The TEAM 2019 Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM in 2019!  Where the greatest SuperCoach minds have converged on SCT to create a formidable TEAM……….


Considering we copped a donut for Gawn, we still managed a respectable score of 2335 which brought about seven League wins and a rise in the Rankings.  Boak was a also a late withdrawal but luckily we had a bit of cover with Chol (62 pts is better than a 2nd donut!).



OK, Coaches………as with last week, I’m a little stumped as to which direction we need to go this week.  We don’t have to sweat on J.Kelly after going in another direction the other week.  Might’ve dodged a bullet on that one.

With $100k in the bank, we have a bit to play with so get creative with your trade suggestions!

Leave them in the comments below and our Coaching Staff will give it a good look-over and approve/disapprove with the Thumbs UP/DOWN.  Fire away, Coaches………


**With Ross Lyon being Ross Lyon (Logue is the one who ‘pays’ for the Derby loss…..nice one, Numbnuts), we are left with a donut in the backline unless we make a move or two.  Give us your trade suggestions and we’ll vote on them tomorrow**


**UPDATE on 12/7/19 at 11.45pm**

Sorry, Coaches…….this was not the plan.  I had hoped to get some polls ready this morning that we could vote on before the WCE/Coll game, but it just didn’t eventuate that way.  I noticed some irritating rattling and screeching while driving our car this morning.  After an eternity waiting at the local Mechanics Garage for some service, I stormed out in a rage after they claim they ‘couldn’t find the problem’.  Never again…………..

So the TEAM has been slightly affected because of this sour note.  Just before the Rolling Lockout kicked in, I made the ‘Executive Decision’ to use The Death Adder’s advice and bring in Jack Crisp for Logue.  I left the Captaincy vacant for the moment so we could still decide on that together (of course, Grundy would’ve been handy but that can still be topped!).  So Coaches………who should we roll with as VC / C?


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30 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 Rd17”

  1. Might be best to hold a week here. Would need two trades for anything decent to upgrade to and if cripps and gawn get up then theres nothing dire here


  2. With 6 trades left could hold.
    Tempted to trade Cameron for Westhoff.
    Would give ruck cover if Gawn doesn’t get up or one of Gawndy managed at some point


    1. Yeah, GWS’ run is tough. Don’t see Cameron bagging too many.

      In terms of our last DEF spot, I think the play is obvious:

      O. Baker -> Dunkley

      Logue -> Whitfield/Hurn

      We’ll just need a solid price rise from Logue this week and for Whitfield to have a quiet return and lose plenty of cash.


      1. Good point GB
        With Melbourne injuries and Freo ordinary Baker or Bewley May yet play this week to also give another price rise and let us assess if Dunkley keeps his place as need bench cover with trades running out


    2. Agreed. I’m even in doubt for Gawn this week.
      Guess we will have to wait and see.
      We also need to be aware of defence back ups or lack of….
      Let’s not get a craving for doughnuts…..


    1. Hanrahan is a forward only. We would have to play one of Chol or Hanrahan in fwds. Not worth the trade.


  3. Either Baker or Bewley to a 102k dud…. Just to get cash and allow two trades if need be next week. Logue first to go…. Looks like stuck with Cameron.


  4. I think with Finals 3 weeks away and spots in League Finals in the balance we need to get all the rookies off field which means we need to get rid of Logue.

    Not ideal as it would be good to wait for Hurn or Whitfield but I think we offload Baker to Dunkley and then Trade Logue to Crisp for 200k.

    Crisp is 9th overall in defence and has a 3 Round average of 102 so is finding form late in the year that he is renowned for.


    1. Just like every year, Crisp has been good since round 7. And, like you say, he’s been even better lately. Also super-durable, so with dwindling trades and the carnage no doubt just getting started, it would be one less thing for us to worry about.


    1. woah… I just traded in someone for hore to cover him and logue being out.
      Might reverse thrusters on that.


  5. Thoughts on Logue and J.Kelly out for Hurn and Quaynor ( via Watson DPP)??

    Leaves me with 220k to do final upgrade from Clarke to Premium Mid and 5 Trades??




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