The TEAM 2019 – Rookies

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 19 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2019! Where every Coach can have their say on the TEAM line-up……

Last round of polls before TEAM A & B are presented later tonight for the final vote.ย  Let’s see who the popular rookies are.ย  Just keep in mind that Sam Walsh (CAR) MID & Will Setterfield (CAR) FWD are already in the TEAM due to a Free Pass that was voted on earlier.ย  And now……time to vote!


Which rookie DEFs would you like to see in the TEAM? (five choices)

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Which rookie MIDs would you like to see in the TEAM? (six choices)

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Which FWD rookies would you like to start in the TEAM? (five choices)

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Thanks for your help, Coaches!


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15 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 – Rookies”


    Whilst it looks like we may be in a dire situation for decent rookies in 2019, I believe there are crumbs of comfort to take from it all.
    i. re-read FD’s Cow Rules (
    ii. pay particular attention to the fact that you are ONLY after decent Cows. Essentially that means you are after those cows who have decent enough JS that they SHOULD make you a minimum $150k. Also, take comfort in the fact that ‘we are all in the same boat’, so don’t whinge/panic, but make solid plans to deal with it!
    iii. if as FD has also suggested, we don’t limit our searches to those defined as rookies, but broaden our search to include potential ‘bargains’, you now have a far bigger pool to choose from. I’d define these ‘bargains’ as those who appear undervalued, due to: lack of games (7 or less) in 2018 as they will be discounted, injury affected scores (as these are taken into account in pricing, so the more the better), or even a lack of pre-season in 2017/18 that would have diminished their output in 2018.

    There are also other positives to take from this pitiful situation and that is, the effect this situation will have on the multiplier and pricing. The less rookies (or massively underpriced players) that start in Rd1 and play the first few games, the less deflationary pressure there will be on the market!

    Last year, there were 39 cows grazing the fields come Rd4, and they accounted for approximately 8% of all SC pts. This year, based on my proj’d numbers, there will likely be less than half that amount AND they will not take such a comparative share of the pts market (they’re not as good).

    What that means is deflationary pressure is likely to be less than half of what it normally is and so DECENT rookies will appreciate faster AND have lower BEs. Unfortunately, it also means falling premiums won’t fall quite so fast. Ah well.

    This for me has major implications that should be embraced (take advantage of them) rather than ignored (at your own peril)

    – starting set-up (less keepers and more bargains) because that is what the playing-field dictates
    – this MUST dictate your premo structure (as ever), but this is critically important this year!
    – make your corrective trades (shittest/injured ‘bargains’ OUT, best missed ‘bargains’ IN
    – ANY new rookies/bargains that emerge who do well and have decent JS, should be strongly considered at the cost of your worst benched ‘bargain’
    – don’t ‘chase’ upgrades too early, take your time and look for value in 2019 as patience (I have none) will likely be a virtue!

    Good luck all. Personally I cannot wait for the ride to begin! not long now ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Just on the multiplier, if I understood Father Dougal’s post on the subject correctly, it doesn’t actually matter whether it’s high or low, because the whole thing is an illusion anyway: it’s applied uniformly and linearly across the whole market. The only exception is cash in the bank, which effectively earns interest as a result.


      1. True mate, but if the flow of rookies playing a third game is gradual, without the usual huge spike at Rd3 then rookies are gonna make more for longer and โ€˜fallingโ€™ premos are gonna drop MUCH, MUCH slower.
        Youโ€™d think the influx of rookies in 2019 is more likely to be based on injury cover rather than best 22.
        By all means, when you can afford a genuine premo with cash accumulated, go for it, but if there are good available rookies on the bubble you should ($/pt) be better off taking these as they will make more money and quicker than they would have in previous years.
        Iโ€™ll do the math as the season plays out, but am thinking of accumulating a bank with my first few trades (downgrades) and then blitzing upgrades at the optimal time (pre and thru byes).
        Too tired to do the maths now, but might also end up with as much as one extra trade in value.


    2. “โ€“ donโ€™t โ€˜chaseโ€™ upgrades too early, take your time and look for value in 2019”

      I wholeheartedly agree about the value part, but on the ‘not upgrading too early’ part, I feel like I should offer fair warning: my upcoming ‘How To Play Like The Salamander’ article (not yet written, but in the pipeline) is going to give the exact opposite advice. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. How many times have you finished top 10 in the last 5 years mate? Just asking because if you’ve never finished top ten I wont waste my time reading your in the pipeline ego trip


    3. Picking the right rookies this year is going to play a big part in formatting your side in the first say six weeks. Last season we were gifted rookies who played multiple games, scored well and rookies who were gradually phased in and missed only 1 or 2 weeks following early games.

      Rookies price rises for round 4 totalled 27, 31 for round 5, 28 for round 6 and 37 for round 7. I have doubts this will happen in 2019 due to sides like Essendon, Crows, Pies, Richmond, Dees, West Coast and Sydney having established sides.

      Unfortunately the rookies from Port and Geelong are not locked in for multiple games due to competition and the possible return of best 22 players from injury.

      Job security of rookies is going to be a major player in 2019 with selection of initial team


  2. Is it worth a poll for loophole?
    To run 1, Yes/no?
    If yes who?
    There’s what position to take into account, is dpp necessary, hope they might/wont get a game and who they favour for captain choices.



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