The TEAM League Winners

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 30 2016

While we were setting up our Community TEAM over the pre-season, eight Leagues were also established to take on the TEAM in competition.  Only one of those Leagues finished outside the Top1000, to really underline the quality of Coaches behind the TEAM.  Thank you to everyone who took part!  And of course, a big congratulations to all Premiership winners!  The following is the list of major Premiership winners from the TEAM Leagues:

The TEAM@SCT1 – Ranked #75 overall, Winner was Tony with Cobra Kai FC



The TEAM@SCT2 – Ranked #892 o/a, Winner was Thaitanic@SCT coached by Jeff.  His team also managed to take out the SCT Standard7 League as well as SCT Abroad.  Very impressive, Jeff! (especially from overseas!)



The TEAM@SCT3 – Ranked #312 o/a, Winner was Twitchs Topups coached by Jayden.  One of our regular Forum (& Twitter) followers managed to monster The TEAM in the GF…….well deserved win, Twitch!



The TEAM@SCT4 – Ranked #635 o/a, Winner was Graeme with his Giant Killers.  I have to apologise to Graeme here…………since he wasn’t in our official SCT Group, I wasn’t able to track his progress during the year as closely as our Forum Members.  Graeme finished as the Top Supercoach in the land and took out the $50k Grand Prize.  Congratulations Graeme from all of us here at SCT!  (Graeme, if you want to get in touch, we’d love to hear about all your coaching moves during the season).



The TEAM@SCT5 – Ranked #724 o/a, Winner was Jimmy with his Jabbers!



The TEAM@SCT6 – Ranked #315 o/a, Winner was Matthew with Small Victories.  If I’m not mistaken then that was our very own ‘Chips Ahoy!‘.  Great stuff, Chips!!



The TEAM@SCT7 – Ranked #919 o/a, Winner was THE TEAM!!  Great to see the Community TEAM take out a Flag, well done everyone!!



The TEAM@SCT8 – Ranked #1971 o/a, Winner was Hammer Time coached by Rob!



Don’t forget to drop by the site over the off-season.  We’ll be keeping up with all the news over the trade period.  Plus the Star Stable, Punters Club, Big Bash Fantasy + more!  Thanks, Coaches!



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12 thoughts on “The TEAM League Winners”

  1. Schwarz.

    Thank for a great year guys cant wait for the new season to start

    You put in a lot of hard work and it is appreaciated by myself even if i dont follow you tips (rookie mistake)

    Can we re populate the same leauges for next season?


    1. You’re welcome, Shaun! Probably not the best year to follow my tips anyway, wasn’t my best effort 😉
      Normally I’d say ‘yes’ to re-creating the leagues, but with the Community TEAM we’ll leave it as ‘first-come-best-dressed’. Good indicator of which Coaches are getting in early over the pre-season…….


  2. Wow! Didnt realise Graeme was the Overall highest ranked in Supercoach! Makes me feel better about losing in the Prelim to him! Congrats Graeme


  3. No apology necessary Schwarzwalder. If anything I feel like I owe the people of Supercoach Talk an apology. For a number of reasons I hadn’t got around to registering on the site but have still really appreciated the efforts and contributions of everyone on the site all through the season.


    1. Also I’d be happy to do a bit of a write up in some way shape or form on how my Supercoach season played out, the moves I made and why, etc. It’s the least I could do for everything I’ve got from everyone over the couple of years I’ve been reading all the awesome articles on here 😉
      Let me know what or how you’d like me to do it and I’ll sort something out for you 🙂


      1. Hey Graeme,
        Great to hear from you! At about the same time that you were writing this, I sent you a message over Facebook. Check your inbox there. (Look for the monkey picture) 😉
        We’d really appreciate any write-up you can manage. Maybe outline any strategies you used, key trade moves/players/Captain choices and so on. If you can get a screenshot of your team (from Rd1) & trade history, I’m sure that’d make for a really interesting read. Last years winner, Ayden, wrote the following (as a guide):
        Like I said, whatever you can manage! Feel free to send it through to Motts (Motts at supercoachtalk dot com) and he’ll take it from there.
        Congratulations again! And thanks for your kind words (about the site)!


  4. Great to be part of such strong competition. Taking out SCT1 was one of a few highlights this year in my Supercoach leagues. I was part of Big Footy Division 1 (making the Grand Final) that finished as the number 1 ranked league overall too.



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