood. Too many bombers fans living in the past


    1. I think you should read the FD article on TLA. Zerrett was in gaga land for the first half of last season. Averaged 113 after bye. That soft bleeder Selwood is now on the slippery slide to SC irrelevance. Selwood is the past..Zerrett the future.


  2. I forgot Cripps already has a walk-up start but, if anything, this has justified that decision. I’m surprised that Matt Crouch didn’t get a free pass looking at these results…….


  3. Glad to see the choices match mine – only decision I’ve been having of late is Coniglio vs. Neale, so:

    TU: Neale
    TD: Coniglio


  4. Morning guys.
    Slightly off topic here but I have pick 5 in my draft league.
    Expecting Gawn, Grundy and Danger to go 1-3
    Based on this consensus I should take Cripps or Oliver (whoever is left) ?


    1. Or Macrae, whichever one you think will score higher. The votes here are taking price into consideration so Macrae is lower down than he would be in draft.


      1. Agreed…….you’re probably looking at one of those three guys……it’s a personal preference thing……you want a choice of Captain who (fingers crossed) won’t miss any games….



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