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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 31 2017

Welcome to the TEAM!  Whether you’re a long-time fan of SuperCoachTalk or just passing by, you can help shape the TEAM………


Rd8 Score: 2118

Overall Ranking: 19 794

Trades Left: 18

Remaining Salary: $185 300


Trade History

Rd4 – Mitchell Hibberd (NTH) to Nic Newman (SYD) & Max Gawn (MEL) to Stefan Martin (BRL)

Rd5 – Tim Taranto (GWS) to Zac Fisher (CAR) & Jaeger O’Meara (HAW) to Marc Murphy (CAR)

Rd6 – Sam Powell-Pepper(PTA) to Harley Balic (FRE) & Jarryd Roughead (HAW) to Lance Franklin (SYD)

Rd7 – Brandan Parfitt (GEE) to James Parsons (GEE)

Rd8 – Dan Houston (PTA) to David Myers (ESS) & Curtly Hampton (ADE) to Taylor Adams (COL)

Rd9 – Dan Butler (RIC) to James Stewart (ESS)

Rd10 – Harley Balic (FRE) to Hugh Greenwood (ADE) & Caleb Marchbank (CAR) to Jarrod Harbrow (GCS)

Not the finest hour from the TEAM last week but it didn’t hurt our overall Ranking too badly.  Harbrow was brought in last week for Caleb Marchbank.  Viewing him as a D6 for the rest of the year and will help our Bye Structure along the way.  Unfortunately didn’t have Otten & Stewart on the field which set us back but hindsight, aye?  The TEAM as it stands right now………

Now I don’t want to alarm any of you…….but looking at the TEAM above, we have 12 players with the Bye this week.  We also have Eddy & Strnadica sitting on the FWD bench and Sandilands in some doubt for this week.  That’s literally half the TEAM out for this week.

I’m handing it over to the Coaching Staff for the moment while I weigh up different options.  We have $183k in the bank along with 18 trades.  What moves would you make for the TEAM this week?  Enter your suggestions in the Forum below and the Coaching Staff will assess the damage with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………


** UPDATE at 7pm on 31.5.17 **

No changes for the Thursday night game so Cousins is good to go.  The Thursday games are making it hard to get the polls ready in time (and with enough majority votes).  Till now, my suggestion in the comments has performed well with the Coaching Staff.  Feel free to make your trade suggestions, there is still time for a consensus vote.  Until then, we have the usual Captains Poll for the TEAM.  Good luck to us all!


C / VC options for the TEAM in Rd11? (three choices)

  • Patrick Dangerfield (GEE vs Ade) (44%, 111 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (COL vs Freo) (35%, 90 Votes)
  • Adam Treloar (COL vs Freo) (12%, 31 Votes)
  • Rory Laird (ADE vs Gee) (4%, 9 Votes)
  • Nat Fyfe (FRE vs Coll) (3%, 8 Votes)
  • Taylor Adams (COL vs Freo) (2%, 4 Votes)
  • Someone Else I've Mentioned In Comments (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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Next Premium to enter our TEAM: Ollie Wines to occupy a MID spot (as suggested by Yiorgakis) or Tom Lynch up FWD (my suggestion)?


Which is the better trade-in option for the TEAM?

  • Tom J Lynch (GCS) - $462k, F5/6 (52%, 48 Votes)
  • Ollie Wines (PTA) - $469k, M7/8 (48%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 93

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Thank you, Coaches!


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24 thoughts on “The TEAM – Rd11”

  1. I reckon Newman to Scharenburg might be a good idea, but I know not everyone will agree. As for the other trades I’m not sure.

    T/U Yep
    T/D Nup


  2. We need warm bodies on the field, but also need to consider bye structure.

    Florent to Scooter Selwood (a risk, but with a ranking of ~$19k we must take calculate risks as G’n’R strategy is flailing this year).

    Pickett for Bolton or Cunico (whoever plays. Both JS suspect, but Cunico has the ‘good’ bye)

    McInnes (if he plays) for Fisher (could come in for JJK and to utilise Petrie in the FWDs)

    Potentially 19 on the field.

    Keep Newman. Will be a straight swap with Lloyd in a few weeks. Wait a week on Scharenberg given his injury history.


  3. I agree in part Yiorgakis.

    Bolton and Cunica share the R12 Bye.

    I’m not sure on McInnes prefer to wait a week for Schars.

    T/U Florent, Pickett out. S Selwood Bolton/ Cunica in.

    T/D Florent, Pickett for Bolton,Cunica / Cousins.

    I prefer the T/D options frees up some cash to target upgrades next week.


    1. Oops forgot Bolton has the ‘good’ bye as well 😀

      Don’t mind cousins as long we have cover for round 13. Risky going early on him though.


  4. We have numbers in the backline but are struggling elsewhere, and all our trade down options in def are on good be. Waiting an extra week on Scharenberg seems obvious.


  5. If Eddy doesn’t get a run this week he’s useless to us.

    So, looks like it needs to be S.Selwood in for sure. Best player available and helps the bye structure enormously.

    IF Cousins plays he should be in and likewise we need to consider Bolton or Lloyd. Bolton has worse J/s and Lloyd has already gone up once.

    If people are averse to trading Barrett we cannot afford a premo, so it has to be two rookies and Selwood.


  6. Eddy is not getting a game. Lets bring in Bolton who’s on the bubble.

    Then, Barret to the best PA or GCS player, so Wines?

    Parsons and Myers could be unlikely to play this week. If Myers is out, do we have enough to go to SSelwood?


      1. A bit. But we are also generating cash…

        I would be keeping Myers and Barrett.

        Parsons could get the chop, but no urgency on doing so. Florent, Pickett and Fisher are all doing stuff all and could go.

        But, with an extended weekend we cannot mass reverse. So it should be:

        Eddy who is not getting a game to Cousins before tomorrow night, via Florent DPP

        Then, pending teams Pickett to S.Selwood before friday night. Scooter WILL be named though.

        Two trades of inactive players for active ones.

        Then, pending teams, then we look at Bolton for Fisher. But that’s a maybe.


  7. Ok Coaches, I’ve been pondering this one all afternoon (with the time difference here) and this is what I’ve come up with……..
    Bringing in Scharenberg wouldn’t be a smart move because it would leave us with 7 Defenders available for Rd11. We’d have to bench one of them and we’d end up with a donut elsewhere. Scharenberg can wait till next week.
    With those trades in hand, it’s time to get rid of the dead weight. I propose we trade out Eddy, Pickett & Florent then trade in Bolton(RIC), Cousins (HAW) & Tom Lynch (GCS). Lynch brings good cover over the Byes and is a viable F6 option.
    What do you think, Coaches?


      1. Once a premo is in your team there price doesn’t really matter as you no longer need to trade them out unless they get an injury.


        1. Two points:

          1) At 90 points average, IS he a premium?

          2) Paying an extra 50k on a player with such a huge breakeven limits upgrade choices next week.


      2. I hear ya, HH. Could complete the backline with that cash but we have enough DEFs for Rd11. Not really enough for an elite MID, so I reckon Lynch is a viable option at that price. Having his bye round behind him is a huge plus as well.
        Scharenberg next week, so we can probably complete DEF line then. All a matter of timing…..


    1. If we’re going to spend $460k+ we’re much better going for Wines. More consistent than Lynch, and much lower b/e. Lynch will drop a truck load in the next 1-2 weeks.


      1. Ok Yiorgi,
        To be fair I’ve put it to a vote. What I will say is that Lynch was voted as 6th best FWD option for the TEAM just before Rd1. I believe he’s better value to the side at F6 than Wines taking M7/8.
        With two MID spots open, I’d be looking to Bont, Sloane or T.Mitchell. (Putting my case forward)


        1. Understand the intent of signalling where we expect the top 6 forwards to be and recruiting accordingly.

          But Lynch is outside top 20 forwards by average at this point.

          Missy even makes sense. 10k cheaper, averaging 95, b/e of 68.

          Unfortunately I know most of the good forwards have the bye this week, but it feels like we’re being forced into a bad trade due to the bye rounds.


  8. Trade Martin….swing Stradnica into the ruck, then bring in a FWD rookie.
    Martins finished if Smith keeps playing.
    Trade in Kreuzer for a FWD after this week.
    The other 2 trades would be 2 of the dud mids out.
    OUT: S.Martin, Fisher, Pickett
    IN: D.Martin/J.Selwood, Cousins, Scharenberg (via Adams into MID)


  9. Barrett + Florent out for Bolton (if named) and any premium mid or fwd under 568k (with rd 12 or r13 bye) e.g. Jelwood, Dusty, Yeo….


    1. More merit to this than buying Lynch at 169 b/e.

      Selwood has a b/e 100 points lower and is definitely a top mid.

      Lynch’s average is way down the ranks of forwards.



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