The TEAM – Rd16

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 6 2017

If you’re reading this then you are part of our TEAM.  One of the largest Community TEAMs known to exist………….


Rd15 Score: 2362

Overall Ranking: 17 225

Trades Left: 9

Remaining Salary: $29 600


Trade History

Rd4 – Mitchell Hibberd (NTH) to Nic Newman (SYD) & Max Gawn (MEL) to Stefan Martin (BRL)

Rd5 – Tim Taranto (GWS) to Zac Fisher (CAR) & Jaeger O’Meara (HAW) to Marc Murphy (CAR)

Rd6 – Sam Powell-Pepper(PTA) to Harley Balic (FRE) & Jarryd Roughead (HAW) to Lance Franklin (SYD)

Rd7 – Brandan Parfitt (GEE) to James Parsons (GEE)

Rd8 – Dan Houston (PTA) to David Myers (ESS) & Curtly Hampton (ADE) to Taylor Adams (COL)

Rd9 – Dan Butler (RIC) to James Stewart (ESS)

Rd10 – Harley Balic (FRE) to Hugh Greenwood (ADE) & Caleb Marchbank (CAR) to Jarrod Harbrow (GCS)

Rd11 – Oliver Florent (SYD) to Shai Bolton (RIC), Jarrod Pickett (CAR) to James Cousins (HAW) & Brett Eddy to Tom J Lynch (GCS)

Rd12 – Andy Otten (ADE) to Matthew Scharenberg (COL) & Aaron Sandilands (FRE) to Tom Rockliff (BRL)

Rd14 – Zac Fisher (CAR) to Jake Lloyd (SYD) & David Myers (ESS) vs Luke Ryan (FRE)

Rd15 – Tom Stewart (GEE) to Alex Witherden (BRL) & Jake Barrett (BRL) to Elliot Yeo (WCE)

A big weekend saw the TEAM move up 3000+ spots in the Rankings and win 7/10 League games.  Elliot Yeo (WCE) & Alex Witherden (BRL) came into the TEAM for Tom Stewart (GEE) & Jake Barrett (BRL) to further strengthen the line-up.  Big games from Doc, Harbrow, Murphy, JPK, Treloar, Nank, Buddy, Lynch & (of course) Captain Danger resulted in a big 2362!  Current TEAM is as follows:

As good as Rd15 was for the TEAM, we need to concentrate on the next four weeks before Finals.  If you follow the SCT Leagues Update thread, you’ll know that nearly all of the TEAM Leagues are in the Top500 rankings.  Due to the fierce competition, the TEAM is out of the Final Eight in SIX LEAGUES at the moment.  We’d like nothing more than to participate in as many Finals Series as possible!

As I see it, the Ruck line could do with an upgrade (which could push Nank back to the FWD line) along with the MIDs.  The problem might be finding the right downgrade option (and enough cash) to upgrade to anyone of significance.  Should we target Gawn this week?  Or perhaps the Bont?  Crippsy coming home with a wet sail?

As always, if you have any trading suggestions then place them in the Forum below.  The Coaching Staff will then approve/disapprove of them using the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Let ‘er rip……….


** UPDATE at 7.15pm on 6/7/17 **

OK, Coaches………I’m forcing the issue here a touch this week.  Since the TEAM is out of the 8 in so many Leagues, we need to upgrade where we can.  Judging by the comments, it’s safe to trade OUT Heath Shaw & James Stewart and bring in Max Gawn.  Nankervis would be move back to the FWDs which is handy now that Greenwood has been rested.  The question is which rookie should we bring in?  Darcy in the Ruck or Hibberd in the backline with his dual position status?  Over to you, Coaches!


Which Rookie should the TEAM bring in for J.Stewart?

  • S.Darcy (FRE) RUCK (56%, 49 Votes)
  • M.Hibberd (NTH) D/M (44%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 87

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And the usual Captains Poll………


C / VC Options for the TEAM in Rd16? (three choices)

  • Patrick Dangerfield (GEE vs Bris) (41%, 72 Votes)
  • Sam Docherty (CAR vs Melb) (28%, 49 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (COL vs Ess) (11%, 20 Votes)
  • Josh P Kennedy (SYD vs Suns) (6%, 10 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (BRL vs Gee) (5%, 9 Votes)
  • Lance Franklin (SYD vs Suns) (5%, 8 Votes)
  • Someone Else I've Mentioned In Comments (2%, 4 Votes)
  • Marc Murphy (CAR vs Melb) (2%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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18 thoughts on “The TEAM – Rd16”

  1. Good time to grab Gawn for Stewart but the problem is finding $200k to do so.

    If the team is content with Newman being D6 and don’t care for Shaw who is D7, he could be used to turn to Gawn and swing Adams back home. No-one else really has the value to do so.

    Downgrade target is the question though given the early trade on Witherden. Not ideal but even bring in Hibberd again for D8 which opens up Witherden being able to be swung for cover.


  2. The TEAM looks good! Definitely better than mine….

    How about Stewart to Darcy via Strnadica, to raise cash for that last upgrade?


  3. Send Adams to the backline, and trade Shaw to a premium midfielder (I’d suggest taking a serious look at Cripps, but we can vote on that later in the week). Obviously, we’ll need to find a bit of extra cash to do this; Chillo’s suggestion of trading Stewart to Darcy via Strnadica has a lot of merit, and would give us good bench cover in the ruck.


  4. Trade Shaw and move Adams to the backline. We still have his Def/Mid swing with Witherden if needed.
    Also like the Stewart to Darcy suggestion. Gives the option of Greenwood as M6 or Darcy R2 and Nankervis M6.
    Rather than spend all the money on a high priced midfielder I would replace Adams in the midfield with whoever we think will have the best last 8 weeks out of the likes of Cotchin, Parker, Sloane, Hannebury, Shuey and Goddard. If we pick the right one we have a guaranteed 100-110 each week and 100-150k left for another upgrade later.


    1. If the decision is to target Selwood in a couple of weeks what about bringing in Heeney or Greene to the Fwds and move a Mid/Fwd to the mids and Adams to Def.
      That would leave a bank of about 130k which could nearly get Greenwood to Selwood.


  5. I see two possibilities for the TEAM heading forward. Either we make a move on Cripps or Bont and ‘complete’ our midfield (not too keen on Fyfe in there, but will deal with him later) this week or we make the move on Max Gawn for the last eight weeks.
    With Adams/Lloyd/Witherden rotating through DEF & MID, Heath Shaw has become a little unnecessary at D6/7. It’s either Shaw or Newman that needs to get gone……right now, I’d back Newman to score more pts over the last eight weeks. So my suggestion would be:

    OUT – H.Shaw, J.Stewart
    IN – M.Hibberd, M.Gawn (Hibberd to rotate with Witherden/Lloyd/Adams through the midfield & Nankervis back to FWDs)
    IN – S.Darcy, P.Cripps/Bontempelli (Probably the better downgrade option but we’d still need to find a premium Ruck at some stage & J.Selwood would be brought in as M9 later? To loophole with Fyfe?)

    What do you think, Coaches?


    1. Both good plans. I prefer the latter, because I think Cripps is going to explode over the rest of the season, and with a breakeven of 95, Gawn shouldn’t be much more expensive next week than he is this week.


    2. I think the better downgrade option in the mids rather than Hibberd might be Josh Thomas 193k handy Mid – Fwd coming off a 77 on the weekend.

      The downside is he has only played the 1 game , but JS looks solid after his hard at it 1st up performance after his lengthy drug ban.


    3. Can’t we combine the best of both?

      Out Shaw (D), Stewart (F).
      Sub Adams (M to D), Greenwood (F to M8), Nank (R to F), Strn (R to F).
      In Gawn (R), Darcy (R).

      If Newman is a keeper, then the only upgrade left is Greenwood M8 (Selwood?).
      Which we would have $120k ish towards already.


    1. Respectfully have to disagree Willy. We’re outside the Final8 in 6/10 Leagues with four weeks of the regular SC season to go. Time to make a move before it’s too late……


  6. After looking at our structure I think we need to take a risk and bring Darcy in for Stewart. Nank can give us coverage from the fwd line. We can use the cash in two weeks to go Shaw/Another to Joelwood.



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